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Compass Ceramic Pools UK  specialises in the professional installation of Compass Ceramic Pools® composite one-piece indoor and outdoor pools. We are also a member of The Waterstream Group, one of the UK’s leading retailers of indoor and outdoor water leisure related products.

We have forged a solid reputation for working in very close consultation with our clients and, quite simply, turning their dreams into reality. Rest assured, when you invest in a Compass® pool you will enjoy a standard of swimming pool construction and installation that is second to none, and supported by the best guarantees in the industry in the UK.

Compass Ceramic Pools UK are the exclusive UK importer and distributor for Compass Ceramic Pools®. Formed in Australia in 1981 by husband and wife team Ian and Kerri Mewett, Compass Ceramic Pools® have been at the forefront of swimming pool design, utilising the latest materials and technologies to produce a product of superior quality and aesthetics for over 30 years. That pioneering spirit continues to this day, some 30,000 pools later, with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Europe and the US producing over 3,000 pools per year.

Compass Ceramic Pools® has swimming pool companies in over 32 European countries, and boasts a list of firsts unmatched in the industry.

  • The world’s first patented ceramic composite pool technology for superior quality, durability, longevity and insulation.
  • The world’s first Bi-Luminite® colour finish creating water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity.
  • The world’s first Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation system. The world’s only genuine self-cleaning pool with the most efficient distribution of filtered, heated and treated water.
  • Engineered self-supporting pool technology, does not require specialist foundations, backfills or supports and can be installed in almost any situation.
  • Latest vanishing edge and wet-deck style installations possible, but with all the benefits of ceramic composite technology.
  • European manufacturing facility for rapid delivery throughout Europe since 2005.
  • Over 30,000 pools installed worldwide.
  • Unique guarantee.

The application of these technologies ensures that, by choosing Compass Pools as your swimming pool company, you are investing in the highest quality choice for your home water leisure needs available in the UK. Call one of our consultants today, we will be very pleased to answer your questions.

About our ceramic pools

Ceramic Pools Diagram

A super-tough pool you know you can rely on.

When Compass Pools introduced ceramic technology to the swimming pool industry in the mid 90’s, it quickly became an accepted technology around the world. For decades now, we’ve been recognised as world leaders and innovators in this market. Our patented technology dramatically improves the pool’s structural integrity and is the reason why Compass Pools can offer all customers the confidence in a solution that will suit their specific needs.

The secret to the success and durability of a Compass Pool is in its patented ceramic composite design. The extensively exerted areas of the pool are structurally strengthened by the additional use of carbon in the patented Ceramic System. Carbon has the highest compressive strength of all reinforcement materials. The same material with high strength, also found in automobiles, ships and aeroplanes, has been used in Compass ceramic pools since 2013.

Why Choose a compass carbon ceramic pool?

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