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2016 Swimming Pool Design and Technology Trends

At Compass Pools we had a record breaking year and introduced several new products that you will see featured in pool design trends of 2016. We picked up a raft of awards at the Uk Pool and Spa Awards with many of the hottest new trends featured in the award winners.

With a full year ahead of us, and the depths of winter hopefully behind us, we look towards the summer and what the top trends and prediction in pool design and technology in 2016 and what you could install on your new pool project. 

1 – Everything Eco.

With the cost of energy constantly fluctuating consumers and choosing to invest their capital in energy saving products. The two main ones being Eco pumps that alter their speed and thus energy consumption depending on their time of day and pools required energy. The second being variable speed heat pumps or inverter heat pumps as they are sometimes called. Heat pumps have gained a lot of traction in 2015 as the prefered method of heating a pool with 96% of consumers choosing to heat their pool this way as they extract free energy from the ambient air, giving up to 5:1 return on your energy costs. Inverter heat pumps work on the same principle as the variable speed pump but control the heating of your pool instead. They can save up to 30% of the cost of running a pool. Check out our award winning Eco pool from the Pool and Spa Awards.

2 – Hands off Automation.

With pool owners being more “time poor” most people want to be swimming in their pool and not cleaning it. Several options exist to cut this down to a minimum. These include, auto dosing which automates the water chemistry in your pool. IQ to allow your pool to be controlled from an iPad and full remote controls to control you pool cover as well as the lights and water features remotely.

3 – Pool Beach.

Most first time pool buyers have young children. The BeachLine from Compass was introduced to give both children and adults a shallow area to play, sunbathe or just have a glass of wine on. A natural stone shelf submerged under just 10 cm of water makes it the ideal area for fun and relaxation.

4 – The Highend One Piece Pool.

One piece pools or more specifically fibreglass pools have historically been seen as a cheaper option, that can be plagued with problems like osmosis and fading. But with the latest in high tech composites, like carbon ceramic, used in the space program being introduced, these pools have evolved. They offer beautiful bi luminite finishes, and gives a quick clean installation because everything is made in a factory. Not a muddy building site leaving less room for quality issues and industry leading warranties that will put any liner or concrete pool to shame.

5 – The One Piece Plant Room.

Plant rooms are inherently complicated pieces of kit and are essential the engine room of the pool. They are dependant on so many factors to be perfect so it seems almost crazy to try and assemble them in a shed or garage. With water and electrics combined there is no room for error and do you really want the first time you test it to be on your new pool? After all,  You wouldn’t try and build your new car engine in a £500 garden shed would you!
With this in mind Compass have introduced the one piece plant room. A composite cabinet that is assembled on our own production line and even tested as if it was connected to your pool.

6 – FreshWater™ Pools.

With many parents concerned about the use of chlorine in pools, from stinging eyes, horrible smells and health concerns. The FreshWater™pool has made some real traction in 2015. This system uses Philips ultraviolet technology, combined with pearl filtration and antibacterial one piece pool shells to give water as clean as tap water. We predict that 2016 will see the majority of installs having this feature.

7 – Safety, Safety, Safety.

This should be at the top of your list, with safety around the pool our main concern too. We predict several new innovations will play a key part in the decision making of every prospective pool buyer, especially those who are parents. For this reason every Compass Pool has safety designed right into the shell. Automatic covers have ledges built in that will support the weight of an adult. All critical surfaces have anti-slip textures, Pools with a deep-end have under water ledges allowing children and adults to stand. Filtration systems have entrapment prevention devices for your peace of mind.

Everything is considered when you choose a Compass Pool.

Summer 2016 and beyond.

If 2016 is the year that you are going to dip your toe in the water with your new pool project please get in contact early on. We have a 3-6 month lead time from point of order to ready to swim. So to ensure you get a full seasons use out of your pool you will need to be placing an order before the end of February.
Why not drop us an email back and have a full quote drawn up. Just hit the reply button now.
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Compass Pool Awards

UK Pool & Spa Awards ImageWaterstream, Compass Distributor makes a dent at the UK Pool & Spa Awards

Waterstream Makes a dent at the 2015 UK Pool and Spa Awards held at the NEC in Birmingham winning a Collection of awards.  If you would like any further information or a quote on a Pool or Hot Tub please don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Hot Tub Project of the Year

This Stunning hot tub is situated on Whitehall in a £50 Million Apartment. It has views of The London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Nelsons Column Right from the Hot Tub. The hot tub installed was a Villeroy & Boch Spa with a Custom Cabinet.

Outstanding Pool Design

The Yacht Pool by Compass is undeniably unique. Designed around the Bow of a Yacht with Integrated Hot Tub and Teak Deck.

Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

An outdoor pool engineered for peak efficiency incorporates a host of energy saving devices including: Solar Thermal Cover, Variable Speed Pumps, Insulated Shell, Led Lights, Heat Pump. For super low running costs year round.

Pool & Spa Showroom of the Year

As one of only a Handful of Swimming Pool companies to have invested over £500K in a dedicated showroom for our dealers and installers to use for clients. With full size heated swimming pool available to try all year round.

Residential Pool of the Year

For this stunning project we worked with a top london Designer to Achieve what is arguably a simple yet effective design, Utilising the Highest Quality Materials and Plants. Pool is an XL Trainer 11m in Smokey Quartz with Beachline.

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Swimming Pool Refurbishment & Renovation Vs Re Build

At Compass Pools we get hundreds of calls a year with new homeowners who have moved into a house with an old pool. In this article we will explore the options of renovate vs re build and the pros and cons of both.


We liken the refurbishment of a pool to the renovation of an old car. But one that you can’t access the underside of the car. You can re do the paint, you can fix up the seats, you might even be able to put a few extra options on. But you can’t see the structure (chassis) and the pipework (running gear) as in a pools case this is underground.


Many pool companies will guarantee their work, but what use is a new paint job if the bodywork is rusted out or likely to deteriorate. The most important points on pool are the shell itself. Is it structurally sound and was it installed to a good standard. Not something that can be easily ascertained from the outside. Infact most pool renovation contract will exclude any unknowns such as the shell itself and given that this is the most important part of any pools seams crazy.


While it is true that a rubber or pvc liner can be put into a pool to hold water its not so pretty if a huge crack is showing through from underneath.  


During a pool renovation job many unexpected things can crop up and whilst the estimate you were provided includes a certain amount of work, the price can quickly increase to above that of knocking the whole thing in and starting again.


At compass we do not do renovations, and whilst our view is biased in this respect, I hope we have explained some of the pitfalls of renovating a pool. If you would like us to put a brand new pool in, (We can even knock the old one down and put a brand new on in its place) we would love to speak to you.  

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Perimeter Pool Down Lighting

Transform your pool at night with Compass Pools’ perimeter lighting system. Not only will your pool look fantastic both with and without the cover on, but our lighting system doubles up as a safety feature to identify your pool in the dark.

The system neatly fits under the coping stone so only the emitted light is visible and not the source. Completely waterproof with a safe 12v operating range.

Note: These lights have to be fitted with the compass pools coping stones.


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EcoFresh Air Handing for Indoor Pools

Air handling systems are an essential addition to rooms with an indoor pool. These work by removing potentially damaging moisture from the building structure, keeping the pool room pleasant and comfortable to swim in.

There are two types, one recycles the air in the pool room. Cooling it down to condense the air removing the moisture then heating it back up again. This is done using an electric compressor and refrigerant gases. These are often called heat pumps, but should not be confused with the energy efficiency air source or ground source variety, as cooling the air and heating it up again using electricity is the most expensive way, in fact with current energy prices its 5x more expensive than gas.

The second type (EcoFresh) uses the naturally dry air we have in the UK and a heat exchanger to recover the heat from the stale moist air going out that would normally be recycled, with the dry clean air coming in. This saves on the need from a power hungry electric compressor. The heat exchanger is 75% efficient leaving only a 25% shortfall in air to heat using gas. This equates to far less than the energy required to run the compressor and a much more pleasant fresh air environment.

Both systems use fans to move the air, cheaper system will use a stepped speed fan while the EcoFresh uses a full variable speed fan adjusting the speed down to the nearest RPM needed to keep the pool with fresh dry air. This is coupled to an advanced touchscreen brain that monitors the moisture level and adjust the fans to keep their maximum efficiency.

When the EcoFresh is coupled with a Compass automatic pool cover, the system reduces the temperature in the pool room automatically to save energy.


In addition to the air handing unit the EcoFresh can be coupled with low friction EcoDuct so the unit does not need any more fan speed than required. This can also be lined with MicroBan™ insulation so the air is kept clean and warm whilst in the ductwork.



Scent your swimming experience

molton-brownTurn your indoor pool into a tranquil spa experience with our optionally integrated aromatherapy system gently adding Molten Brown aroma into your pool room whilst you are swimming.

Questions to ask your air handling supplier.

  1. Can the fan speed be controlled to the exact RPM or is it stepped?
  2. Does the unit have a heat exchanger to extract energy from the exhausted air?
  3. Does the unit have a logging function and touchscreen to track history so setting can be fine tuned to the building?


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Indoor or Outdoor: How to choose your Pool

Choosing a pool may seem straight forward at first but there are many options to explore such as shape, size, colour, materials and where your pool will be installed. People may think the distinction between inside and outside pool is a no-brainer based on budget: building a room and ventilation system for an indoor pool will cost double the amount it would for a simple outdoor pool. This isn’t strictly true, and also, if you are more likely to use an indoor pool, you do get more value from it. Below we explore the arguments for investing in both options.



In order to build an indoor pool, you first need to construct a pool room, which is essentially an extension to your house. You then need to install the pool, heating system, and an environmental control system to keep moisture out of the air. If you use the cheapest options, such as wall-mounted dehumidifiers, built-in insulation instead of heating, and a DIY kit, you could probably get your pool cost down to £60,000, including the pool building. Building an outdoor pool costs upwards of £29,000 and it depends on the swimming pool design and extras you opt for.  Going for the cheapest option of a simple pool shell will mean you can’t use it in England between October and March, so you have paid for something you won’t often use. Having a heated outdoor pool will mean you can use it when the weather is mild but an indoor pool will provide a comfortable swimming experience even if there’s a blizzard outside.



Indoor pools are more practical than outdoor as you can use them no matter what the weather or season. They also require less cleaning because they aren’t affected by the elements or debris: a swimming pool filter will get rid of bacteria and dirt, but you’ll still have to pick leaves out of the water if you forget to put the cover on each night. The surface area needed to construct an indoor pool is greater because you have to take into account space for the heating system, a plant room for the environmental system and also a changing room. In a way outdoor pool are more social because you have the whole surrounding garden space where you can entertain. More people can be invited round to share the pool and compatible activities can go alongside it such as sun bathing and barbecues.


Installation Time

It is fairly obvious which type of pool will take longer to install as it requires so much more equipment and a shelter. An indoor pool complete with new building will take up to four months to complete. Although people with existing rooms think installing a pool will take a lot longer, they can actually be just as complicated. Compass pools are manufactured and installed as a single component, so if you have an existing room, you will need to demolish one whole exterior wall in order for the pool to be built in. Outdoor pools take up to a month to install depending on the size, the options you chose to heat it, and the state of the ground in which you are submerging it. If you are installing a pool in summer and can’t wait to use it, an outdoor pool is your quickest option.



You may not think it, but both indoor and outdoor pools require similar amounts of maintenance. You will need to perform maintenance health checks on the components of your indoor pool every few months to ensure they are working efficiently. You will also need to test the water pH and top up chlorine if it has become low. There is also the cleaning of the pool room and changing room area to consider. For an outdoor pool, it needs cleaning once a week with a leaf rake and a vacuum to ensure it is dirt and bacteria free. The filter will need checking to make sure it isn’t blocked. You will also need to test water chemical balances and top these up if necessary. Generally, both types of pool are quite high maintenance, but the outdoor pool requires more manual maintenance tasks, whereas the environmental control unit of an indoor pool does a lot of the work for you.


So there are pros and cons to building both types of pool. Indoor pools are more expensive but a lot more practical. Outdoor pools are cheaper, simpler, but they have limited usage and require a lot of cleaning. A middle ground option which combats a lot of these problems could be a heated outdoor pool or an outdoor pool with a glass roof, which provides shelter and will reduce the need for regular debris cleaning. If you still have questions regarding pool design and installation we would be happy to help so don’t hesitate to contact us. Whatever pool design you choose, make sure you chose Compass Pools for the highest quality ceramic composite swimming pools.

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SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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