Why You Should Splash Out on a Pool this Winter

You might think that winter is the worst possible time to buy and construct a swimming pool in your back yard due to the poor weather, dark evenings and lack of opportunities to use it. Think again. With the array of swimming pool design options that Compass have on offer, you can create a pool during winter that is suitable for all seasons, and that can make your garden into a year-round paradise. After all, if you buy a pool that you can use all year round rather than just in summer, it’s a far more worthy investment.

Make it your “Winter Project”. Some people always need a project. Others particularly need one in winter to keep them focussed through the more dreary months. If you are looking for a project to keep you excited and motivated, then what better pursuit than to help design and build a back-yard pool? It could be to improve your own home, or maybe you’re building it in your second home or holiday home to make your summer trips there even more exciting? Either way, it’s sure to keep you occupied throughout winter.

A pool isn’t just for Christmas. Do you have relatives who seem to have everything and you don’t know what you should buy them? Why not make their Christmas and their year with one big, joint present? A pool could be the best Christmas present your family ever receive, and with our expert swimming pool installers, we could have your swimming pool up and running in a matter of days. What’s more, if you opt for pool heating you could be splashing around as soon as Boxing Day.

Prepare for summer. Imagine this; summer comes around in all its glory, with days of endless sunshine and 20+ temperatures. You decide that now is a great time to invest in a pool as you didn’t pay for a holiday this year. You arrange for your pool to be installed in August when you have free time to oversee the project. Your pool is finished and ready to be used by mid August, and then the heavens open and you don’t get a chance to use it for months on end. Winter is the best time to install a pool because you’re not using your garden at this time, and once the weather gets better you won’t miss a day if it.

Keep that winter waist line at bay. When the bad weather becomes common you are suddenly put off jogging, sporty seasons come to an end and you end up sitting around more, watching TV and eating comfort food. By investing in a pool now you can keep the pounds down by exercising in your wonderful new facility. Obviously the cost is more expensive than joining a gym, but you’ll be far more motivated if it’s in your own back yard! Here at Compass pools we offer many all-season options including insulated, covered and indoor pools.

A pool lasts longer than a holiday. Swimming on holiday is amazing, as you can exercise or relax. But what if you had that feeling at home all the time? Holidays are all too short and, once you come home, that’s the end of luxuries. A pool means you can enjoy that summer feeling at home, any time you like. Explore our swimming pool design options to find one that suits your lifestyle. From simple non-heated outdoor pools, to self-cleaning eco pools and gorgeous indoor installations, we’ve got what you need to always enjoy that holiday feeling.

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A guide to Roof top swimming pool design and construction

With space at a premium in urban areas and cities, rooftop swimming pools are coming in vogue with architects and designers across the globe, be it London, New York, Paris or Dubai.

These pools, sometimes referred to as a lofted, elevated or high rise pools, pose a unique challenge in their design, installation and construction due to the weight loading imposed on the buildings structure. The physical weight of the water and the water retaining structure of the pool shell, not only of the roof top but the fabric of the floors below to support this design.

Historically this has been addressed using a panelled 316 stainless steel or liner construction to reduce weight over that of a concrete shell. Compass pools maxi rib range takes a step forward with it’s unique one piece composite construction and lends itself to this application due to the extreme lightweight design of the pools shell.

This construction applies cutting edge composite technology from the aerospace and motor-sports industry in the application of ceramic and carbon fibre. This reduces the weight of the water retaining structure to that of under 3 metric tonne on an 11m x 4m (35ft x 12ft) roof top pool suitable for up to 12 concurrent adult bathers in a commercial environment such as a boutique hotel, penthouse or apartment building.

When compared to stainless steel rooftop pool construction the weight is but a fraction and joins in the sections of the pool are eliminated completely with no onsite specialist skills required to ensure its water tight properties.

The range of designs in rooftop swimming pools with max rib technology extends up to 13.3m x 4.5m and are lifted by crane or helicopter in a unibody form. This ensure that the pool is watertight for its lifetime without joints or seams that risk failure and expensive maintenance costs.

The internal design of the pool shell is tapered to reduce water volume and thus weight giving the ability of additional water depth as rooftop pools are usually too shallow for taller swimmers to enjoy comfortably.

Compass rooftop pools filtration system utilises a unique pipe system that eliminates pipe work joints within the substructure and thus costly under crofts and service hatches whilst maintaining the purest water quality. Plant rooms can be assembled offsite giving a total lead time from order to installation of 6-8 weeks whilst time on site is just a few days.

For the full range and the technical specification for architects and specifiers please request a login to our Professionals Area or call us for a consultation by webex or site meeting any where in the world (costs may apply)20131020-161147.jpg

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King Cross Residents Complain About Tiny New Swimming Pool

Although London is UK’s capital city, there are only a few opportunities in terms of public facilities. This could be due to the ever-rising population in the major city, which the facilities can no longer effectively support.  According to the Office for National Statistics, the London population expanded by an alarming 100,000 residents and now stands at an enormous 8.3million. With birth rates and immigration rates on the rise, you can only imagine the capital city growing larger and maybe even at a faster pace than it is currently.

Judging by these statistics, you would expect the local councils to invest more into public facilities to create more prospects for the young population of London, which forms the majority of the residents. This is something which has already begun in the Kings Cross area. An area formerly owned by the railway is being developed, not only for social purposes but to also give the area a much-needed face-lift. A basketball court and a large water fountain have since been constructed, which have gained praise from the local residents.

Plans to build a new 25-metre dimension (half of a standard Olympic pool) swimming pool within the area are underway. However, information about the size has received mixed opinions from the public, with most people indicating the swimming pool is too small. Having hosted the 2012 Olympics, you would have imagined the planners would have been inspired to build a swimming pool of the competition’s standard to create opportunities for the aspiring generation of swimmers within the area. The Kingscross.co.uk website also indicates the swimming pool was 0.2% of the whole area under development, which left many individuals baffled about the pool size.

These plans need to be reconsidered as once the area is developed it will be difficult to go back and extend the size of the facility. But then again, why worry about public swimming pools when you can always have your own personal pool installed on your property? Here at Compass pools we offer bespoke services as reputable swimming pool installers. To take advantage of the services we offer contact us on our telephone number 03334567111 or email us at info@www.compass-pools.co.uk.

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Multi Coloured LED Pool Lights

LED Lighting is a fantastic way to enhance a swimming pool, particularly at night. Lighting isn’t required during during the day, but what happens if you fancy a swim in the evening, or are planning a pool party likely to continue well into the night?

Give Your Swimming Pool the ‘WOW’ Factor

Compass Pools offer lots of different optional lighting choices for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Swimming pool lights enhance a swimming pool and help you make the most of your swimming pool installation. Lights can be fitted in and around the swimming pool, for decorative and practical purposes, and with the right lighting design your swimming pool will be transformed into a real showstopper.

Lighting really defines a space, but when water is introduced into the mix an imaginative lighting scheme can turn any room into a magical world of light, shadows and colour. Light and water can be used to create some beautiful effects.

Multi coloured LED pool lights are suitable for swimming pools outdoors and indoors. At night the wonderful effect of LED pool lighting really comes into its own. You can choose a lighting effect to match your decorative scheme, which is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Instead of using boring white lights for the pool, turn your swimming pool into an aquatic disco – your guests will love the special effects.

As well as being decorative, lighting is also useful from a safety perspective. You can use lighting to define the perimeter of the pool and steps into the pool, so nobody accidentally falls into your swimming pool at night.

Pool Lighting Options

There are many ways to light a swimming pool: externally and internally. In-pool lighting has to be fully submersible and fitted to an extremely high standard in order to meet strict safety standards, but can look beautiful, particularly at night. A second option is to light the pool from the sides using LED lighting; controls for lighting will be accessible from the pump room.

Why Choose LED Swimming Pool Lighting?

The main advantage of LED pool lights s that they are energy efficient. LED 12V bulbs will typically last for around 1,000 hours before they need replacing. If you have a pool light timer installed, or you opt for the iQ Pool Control system during the installation of your swimming pool, you can extend the lifespan of your pool lights considerably since pool lighting will only be switched on when needed. Not only is this good for the environment, but it is also good for your electricity bill.

LED lights also produce strong colours, which is why they are such a popular choice for people who enjoy poolside entertaining. Beautiful colour changing pool lights can add a touch of glamour to any swimming pool, no matter how small. You can even programme your lights to change colour in time with the music if you wish.

Pool lights are easy to maintain, even for inexperienced homeowners, but if you would like more information about the benefits of LED lights for swimming pools or you are considering adding LED lighting to your swimming pool, contact Compass Pools for some expert advice today.

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UV Disinfection

Philips UV Disinfection

Chlorine has been used to disinfect swimming pools for decades. However, this can also represent a health risk – damaging eyes and causing skin problems. As such, ultraviolet disinfection systems are fast becoming a popular alternative.

Water safety is a key consideration with all swimming pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. You can’t afford to ignore the dangers of dirty water and swimming pools must be kept clean and hygienic if serious health problems are to be avoided. Dirty pool water can cause all kinds of nasty infections. At best you might end up with a stomach bug or eye infection, but at worst you could become seriously ill thanks to dangerous microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium.

Family Swimming Pool Healthcare

If your pool is a family pool, health and hygiene is an even greater concern. No parent wants their child to swim in dirty, bacteria infested swimming pool water, so the responsible thing to do is to make sure your swimming pool is protected by the best disinfection system money can buy – which in the case of a Compass Pools product, is the UV disinfection sterilisation system for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Chlorine can kill most bacteria, but it is not a foolproof method of sterilising swimming pool water. Some types of microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium are capable of surviving in chlorinated pool water for many days, even if the swimming pool is well maintained and cleaned out regularly.

Compass Pools UV Filtration System

Compass Pools offer a UV filtration system as an optional extra with all of their swimming pools. Ultraviolet light is known to be a very effective disinfectant and a suitable UV disinfection system kills 99.99% of all bacteria passing through a specially designed UV light tube. All Compass UV disinfection systems use Philips UV bulbs for optimum efficiency and killing power. You will still need to use a small amount of sanitiser in the water to eradicate any lingering bacteria introduced into the pool from other bathers, but since 100% of your swimming pool water passes through the UV filtration system every 6-8 hours, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool water is completely clean and hygienic and your children are safe from harm.

UV water disinfection systems for swimming pools offer a much greater level of disinfection when compared to traditional chemical disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection protects you and your family from all known chlorine resistant microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium. A UV filtration system can also prevent chlorine related health problems such as skin irritation, eye problems and chlorine related asthma.

A great side effect of UV disinfected filtration systems is that you can enjoy exceptional water clarity. Swimming pools with ultraviolet disinfection systems are as clean and sparkling as a glacial spring. The offensive chemical smell of chlorine has been vanquished and you and your family can enjoy swimming in clean, safe water all year round.

For more information about the health benefits of UV swimming pool disinfection and how it can protect you and your family from nasty outbreaks of illness, talk to Compass Pools today.

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Hot Tubs & Spas

villeroy and boach

Compass Pools offer a full range of spas and hot tubs from Villeroy & Boch and Spacrest to complement your swimming pool. Visit our dedicated showroom to see the largest display of spas and hot tubs in the South East of England.

For more details please visit the website:

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Deck Jets

Deck jets are just one of many water features you could add to your pool. These can transform a swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary, and are one of the most affordable water features you could add to your pool.

However, despite the fact deck jets are relatively cheap when compared to other water features they most definitely don’t look cheap. Compass Pools offer deck jets as an optional extra, so if you want to give your swimming pool the ‘wow’ factor, deck jets are a top choice.

We can mount standard deck jets into the pool deck, on the sidewall of your pool, or install them in the surrounding landscape. Deck jet fittings are discrete, flush to the ground, and almost out of sight, so to the casual observer, it appears as if the arc of water appears from nowhere. Inter-changeable eyeballs allow for plenty of different water effects – choose from different entry points, overlap your water streams, or even create multi-stream arcs.

Compass deck jets can be operated from a valve, or via an electronic remote control panel.

Why Choose Deck Jets?

Soaring arcs of water from strategically placed jets add visual interest, no matter what type of swimming pool design you opt for. We can install deck jets in outdoor swimming pools or indoor pools – either way the addition of some deck jets can add a touch of style to your pool.

Deck jets are also enormous fun. Kids love to play under the gentle fountains of water arcing into the pool with a splash. They can play games, dive through the arcs of water, and enjoy an impromptu shower.

Deck jets are highly adjustable. You can play with the angle and projection of your deck jets to produce greater arcs of water into the pool. You can also use coloured LED lighting in combination with deck jets to create some superb special effects. Imagine how fantastic this would look at night time – your pool parties will be far more exciting if you add water features such as deck jets and stainless steel waterfalls.

A Quality Water Feature

Compass Pools deck jets are a top quality design. They operate at a low water pressure so there is minimal impact on your pool pump performance. This will help ensure you don’t end up paying any more on your energy bills and reduce the likelihood of premature pump failures due to worn out parts. The design of our deck jets also minimises any standing water in the system, so you don’t need to worry about any unwanted debris build up.

Deck jets are just one of the many exciting water features offered by Compass Pools. You can choose one water feature when you pick a swimming pool design, or have several different water features installed – the choice is yours. If you would like any more information about deck jets or any other optional water feature offered by Compass Pools, give our knowledgeable team a call today.

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Free Pool Owners eBook by SPATA

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SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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