Energy Saving Pump

Traditional swimming pool pumps aren’t always effective at powering additional pool features. Compass Pools’ energy saving pump guards against this, providing you with the extra juice you require to power any and all additional pool options you might want.

Regular swimming pool pumps are either on or off. When they are switched on, they can be noisy and expensive to run. They also tend to wear out fairly quickly because there are a lot of moving parts. One they thing they are, though, is cheaper. But despite this, an IntelliFlo pump is still a much better choice – and here’s why.

The Smartest Pump in the World

The IntelliFlo energy saving pump from Compass Pools is far more powerful than a standard swimming pool pump. Billed as the ‘world’s smartest swimming pool pump’, the IntelliFlo pump has an onboard computer system installed with innovative software that automatically adjusts swimming pool flow requirements in order to reduce your energy costs wherever possible. Routine pool tasks are monitored closely and if more energy is required for short bursts of time – for example if you turn on your waterfall or deck jets feature for a party – the Variable Flow Pump self-adjusts to ensure flow rates are optimal.

Be Kind to the Environment

Standard swimming pool pumps can consume huge amounts of electricity over the course of one year; often as much as every other household appliance combined. Obviously this is not great for your pocket, but it is also bad for the environment. Because of this it makes sense to try and reduce your swimming pool related energy expenditure where possible, which is where the IntelliFlo pump really comes into its own.

Peace and Quiet

Unlike a standard pump, the IntelliFlo swimming pool pump is incredibly quiet. In fact, it is so quiet that you probably won’t even be aware it is running.

Main Features of an IntelliFlo Swimming Pool Pump:

  • An in-built diagnostic system protects the pump from the main causes of premature pump failure, including freezing, overheating and voltage irregularities.
  • The innovative magnetic motor design of the IntelliFlo pump means reduced noise levels, which is an advantage with indoor swimming pools
  • Use of an IntelliFlo pump can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%
  • Highly efficient magnet motors mean less wear and tear on pump components, so your IntelliFlo pump should last a lot longer than a standard swimming pool pump

The IntelliFlo energy saving pump from Compass is a vastly superior pump. It is more expensive than a standard swimming pool pump, but when you factor in the significant savings to be made on your energy bill, plus the longevity of the pump, it will have paid for itself within a few years at the most.

For more information about the benefits of the IntelliFlo pump, call Compass Pools today.

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Coping stone Customisation

Compass Pools can laser engrave into your coping stones to add to the detailing on your pool surrounds. Whether it be practical depth markers, the build date or a family crest, we can engrave any design or imagery you might like on your pool.

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Bose Poolside Audio with Underwater Speakers


Bose is internationally renowned for producing great sound systems. By adding poolside audio and underwater speakers, your swimming pool automatically becomes the ideal place to be for parties, BBQs or a gentle swim.

When sources a premium sound system for the Compass range Bose was the natural choice. We have taken their Environmental speaker system and coupled it with the cutting edge Sonos Zone Player to give the ultimate in flexible pool side sound.

This allows you the ultimate in pool side listening, great for parties, barbeques or just a gentle swim.

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Plan to Close Bradford Swimming Pools Delayed

A recent plan to install new facilities within four existing Bradford swimming pools has met with widespread public protests. The executive decision of the Bradford Council had elected to close the Bingley, Bowling, Queensbury and Odsal swimming pools, and replace them with new, allegedly more efficient pools for a total cost of £17 million. However, the decision has now been subjected to further scrutiny, following concerns that the renovations had been decided upon without taking into account the entirety of the situation.

The protests have targeted the social and economic issues that will potentially be created by the new swimming pools, whilst those in favour of the redevelopments have emphasised the inefficiencies of the current installations. The existing pools have been described as ‘outdated’, and require high running and maintenance costs to keep them operational. The new proposals have been forecast to save the council more than £1.5 million in running costs every year, but this projection has not served to dissuade the protest group, who have mustered a petition with 3,000 signatures in order to halt the project.

Bradford Council has been praised for taking the concerns of its community into account, but this situation has certainly served to emphasise the role that swimming pool facilities actually play within local neighbourhoods. Swimming pools have been subjected to closure at an alarming rate within the recession climate, as the government desperately tried to cut down and save money wherever possible. However such reductions in pool facilities merely serve to hurt the health of the population, depriving people of easy access to one of the best forms of exercise that there is.

The Bradford situation has at least highlighted a new willingness to refurbish swimming pools, rather than close them, but for some people the opportunity might well exist to purchase their own private pool. The first question that is typically asked is ‘how much does it cost to install a swimming pool?’ Many people are put off by the expensive costs of high end pools, but here at Compass Ceramic Pools we specialise in providing a full range of swimming pool installations that are suitable for a huge range of budgets.

The advantages of owning your own pool are significant, and you’ll always be certain of an easily accessible place for your (and your friends) to relax, no matter what the situation might be at your local public pools. At Compass Ceramic Pools, we will always take the time to consider your individual needs and then tailor your pool installation to meet these exact requirements. Please feel free to contact our team of professional swimming pool builders for more information; a private swimming pool might not be as out of reach as you think.

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World’s First Indoor Heated Swimming Pool Still in Use

The red stone walls of Mount Stuart certainly contain a lot of history, but what you might not realise from a cursory glance is that they are actually home to the world’s first indoor heated swimming pool. The building, constructed in 1880 on the Isle of Brute upon the ruins of a previous site, has always represented an iconic architectural structure, but its facilities were equally as impressive at the time.

Mount Stuart’s in built electric lighting and central heating system was the first of its kind within Scottish territory, and the original indoor pool, thought to be a world first among built in swimming pools, is still in use today. While the pool is generally closed to the public to better ensure its continued preservation, this important historical site is still just as efficient as it was when it was first constructed more than a century ago.

Typically far smaller than public swimming pools, private outdoor pools only began to regularly appear in the properties of wealthy individuals in the 1950s. Most of these examples were located in the United States; where the warm climate naturally encouraged the use of such a leisure pastime. Indoor pools have seen increasing use in recent years within homes at high latitudes, but the astonishingly early date of the Mount Stuart pool only serves to show how ahead of its time the construction really was.

With the world’s first indoor heated pool still in operation, clearly a well made private swimming pool is an investment that is built to last. Here at Compass Pools, we are still bringing our clients the very best swimming pools on the market, and many of our innovative designs are almost as revolutionary as the Mount Stuart pool proved to be all those years ago. With a range of optional extras including intelligent pool control, pumps that are designed to conserve energy and even pool systems that clean themselves, our extensive range of swimming pool designs really does include something for everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

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Indoor Swimming Pool Top of British Wish List

A recent survey by Ocean Finance asked British respondents what features they would like to have in their dream home, and topping the list with 36% – over 18 million people – was an indoor swimming pool. A little further down the list, 18% wanted an outdoor pool.

The attraction is obvious. Swimming is one of the nation’s most popular sports, and successful swimmers like Rebecca Adlington, who retired earlier this year, and Paralympian Ellie Simmonds have raised the profile of the sport even further. Even for those who aren’t sporty, a swimming pool is a much desired addition, a welcome place to cool off on a hot summer’s day and a great place for children to play – with the right supervision of course.

With the vagaries of the British weather, it’s no surprise that an indoor pool ranks more highly than an outdoor pool, but there are, of course, plenty of advantages to both, and plenty of ways to achieve that dream.

The first choice for any homeowner dreaming of an indoor pool is whether to put the pool inside an existing building or into a new building or extension. Fitting a pool into an existing building can be more expensive; particularly as there may be a need to get the building underpinned if the pool is close to any supporting walls.

Fitting the pool into a new building is much easier, as you can easily fit the pool first and then erect the building around it. Here at Compass Pools we even have indoor pool packages with a premier UK outdoor building manufacturer, in order to provide you with a pool set in a beautiful cedar-clad modern building.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the best of both indoor and outdoor pools with a sliding dome cover, allowing you the benefits of protection from the weather on cold days and swimming under the sunshine when it’s warm.

Compass Pools are experts in swimming pool design and construction, and offer a great range of options which are guaranteed to last. So if you are one of the millions dreaming of your own pool, why not contact us today to see how we can turn your dreams into reality.

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Premier UK Swimming Pool Blamed for Poor Performances

The head of British Swimming has voiced his concerns that the optimum conditions within one of the UKs top swimming facilities are actually serving to hamper the average performances of Britain’s elite swimmers. Many top competitions in the world of swimming are held at the Ponds Forge pool in Sheffield, a venue that has become famous due to the atypical manner in which its design and water consistency assists in recording particularly rapid times.

The relatively unique features possessed by Sheffield Ponds Forge serve to increase the buoyancy of the water within the pool by adding appropriate levels of ozone, an innovation that also helps to cut down upon the levels of water resistance. The wave lines that are utilised in the 3m deep Sheffield facility also allow ripples in the pool surface to be removed unusually quickly, meaning that the water remains largely smooth even after it has been recently passed through. However the pool now appears to be in danger of becoming a victim of its own national pre-eminence, as British Swimming is electing to move more of its training regimes to slower pools.

The excessive speeds that many UK swimmers are able capable of posting in Sheffield are claimed to represent an unreliable indicator of their performances elsewhere, and so the Ponds Forge pool could well begin to host rather less elite events. Discontent over the standards of British swimming have arisen due to less than half of the medals that were hoped for at the London 2012 Olympics actually being attained by British swimmers. The recent World Championships performance has also been among the poorest performances from UK swimmers for almost 20 years.

At Compass Ceramic Pools UK we are one of the leading retailers of water related leisure products in the country. We specialise in swimming pool installation for one-piece indoor and outdoor facilities and pride ourselves on achieving levels of quality that are second to none. So whether you’re a casual swimming enthusiast or one of the nation’s foremost swimmers, please contact one of our consultants today to have all your questions about the cost of building a swimming pool answered.

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Pipeless swimming pool – The low down on pipe free filtration

We have had a few customers over the past weeks ask about pipe free or pipeless filtration systems for their Compass Pool. We see several companies starting to offer this solution, we put in plain English the pros and cons of these systems.

Firstly lets get some myths out the way. There’s no such thing as a pipe free filtration system. Just one that’s all contained in one underground box. Within this box is contained a pump, a cartridge filter or bag filter and sometimes an electric heater joined with pipes. If you would like another form of heater other than electric (that we never recommend as a primary heat source due to the running costs) you will need to run pipe work to the heat pump or boiler. This is usually done in a trench just as a conventional filtration system as you don’t want it stuck next to you pool making noise and generating cold air! We always recommend that the plant room is located away from the pool as you don’t want the noise from the pumps near your swimming experience and you normally place them above ground to prevent the risk of the units flooding with high groundwater that we have recently experienced a lot of (winter 2013).

Probably the most important factor when designing a swimming pool filtration system is the electrical safety in and around the pool. The Institute of Electrical engineers has produced an informative guide based on the UK electrical law (17th edition) on this found here:

In essence you can not put any mains voltage equipment within 2m of the pool itself. For the same reason you can not bring a mains voltage appliances into the bath. When the pool equipment is attached to the pool itself in an underground box. You are running a 230v pump and control panel below the waterline with just a piece of plastic to separate it. One of the main serviceable items of a pool filtration system is the pump seal that wears out approximately every 3 years. Once this fails this unit will fill with water risking electrocution. One would hope that the system is protected by an RCD at the very least however these are by no means full proof either.

A conventional filtration system designed to both SPATA (swimming pool and allied trades association)  and ISPE (Institute of swimming pool engineers) standards will suck out the water from one end of the pool, filter, clean, heat and treat then return to the opposite end of the pool. Logically this makes prefect sense as there are no dead spots or areas of stagnant water that bacteria and Algae can bread and no cold spots of water. This works just like a river bed! For this reason you will not find a Spata or ISPE member offering a pipeless filtration system as the standards can not be met as water is sucked and pushed from the same place. Whoever you choose to buy a pool from, whether its compass or otherwise, we always recommend they are a SPATA Member.


Going back to the filtration system itself, in a pipeless system due to the size if the filtration pod most utilise a cartridge or bag filter instead of a sand filter. Whilst most will perform adequately you should budget for the cost of filters that will need regularly changing and cleaning instead of the simple backwash process. Compass do offer a cartridge system but only coupled with a cyclone pre filter to reduce the cleaning frequency and prolong the life of the filter. While true that cartridge filters in general do filter down to a finer micron level the new supermircron filtration system with sand filter now filters down to the same fine level.

This fine level of filtration helps reduce the amount of chemicals used, but never eliminates them, for 2 reasons. 1, a filtration system can not kill bacteria transfer from one body to another through the water. 2, external factors effect the ph in your pool (rain and body contaminates, perspiration urine etc) if they ph is wrong it will corrode heat pumps and damage plastics, not to mention sting your eyes (think dove skin care) a cause that is often blamed on chlorine. Both of these need adjusting with a chemical. Sometime salt is one of these (sodium chloride) split into its elements electronically, that Compass offers.

Lets now address he pipes themselves that pipe free filtration retailers will whip up scare tactics around. Historically pool pipes were solid inflexible things delivered in 3 meter lengths. This made the susceptible to cracking with ground movement and a risk at every joint. Compass today have moved forward running flexible pipes in a single length to eliminate the risk of cracks in pipe work. These pipes are usually utilised by so called pipe free systems between the filter pod and the heat source (usually a heat pump)!

One key point a pipe free system will market is the reduced head loss. This is the friction generated by the pipe run. Whist this is true to a certain extent the design of the system can reduce this to a minimum. Firstly by using over sized pipes employed on all Compass Pools. Secondly, our optional variable speed pump will make a saving above and beyond those using a conventional pump by running the pump only at the necessary speed required at the time.

Running costs on a pipeless filtration system or any pool for that matter are an important consideration. Where the water is being sucked and blown from the same location, in order to help the poor natural circulation, often a larger sized pump is installed to try to throw the water futher. The flip side of this is obviously the running costs to do this. Pump sizes can be anywhere up to 1.5kw. Thats 15 100w light bulbs (no longer sold in the UK due to their energy demands)

Another scare tactic used by some competitors is the wasted water generated though backwashing for those on a water meter. The backwash process will generate approximately 500L of water. Looking at a water bill (jan 2014), most water authorities will charge in the region of £1.20 per m3 (1000L) thus a backwash will cost you about 60p. During the average swimming season you will do this every 2 weeks. Giving a total cost of £0.60 x 12 = £7.20. Compare this to the filter cost on a pipe free filtration system, normally replaced annually at a costs in excess of £40. While the sand in your filter will need changing every 5 yrs (£50), the optional glass system will last indefinitely.

Lighting in a pool adds hugely to the look of your new pool at night and careful consideration is taken to the placement of the lights themselves to ensure an even light within the water. They will normally be spaced evenly along the long side of the pool wall, on the side least visible. This is so that you don’t see the light source that can dazzle you and just see the glow of the pool at night. These are normally done in energy saving led pool light or a multicoloured variety. On a pipeless or single pod unit filtration you are limited to one light positioned where the filter unit is that has to be switched at that location.

Whist pipe free filtration systems are considerably cheaper to install we strongly believe the benefits of a full specification filtration system far out way the potential cost saving given the importance of clean, safe pool water, with a simple easy maintenance procedure. Furthermore there are no proprietary parts that could become obsolete or expensive to replace.

At the end of the say, the majority of these pools are sold by great sales men and marketers who are franchisees. They make great profit selling a very basic system for some healthy margins. But they are not engineers. Based on the evidence presented above we leave to you make you own conclusions.

We challenge anyone who is considering a pipe free filtration system to ask for a demo of the filter cleaning procedure on a pipe free filter then ask the same of us in our Gatwick showroom.

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Understand what's involved in pool ownership with this free guide by SPATA (Swimming Pool & Allied Trade Association).

SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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