Building a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool makes a beautiful addition to any home, perfect for relaxation and for fitness alike, and in hot weather like the recent summer heatwave it can be an excellent way to cool off. There are a range of options and choices to make when building a swimming pool, and it is important to ensure that you get it right first time.

The first decision is whether you want to build an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. This choice may be restricted by the size and landscape of the space you have available. Indoor pools tend to have slightly higher running costs than outdoor pools, but they do allow you to enjoy your pool year round. You can also compromise between the two, with an outdoor pool equipped with a sliding dome cover.

The second factor is planning consent – both indoor and outdoor pools may require permission, and this may restrict your other choices, so check your local regulations and make sure that you can get the correct permissions before you proceed.

Thirdly, consider the placement of your pool. A south-facing pool is best, giving you the maximum amount of sunshine; if it’s an indoor pool with sliding or fold-back doors, this will allow you to open the pool up in summer and enjoy the sunshine as much as you would with an outdoor pool. A north-facing pool, or one placed in a shady spot, is far less enjoyable. You will also want to ensure that your pool is placed out of the wind, away from falling leaves and the right distance from your home.

Once you have completed these steps, you can choose the pool itself. There are several materials which can be used to build a swimming pool, but a ceramic pool is recommended; it is more durable, without the puncture risks associated with a block and liner pool, and easier to install and maintain than a concrete pool. Ceramic pools are installed as a whole shell, which means that the work can be completed quickly with a minimum of fuss.

Finally, you’ll want to think about the equipment; a filtration system to keep your pool water clean and a heating system to keep it at a comfortable temperature are generally the most important, but if you have children or small animals then a pool cover is equally important for safety reasons. Other options available include poolside audio systems and robotic cleaners.

Here at Compass Ceramic Pools UK we offer a range of ceramic swimming pool designs with a 20 year guarantee, suitable for indoor or outdoor swimming pools, as well as all the equipment and extras you will need. Our professional consultants will be happy to answer your questions and help you through the process of building a swimming pool for your home which you will be able to enjoy for years to come, so contact us on +44 (0)333 4567 111 today.

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Start 2012 With a Swimming Pool to Celebrate the Olympics

2012 OlympicsWith the Olympics comming to London and a fantastic new Swimming pool being installed for the Olympic swimmers there is no better time to install a little bit of the olymics in your own back garden for yourself or your aspiring Olympians.

Compass Pools offers a full range of Training Pools and Swim Systems to allow you to train to the peak of your performance. These include our exclusive fastlane pool and Swim jet system for the ultimate in peak performance.

Swimming pool installations are currently running at a 60 day lead time so act quick to get your pool installed ready for the summer

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Swimming Pool Insulation – Part L

Pool Insulation

New Part L Building Regulations.

Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel & Power, Approved Document L1B) came into force on 1st October 2010. It stipulates that all new indoor pools constructed after that date have to be insulated to a U-value no worse than 0.25W/m2.K. ‘U-value’ is a measure of the rate that heat is transferred through the pool wall or floor and lost to surrounding ground. In order to calculate this value we use formulae provided by the British Standard Institute for basements (BS EN ISO 13370). In conjunction with Compass Pools Europe we have developed a highly effective system to insulate a Compass Pool to meet and exceed the figure required by the regulations, giving a U Value of 0.22W/m2.K.


What does this actually mean for me?

In short, lower running costs and a lower carbon footprint. Energy lost through the pool shell can be reduced by up to 80% (depending on soil type and pool location). The good news is this technology is not just restricted to indoor pools, and our outdoor pool clients can also benefit from the same insulation properties. For those outdoor Compass Pool customers looking to make further savings on their running costs and reduce their carbon footprint, this is a highly attractive and recommended option.


How is it installed?

High density polyurethane insulation is sprayed directly onto the pool shell prior to the shell delivery. Because the insulation is bonded directly to the pool shell, that means that there is a maximum of 2cm between the water and the insulation. This is important because it maximises its effect as you are not paying to heat a concrete wall as you are in a conventional pool building. Concrete takes roughly twice as much energy to heat than a ceramic composite at a similar thickness. Not only that, but because the insulation is outside of pool shell it is not integral to the pool’s structure and the water tightness of the pool will not be affected should there be any ground movement, unlike with a conventional pool; so there is no risk of tiles chipping off or damage to the structure.

pool insulation

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Compass Pools Appoints new Dealer

Compass Ceramic Pools is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with XL Pools, a cutting edge swimming pool construction and service company in Pluckley, Kent; approximately 60 miles south east of London. The alliance allows Compass Pools to bring its revolutionary one-piece ceramic pool technology to more consumers, whilst gaining a valuable business partner and extremely experienced installer.
Alex Kemsley, managing director of Compass Ceramic Pools (UK) Ltd comments;

”These are very exciting times for Compass Pools. We have gained a valuable partner with extensive knowledge and expertise in home swimming pool construction, and a great reputation for exemplary service who we are very proud to appoint as a premiere Compass Approved installer”


Candice Cooper, marketing manager at XL Pools comments;

”Compass Pools provide a product that meets client’s expectations, not only because of fast installation but also its outstanding quality. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with a professional and reliable partner, something XL Pools strive to achieve and believe we have found this with Compass Pools UK”


For more information please contact either;

Alex Kemsley at Compass Pools on +44 (0)333 4567 111

Candice Cooper at XL Pools on +44 (0)8452 060420

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Brand New Counter Current system available for Compass Pools

Compass Pools UK is pleased to introduce our new counter-current swimming system.

The health and fitness benefits of swimming are one of the principle reasons behind the decision to invest in a Compass Pool according to many new owners. The one drawback over a private domestic pool compared to a public pool is that they tend to be much shorter in length, which means that a swimmer using the pool for exercise has to make more turns for the same distance swum.

There is a clever solution to this in the form of a counter-current swimming device, which generates a high-flow current which a bather swims against. The effect is similar to a runner using a treadmill, i.e. one can swim for many hundreds of metres against the current without leaving the same spot or, more crucially, having to make any turns. There are two versions supplied and installed by Compass Pools, which can be fitted to any of our pools. The simple and lower-cost option is a simple over the wall device which drives water via a high output pump through an adjustable nozzle. However, for the ultimate in swimming experiences, then the product to specify is a ‘Fastlane’ by the world renowned Endless Pools company. The Fastlane utilises an enclosed propeller to deliver the current, and provides a much broader and deeper stream to swim in. Endless Pools are used by many of the world’s top swimming coaches and Triathletes as a training aid due to the higher-quality, more natural stream generated.

Both types of device are adjustable to cater for the needs of swimmers with differing swimming abilities and strengths. As you’ll see from watching our demonstration video above, the effect allows you to swim continuously for as long as one likes without leaving the same spot.

Why not come and try it for yourself? There is a unit fitted on the demonstration Compass Pool at Waterstream Leisure’s show-site at Handcross near Gatwick Airport.

Give the team at Watersteam a call on 08444 870595 to arrange an appointment to take a test-swim. And don’t forget to bring your swimming costumes!

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Swimming Pool Design Service

As important as the pool itself is the environment it resides within. Compass Pools are delighted to announce we have partnered exclusively with world renowned garden designer and landscape architect, Philip Edwards, to offer you a complete turn-key service for all aspects of the landscape surrounding your pool. Philip Edwards has over 20 years experience in the garden design industry and has garnered an enviable reputation for taking customers’ ideas and translating them from sympathetic, imaginative and innovative designs, through to realisation on their swimming pool design. A true expert in both hard and soft landscaping, Philip has worked on many projects incorporating pools and hot tubs over the years, and is very happy to offer his expertise in helping clients choose the right materials and plants to achieve their dreams whilst at the same time being most practical in the environment. Philip’s raw talent and natural eye for design perfectly complement Compass’ technical abilities to integrate your dream pool seamless into your garden.

Showroom sketch

Pool area sketch

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Show Pool Now Open

(Note this pool is currently out of service as it is being relocated)

We are very pleased to announce that our first dealer-installed show-pool is now open at the Waterstream Leisure showroom in Horsham, West Sussex.

The 11m (35’9″) x 4m (13′) X-Trainer model in Smokey Quartz, set in a show garden design by internationally renowned garden designer Philip Edwards, is the centrepiece of the showroom. Fitted with a counter-current swimming device, a stainless-steel water-curtain, automatic dosing equipment and the unique Vantage self-cleaning system, the pool demonstrates nearly everything a Compass Pool has to offer.

The showroom is open 7 days a week. If you’d like to make an appointment with a pool designer to discuss your ideas, give Waterstream a call on 08444 870595. You can also make an appointment to don your swimming costume and try a Compass Pool out for yourself, so you can experience first-hand the unique pleasures and health and lifestyle benefits of Compass Pools ownership.


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SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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