10m x 5m swimming pools & design trends changing

10mx5m Pool DesignUp until the early 2000’s, the most common size domestic pool built in the UK was the 10m (32’6″) x 5m (16’3″), commonly with a roman end. but design trends are changing.

The proportions of a 10m x 5m pool have historically proved popular because mathematically it is easy for a pool builder to construct economically using standard sized concrete blocks. This therefore means that many portfolios of previous work contain numerous examples of this size pool, and new customers tend to specify what they see when they come to having their own pool built.

However, whilst it may make life easier for someone laying blocks, architecturally these proportions are not quite so pleasing on the eye. When standing at one end of the pool looking along the length, the effect of receding perspective (the effect that makes a road look like it’s getting narrower as it stretches away in to the distance) tricks the eye into thinking that the pool is stubby or shorter than it actually is. Reducing the width by just one metre gives the pool more perspective and it looks longer and sleeker to the eye, whether in a building or garden environment; often drawing the eye along its length to a design feature at the end. In fashion this effect is well-known, as designers use vertical lines to make the wearer look slimmer! The architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the initiator of this trend with the beautiful designs he created in building and furniture to make them appear taller or longer than they actually were.

So, when building a pool for the 21st century, and consider your proportions carefully!


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24 Carat Gold Swimming Pool

Gold Swimming Pool

As readers of our blog may be aware, we recently attended the Compass Pools annual dealer conference in Dubai. Anyone who has visited Dubai won’t have failed to notice the copious amounts of gold used in products to beautify them. Inspired by the spirit of Dubai, Compass Ceramic Pools UK has developed the very first of its kind metallic gold swimming pool! With real 18 or 24 carat gold flecks impregnated in our patented Bi-Luminite® surface, this unique creation brings out the beautiful colours and sparkle of both water and gold. Principally targeted at overseas markets, this pool brings the very best of Compass Ceramic Pools superior quality construction and the ultimate in luxury finishes together.

Prices and further information on this product on application only. Please contact us directly by calling us on  +44 (0)333 4567 111 or emailing info@www.compass-pools.co.uk.

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Compass Ceramic Pools – Dubai Dealer Conference 2011

Compass Ceramic Pools (UK) recently attended the 2011 annual Compass Pools dealer conference in Dubai (yes, we know, it’s a tough job and all that!). The event was a great success and we are pleased to report back with many exciting and innovative new features and models to add to the already great Compass line-up. The highlight was the new Intelligent Pool Control (IQ) that will make it even easier for Compass Pool owners to monitor and maintain their pool remotely from the comfort of their armchair, or even on the go on their mobile phone or tablet.

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Compass Pools at Spatex 2011

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years Spatex in Brighton on the 5th – 7th February 2011. If anyone requires passes or would like to come and visit us on the stand please contact us and we would be happy to meet you.

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Compass Ceramic Pools (UK) Ltd Apointed UK Distributor

Compass Ceramic Pools (UK) Ltd has been appointed UK distributor by Art’ dec eau the northern europe area manager. Compass Pools (UK) Ltd is jointly owned 50/50 by Art’ dec eau and Waterstream Ltd to bring Art’ Dec eau’s Years of experience in the composite swimming pool industry and Waterstream’s extensive knowledge of the UK market and customer service skills to the UK Swimming pool industry.

Waterstream’s Managing director Alex Kemsley comments:
“The swimming pool industry hasn’t really progressed in terms of construction methods for decades. Compass Pools represents the cutting edge of swimming pool construction and enables prospective pool owner to cut out a lot of the complications in constructing a pool. These are exciting times for pool buyers, and we hope to be able to their dreams into a reality”

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First Demonstration Pool Installed.

First of its Kind Compass Composite Ceramic Pool

Compass Ceramic Pools (UK) is pleased to anounce the installation of  the first of its kind in the UK, Compass Ceramic Composite pool is currently under way. The two week procress will be documented here on the website in stages. First photos attached bellow:

image of a compass pool

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