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Swimming Pool Refurbishment & Renovation Vs Re Build

At Compass Pools we get hundreds of calls a year with new homeowners who have moved into a house with an old pool. In this article we will explore the options of renovate vs re build and the pros and cons of both.


We liken the refurbishment of a pool to the renovation of an old car. But one that you can’t access the underside of the car. You can re do the paint, you can fix up the seats, you might even be able to put a few extra options on. But you can’t see the structure (chassis) and the pipework (running gear) as in a pools case this is underground.


Many pool companies will guarantee their work, but what use is a new paint job if the bodywork is rusted out or likely to deteriorate. The most important points on pool are the shell itself. Is it structurally sound and was it installed to a good standard. Not something that can be easily ascertained from the outside. Infact most pool renovation contract will exclude any unknowns such as the shell itself and given that this is the most important part of any pools seams crazy.


While it is true that a rubber or pvc liner can be put into a pool to hold water its not so pretty if a huge crack is showing through from underneath.  


During a pool renovation job many unexpected things can crop up and whilst the estimate you were provided includes a certain amount of work, the price can quickly increase to above that of knocking the whole thing in and starting again.


At compass we do not do renovations, and whilst our view is biased in this respect, I hope we have explained some of the pitfalls of renovating a pool. If you would like us to put a brand new pool in, (We can even knock the old one down and put a brand new on in its place) we would love to speak to you.  

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