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Compass Ceramic Pools Scotland

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Compass Pools Scotland; Shetland Islands; East Renfrewshire; City of Edinburgh


Compass Ceramic Pools® – Stunning, energy efficient and wonderfully durable

We provide a tailored, bespoke swimming pool design and build service in the Shetland Islands, East Renfrewshire, the City of Edinburgh and throughout the remainder of Scotland.

Our defining differences lie in the innovative materials and processes used for the construction of our pools (materials and processes that mean we provide a twenty-year warranty with absolute confidence).

We offer transparency in pricing and consultants who are tasked with ensuring your dream pool is transformed from paper, to reality – conscientious, diligent and skilled swimming pool designers who’ll be there at every stage of the project.


We’re with you – From bespoke design choice to construction

Our consultants will take the time to listen to your ideas and ensure that you know of every design option and specification choice you have before you. This will span to include a staggering array of options – with 9 choices of pool shape, 27 choices for size and a variety of pool colours. These are available whether you’re soon to be swimming under a glittering sky of stars, or are choosing to install a pool within your home. Further design options include lighting, filters, waterfalls and jets – all of which put your unique, finishing touches to the design. A final option includes a fresh water system – for an experience where you feel you’re swimming in crystal clear tap water.

This is swimming pool design, re-designed – a service that is built around you from beginning to end.

We also provide an entire range of silverline fibreglass swimming pools – allowing those who are talented DIYers to look after their own installation. These pools benefit from the same warranty as our Compass Ceramic Pools®.


A seamless swimming pool installation service

Your swimming pool installation will be as smooth, as it will be efficient. The fact that we are the UK’s exclusive provider of Compass Ceramic Pools® offers you the shortest installation time of all – resulting in a beautiful, durable one piece swimming pool that will gracefully stand the test of time.

We’ll provide regular updates, ensuring that you know your swimming pool project is exactly on track – and once complete our expert team will leave your property just as they found it (asides from the stunning new swimming pool that they leave behind).

Our expert (and award-winning) swimming pool builders are part of a company with a three -decade long history, with more than 30,000 pools installed to date.


It’s time to explore all that’s possible

Download our 45-page, 2017 brochure today and see for yourself just how versatile our designs are. Included in our brochure is a full list of prices (we wholeheartedly believe that transparency in pricing is a basic step towards exceptional customer care).

Should you wish to arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact our friendly team on: 0333 4567 111 or by email via Alternatively, you may prefer to use our fast-online quote tool (which takes around 2 minutes) – once we’ve received your design brief we’ll send you a quotation.

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