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Groundwork and stabilisation

Don’t let false ideas about swimming pool construction cost prevent you from realizing your dream of having a beautiful indoor or outdoor pool installed. The Compass Pools outdoor and indoor swimming pool design service includes all aspects of groundwork and structural work and our work is second to none. Our highly experienced groundwork contractors have a great deal of experience and we have completed a huge number of swimming pool installations of all shapes and sizes.

Irrespective of what type of outdoor or indoor swimming pool designs you have your heart set upon, the groundwork and stabilization stage of the construction process is extremely important. The preparation of the site needs to be done properly, which is why Compass Pools offers a bespoke in-house design and build service. Once a design proposal has been agreed upon, we will undertake a site survey to help us minimise the likelihood of any delays impacting the construction schedule and therefore swimming pool installation cost.

The ground works in preparation for a new swimming pool include excavating the necessary space for installing the pool and connecting the basin to the technical area. Once the excavator has carried out the digging work, the equalization of the pit bottom is finished manually to create as even a supporting surface as possible. The stabilisation is carried out using micro concrete of 150 to 200 kg cement/m3.

Pool surround

The surround of the pool is finished with edging tiles specially selected for Art Deco pools. The tiles come in blue or anthracite bush hammer finish granite. The edging tiles are glued together, making the surround entirely waterproof. The joints are then grouted without any visible grouting. The distribution of the edging stones is calculated so that small pieces don’t have to be inserted.

Underwater lighting

Underwater lighting is an integral part of all outdoor and indoor swimming pool designs offered by Compass Pools. The underwater lighting provides an extraordinary aesthetic effect in your garden and adds an extra dimension to enjoying evenings in and around the pool. The pool lighting includes the delivery and connection of two waterproof low-voltage projectors (12V, 300 W), the necessary cables, fuses, switch and transformer (220 / 12 V). This is operated by a control panel or by remote control integrated into a single device with other automatic functions.

For more information about the swimming pool construction cost, give the team at Compass Pools a call today. We can advise you on all aspects of swimming pool installation as well as what to expect if you decide to have a beautiful indoor or outdoor pool installed in your home or garden.

This is operated by a control panel or by remote control integrated into a single device with other automatic functions.

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