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Carbon Fibre Ceramic Composite Vs Fibreglass & Polyester Pools

carbon fibre vs fibreglass pools

Historically, one-piece fibreglass pools have garnered a poor reputation for quality control and post-installation issues, largely down to the phenomenon of osmosis of the pool shell. Osmosis is where ground-water outside the pool travels through the wall of fibreglass products, causing deterioration of the fabric, breaking it down leading to discolouration, algae infestation and failure sometimes as soon as within five years of installation. Some manufacturers are now offering up to a 10 year warranty on their products, but most people will only invest in a pool once in their lifetimes and would therefore reasonably expect it to last a lot longer than 10 years. A ceramic core, like the one unique to Compass Pools, creates an impermeable barrier which does not suffer from osmosis, and also adds significant strength and thickness to the pool structure; as well as increasing its heat insulation properties. Guaranteed for 20 years by a multinational pool manufacturer producing some 30,000 pools for over 30 years!

Fibreglass and polyester pools also suffer fading or staining due to the colour coat of the pool being in direct contact with the chlorinated water, and the action of UV light from the sun. Compass Pools eliminates this with our unique and exclusive Bi-Luminite® layer, which works by separating the colour from the water. It is warranted by Compass for 20 years*, with pools installed in Australia under some of the most intense UV light exposure in the world!

Before Compass Pools developed Bi-Luminite®, most composite pools came in plain colour finishes. Some had flecks, others tried to mimic marble. Compass Pools revolutionised the look of our pools by inserting tiny ‘reflectors’ into clear gelcoat and using a second colour layer, not just one. From the beginning, Compass design engineers felt that having a layer of reflectors ‘floating’ above the colour layer would dramatically improve the appearance and finish of the pool surface. To do that, we had to perfect a new clear gelcoat layer. The result was a startling three-dimensional effect, which is what we called Bi-Luminite®.

The warranty of most fibreglass and polyester pools, as well as that of liner pools too, is invalidated if the pool water is heated above 30°C. Compass is the only pool to warrant its product up to a temperature of 40°C due to the properties of our unique ceramic core, with no risk of damage to the shell. To put this into perspective, 40°C is hotter than most baths, and the maximum temperature that a hot tub can be set at.

Here’s a little more about the technology that goes into making your Compass Pool the superior and state of the art product that it is today. Over 30 years ago in Australia, Compass Pools inventors Ian and Kerry Mewett innovated their patented ceramic pool manufacturing method. Australian patent PN 1690 was granted, the basis for the insurance policy and the products’ unique lifetime warranty against osmosis. A total of six glass fibre-reinforced layers of composite materials are laminated to produce a solid, chemically resistant pool shell. In the first phase, the foundation is laid for the colourfastness, chemical resistance and scratch resistance. A series of glass fibre-reinforced vinylester ceramic composite layers and carbon-fibre reinforcing panels are then applied to reduce the effects of ageing. A hard outer shell is then fitted to separate the final bases from the ground and any groundwater present. Our superbly insulated pools can stand water temperatures of up to 40°C without any damage. Polyester pools are only resistant up to 28°C to 30°C.



Compass Pools are quite simply the highest quality, most durable, hard-wearing and attractively finished pool you can invest in. Why is this, and what makes us uniquely special? We are the only pools which have the following features.


Closed Beam Technology– to give the pool greater structural strength and rigidity round the perimeter and key potential stress-points. This is done using purely composite materials without the use of steel saving potential damage from rust under ground.

Ceramic Core technology – At the heart of our exclusive six layer composite, our ceramic core makes the structure impervious to osmosis, and has excellent insulation properties.

Carbon-Infused Layer – carbon fibre is a cutting-edge technology renowned for its incredible strength, yet extreme light weight. These qualities have seen it used in Formula 1 cars, racing yachts and modern aircraft. These same properties also make it a perfect material for use in swimming pool shells, which is why we use it in Compass Pools to reinforce key points of stress.

Bi-Luminite®LayerGives a beautiful and unique 3D finish which is resistant to fading caused by chemicals and UV light.


A new era of pool technology with Carbon Fibre



Compass Pools sees the introduction of our unique Carbon Fibre reinforced pool. Adding 20% more strength to the pool shell, this exceptional material, used extensively in Formula 1 racing cars and the aerospace and defense industries, it is ideal in the construction of our pool shells due to its immense strength.*

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*Not available in the Silverline Range

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