FreshWater™ Swimming Pool

A FreshWater™ swimming pool is fast becoming a must for homeowners looking to have a pool constructed at their property. At Compass Pools we have the expertise and knowledge to install a high quality pool at your home. However, one common complaint about swimming pools is the challenge of balancing chemicals in the water and ensuring the pool is safe to swim in, but additionally without damaging your skin when you use it.

Utilising the latest in pool technology, our FreshWater™ pools are designed to use as a few chemicals as possible to keep the water safe and clean. If you are looking for a chlorine-free swimming pool, this could be perfect for you. If you are interested in learning more about any aspect of FreshWater™ pools or what Compass Pools can do for you, please get in contact with our experienced team today.

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Intelligent antibacterial pool design

Chlorine has often been thought of as a necessary evil of owning a pool. The chemical keeps the water clean and free from bacteria, but it can also leave you with stinging eyes and an unpleasant smell on your skin every time you swim. We wanted to offer a pool free from chemicals to provide a natural swimming experience in safe, clean water – this is where the FreshWater™ swimming pool comes in.

Every Compass Pool shell is protected with an antibacterial layers which makes them naturally suited to a freshwater pool, as this reduces the need for chemicals. In concrete pools, bacteria can easily breed in the grout or rubber liner, but as Compass Pools are one piece shells bacteria cannot breed in them.

Advanced UV and filtration systems

In order to keep the water clean and safe to swim in, our pools use a UV system with Philips high output UV bulb technology to kill bacteria and viruses, which achieves a 99.99% kill rate. This provides a sanitiser level that is similar to that of tap water in the UK, providing you with an extremely clean swimming environment.

We also use the Pentair ClearPro filtration system which filters out matter down to under 15 microns (that’s five times smaller than a human hair) ensuring that the levels of bacteria that the UV needs to kill is as low as possible.

Self-contained filtration unit

There is nothing like swimming in a FreshWater™ swimming pool. No stinging eyes and horrible smell on your skin with nothing but safe clean water. Compass Pools along with Philips Electronics have revolutionised the modern swimming pool to give you a swimming experience that feels like you are swimming in fresh tap water.*

A chlorine-free swimming environment

If you are interested in a completely chlorine-free swimming pool, we additionally offer the FreshWater™ Plus system which completely removes the need for any chemicals and uses a computer-controlled brain to analyse the pool water and keep it clean by adding active oxygen.

This can be ideal for those swimmers with very sensitive skin, or if you are worried about the effects of chlorine on your children. Our team would be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

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If you are interested in any kind of low-chemical or chlorine-free pool, please get in contact with the team at Compass Pools today. You can call us on 0333 4567 111 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Pool Owners eBook by SPATA

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SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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