Revolutionary FreshWater™ Swimming from Compass Pools™

There is nothing like swimming in a FreshWater™ swimming pool. No stinging eyes and horrible smell on your skin with nothing but safe clean water. Compass Pools along with Philips Electronics & Pentair WaterSystems have revolutionized the modern swimming pool to give you a swimming experience like you are swimming in fresh tap water*

Every Compass Pools Shell is protected by an Antibacterial Layer. When Compared to a Concrete pool with grout line or Liner Pool with a rubber liner the surface area is substantially reduced for areas that bacterial like to breed and thus the need for chemicals.





Chlorine free pool

The Compass Pools UV system utilized Philips High output UV Bulb technology in order to kill bacteria and viruses electronically achieving a 99.9% kill rate. A Sanitiser level at the same level as tap water in the UK gives a beautiful clear clean and safe swimming environment. Not keen on conventional chlorine sanitiser? Checkout the FreshWater™ Plus system.


The Pentair ClearPro filtration system takes out physical matter in the swimming pool down to under 15 microns (5x smaller than the thickness of a human hair) This fine filtration means less to kill in the pool.

FreshWater™ Plus – Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

The next chapter in the FreshWater™ story is the new Plus system that does away completely with conventional chlorine chemicals, even the low levels used in tap water, instead using a computer controlled brain to analyse the pool water and add active oxygen to keep the pool clean and safe to use for the bathers and giving you a chlorine free pool.

Background of active oxygen.


The air we breath is O2 or two oxygen molecules, active oxygen contains  O1. That is naturally unstable and can kill bacteria.

*Requires pools are regularly maintained to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should not drink your pool water. 

**Not available in conjunction with any other offer or deal.

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