Revolutionary FreshWater™ Swimming from Compass Pools™

There is nothing like swimming in a FreshWater™ swimming pool. No stinging eyes and horrible smell on your skin with nothing but safe clean water. Compass Pools along with Philips Electronics & Pentair WaterSystems have revolutionised the modern swimming pool to give you a swimming experience like you are swimming in fresh tap water*

Every Compass Pools shell is protected by an antibacterial layer, reducing the need for chemicals to limit bacteria breeding in comparison a concrete pool with grout line, or liner pool with a rubber liner.





Chlorine free pool

The Compass Pools UV system utilises Philips high output UV bulb technology in order to kill bacteria and viruses electronically, achieving a 99.9% kill rate. A sanitiser level similar to the treatment of tap water in the UK gives a beautiful clear clean and safe swimming environment. Not keen on conventional chlorine sanitiser? Check out the FreshWater™ Plus system.


The Pentair ClearPro filtration system takes out physical matter in the swimming pool down to under 15 microns (5x smaller than the thickness of a human hair) This fine filtration means less bacteria to kill in the pool.

FreshWater™ Plus – Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

The next chapter in the FreshWater™ story is the new Plus system that does away completely with conventional chlorine chemicals, even the low levels used in tap water, instead using a computer controlled brain to analyse the pool water and add active oxygen to keep the pool clean and safe to use for the bathers and giving you a chlorine free pool.

*Requires pools are regularly maintained to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should not drink your pool water. 

**Not available in conjunction with any other offer or deal.

Free Pool Owners eBook by SPATA

Understand what's involved in pool ownership with this free guide by SPATA (Swimming Pool & Allied Trade Association).

SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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