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Bose Poolside Audio with Underwater Speakers


Bose is internationally renowned for producing great sound systems. By adding poolside audio and underwater speakers, your swimming pool automatically becomes the ideal place to be for parties, BBQs or a gentle swim.

When sources a premium sound system for the Compass range Bose was the natural choice. We have taken their Environmental speaker system and coupled it with the cutting edge Sonos Zone Player to give the ultimate in flexible pool side sound.

This allows you the ultimate in pool side listening, great for parties, barbeques or just a gentle swim. Poolside Audio

How it Works

  1. You install the Sonos Zone Player app on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
  2. You connect to the Zone Bridge by wifi in your House
  3. You Select the Pool Zone (extra zones options)
  4. You Select the track you want to play from your Apple device or select from millions of songs on a streaming service such as last.fm or spotify
  5. You get wonderful streamed audio strait to your poolside through the crystal clear Bose Environmental Speakers.


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