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Stainless Steel Waterfall

A contemporary stainless-steel waterfall feature really adds the ‘wow’ factor to a swimming pool. Whether you choose to install one in your indoor or outdoor swimming pool, having a waterfall will definitely be a great talking point during pool parties.

We can install a stainless steel waterfall in indoor and outdoor swimming pools; either way you can enjoy a stunning cascade of water at the flick of a switch.

Waterfalls and Feng Shui

Water features are a popular way of adding interest to swimming pools, ponds and gardens in general. Waterfalls are important in Feng Shui because moving water is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. A waterfall indoors will also help to disperse any negative ions in the atmosphere. We can’t promise that installing a stainless steel waterfall in your Compass Pools swimming pool will improve your finances, but it will definitely improve your swimming pool.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Swimming Pool

Installing a water feature in a swimming pool is a great way to maximise your enjoyment of the pool. Our stainless steel waterfall comes in a polished or matt finish, so whatever look you are trying to achieve you can add a touch of luxury to your swimming pool installation. Stainless steel waterfall features can be installed on the edge of your swimming pool, or on a wall above the pool. Either way, once the waterfall feature has been activated, water is pumped through the feature to create a beautiful cascade of clear, sparkling water.

Great for Kids

Waterfall features are a great addition to any swimming pool. Not only do they look great, but they are also fun to play with if you have kids. Children love to splash about in swimming pools and waterfall features add an extra element of entertainment to your pool. They will have a fantastic time playing around under the waterfall, while you relax on the poolside.

A beautiful stainless steel cascade will enhance your swimming pool and create a focal point. Indoor swimming pools really benefit from having a focal point. A cascading waterfall is a dynamic, soothing water feature. You can even incorporate lighting into your stainless steel waterfall feature to add a whole new element of style.

Light and Colour

The addition of integral coloured LED pool lights will allow you to enjoy your stainless steel waterfall feature into the evening, whether your swimming pool is located indoors or outside in the garden. Once the sun goes down, simply turn on your pool lighting, activate the waterfall feature, and then enjoy the iridescent play of light and colour across your swimming pool. It is the perfect accessory for outdoor entertaining and kids parties.

We strongly believe that a beautiful stainless steel waterfall available in a matt or polished finish is the perfect accessory for any Compass Pools indoor or outdoor swimming pool, but if you would like more information on how a cascade waterfall feature works, or you are not sure whether it would be right for your current pool design, give Compass Pools a call today.

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