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Bring the freedom of open-water swimming home with Fastlane technology by Endless Pools. Swim effortlessly lap after lap in the comfort of your own indoor or outdoor pool.

What is an Endless Pool or Swimming Machine?

If you’re thinking of investing in a swimming pool but don’t have either the budget or space for a larger pool, that’s no problem. Thanks to the HydroStar by Binder or Fastlane by Endless Pools, these will give you the ability to still exercise in your pool; providing you with a current to swim against without actually moving.

Here at Compass Pools, we specialise in the installation of ceramic in-ground pools that not only look fantastic but are easy to maintain and highly durable as well. However, on top of this, we can also equip your pool with a HydroStar or Fastlane system from Endless Pools, providing you with excellent value for money and a popular option many of our customers decide to go for.

Fastlane unit by endless pools during installation

How Fastlane Technology Works

The Fastlane is an exercise current system made by Endless Pools USA that can be added to most Compass Pools. The Fastlane system are propulsion units that add a smooth, bubble-free current to your swimming pool for you to swim against. Thanks to the hydraulic pump, this produces a wall of water with a consistent pace that matches your swimming ability. You can set the current speed to your fitness level.



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Creating Your In Ground Swim Spa or Pool.

The current system is very easy to use. The system creates a smooth current across the entire depth of the pool, transforming even small pools into serious exercise pools perfect for training. Swimming against a current, also known as “swim spas”, or “endless pools”, simulates open-water swimming in a river. It allows continual swimming without interruption from turning, improving your stamina, stroke technique and overall enjoyment. In an endless pool, you essentially swim in place during the entire workout sessions.

Pool Builder


  • Model

    • Compass Swim 50 Fit 50 £ 19,995

    • 5m x 2.45m x 1.35m


    • Compass Swim 60 Fit 60 £ 24,995

    • 6m x 2.45m x 1.35m


    • Product shown in renders is the Fit 60


  • Colour

    • 1 Nova Navy

    • 1 Nova Gray

    • 1 Bespoke Colour £ 499

  • Fitness

    • No Fitness Equipment

    • 160m3 Turbine £ 7,995

    • 200m3 Pro Turbine £ 14,995

    • Endless Pool Fastlane £ 9,995

    • Profesional athletes should select the 200m3 pro turbine. Fastlane only compatible with Fit 60.


  • Heating

    • 3 KW Electric Heater

    • All Season Heat and Chill £ 2,995

    • Will Heat the Pool to 28 degrees at 0 degrees air temperature. Requires separate power supply.


  • Cover

    • Floating Thermal Cover

    • Electric Cover £ 8,995

  • Lights

    • White Led Light

    • Full Spectrum Light £ 695

  • Installation

    • Above Ground Installation £ 3,995

    • Partial In Ground Installation £ 8,995

    • Full In Ground Installation £ 11,995

    • Installation excludes: Excavation, Power Supply or Landscaping / Decking round the Pool. Shell does not have sides.


  • Delivery

    • Trailer Delivery £ 695

    • Delivery & Offload (kerbside) £ 1,695

    • Delivery and Hiab (32m Max) £ 2,995

    • Installation based on Mainland UK with access for an HGV


Total Price (inc vat) £ 0
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Build Summary

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Why Compass Pools?

We only use carbon ceramic composite pool molds which are entirely non-porous. This means that bacteria is kept out of your natural swimming pool so it is safe to heat the pool to a more pleasant temperature and with the addition of our automatic cover can be heated free from the sun and topped up using an environmentally friendly air source heat pump.

Compass Ceramic Pools have been at the forefront of swimming pool design, utilising the latest materials and technologies to produce a product of superior quality and aesthetics for over 30 years.

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Adam Breeden
Adam Breeden
i procured a pool from compass on a new construction house we built. the house was considerably delayed, but compass were extremely good and accommodating the moving timelines. now the pool is in we are totally delighted with it, stunning aesthetic but also the kit is state of the art and all online via an app they really take the hassle out of up keeping a pool which i was dreading. re the resign of the pool, you are really left with the feeling they really know about pools and whats important. we were going to build one bespoke but we would never have thought of the little design touches that make is so user friendly. i rarely write reviews, but these guys really deserve it, rarely these days do you come across top notch suppliers that are also not too expensive. top service too, shout out to sheila, thank you..
Rupert Evenett
Rupert Evenett
Penny and Mike of Compass in Kent did a fantastic job - professional, experienced, confidence building (for first time pool owners!) and always on time/always doing exactly what they said they would from first meeting and good advice through to final installation, handover and explanations of maintaining the pool. dealt expertly with difficult access, a narrow lane, a big crane lift (with high winds) along the way. Thoroughly recommend them. Great product, great finish.
Tiffany Hornshaw
Tiffany Hornshaw
Penny and Mike have been fantastic - from the first enquiry to the handover. So easy to deal with - very responsive and accommodating. Would highly recommend!
Jonathan Hook
Jonathan Hook
The team were so professional from start to finish. Very thorough and slick. It is true that 'you get what you pay for'! 5/5
Michael Stallard
Michael Stallard
Compass pools have just installed our new pool, the service from them has been nothing short of fantastic from the beginning to the final handover. Nick has given us all the help we needed from the start and on site Ryan Nathan & team made the whole construction process enjoyable. We can highly recommend them.
Tom Nicholls
Tom Nicholls
Denise and Mike were fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality service
Zar Sheikh
Zar Sheikh
Once decided upon a pool company I’m very pleased we went with Waterstream and the Compass pool. Their whole end to end process was so straightforward for such a dramatic change. No sales push. Dedicated representative thorough out the process. The on-site team were efficient, no nonsense get the job done - but all friendly and very professional. Couldn’t be happier with the final result. Pool looks great - went with the light Pearl finish which looks stunning against the green backdrop of the garden. The plant room is compact and easy to navigate and we love the way it’s all hidden away (behind the hedge) and quiet! The integrated cover completes the look and helps heat the water. With the plethora of companies out there, choosing the right one is paramount and we’ve not been disappointed.
James Lloyd
James Lloyd
Penny and Mike from Waterstream installed our Compass Pool. From the moment I first met Penny to discuss installing a pool to their handover on completion they gave the best service. The quality of the product is excellent and Penny and Mike are so professional and their work is of the highest standards. Commissioning a pool can be quite a daunting process but throughout the process they were always there to put your mind at rest and the end result is perfect. Thanks again and highly recommended to anyone thinking of having a pool!
hamish baillie
hamish baillie
Made a potentially difficult job simple and enjoyable. The team at Compass completed the installation professionally and promptly. They were always quick to reply to any queries we had and had a depth of experience to call upon. The end result is a high quality pool installation that speaks for itself. Anyone daunted by the prospect of a project of this size should speak to the team - it is actually quite simple and they have a tried and tested formula that works.

How To Use Your Turbine or Fastlane by Endless Pool

Even serious swimmers see major benefits from adding HydroStar or Fastlane propulsion systems to their Compass Pool. You can set the current speed as fast as you want and program timed endurance swims, perfect for open water race training.

Most people don’t have space for an Olympic-sized pool, resulting in inconvenient shared lane swimming at the local pool. That’s why so many swimmers add a Fastlane system to their lap pools or swim spas.

Professionals may consider a basic lap pool to save costs but 25m, half an Olympic pool, is realistically the minimum worthwhile length. With shorter pools, too many turns hinders building both speed and technique.

At Compass Pools, we install customised Fastlane by Endless Pools, perfectly fitted to your space, with propulsion systems that simulate a much longer swim. Our strong, easy maintenance pools allow using training aids like fins without damage worries. No surprise breakdowns interrupting your workout regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chemicals does my pool need?

Pools can be kept clean with a variety of different chemicals. Our specialists will be able to provide you with advice on the chemicals that we recommend depending on the circumstances of your swimming pool.

How long does construction take?

This can vary on a huge range of factors, including the work that you need to do on your property itself to prepare for the installation. The actual construction of the physical pool takes very little time as our one-piece pools are simply craned into a previously excavated hole, rather than having to go through the lengthy process of adding concrete and tiles.

What can I use my endless swimming pool for?

The Health Benefits of adding an Endless Swimming Pool

Endless swimming pools are not only great for those wanting to improve their fitness – they are also highly effective for people trying to recover from an injury or illness.

Many forms of exercise are unsuitable for those wanting to regain strength and movement after an injury or illness. Injuries such as tendon damage can have a long and frustrating recovery period, after all, as putting weight on the damaged tendon can often result in further damage, extending the recovery time required.

By exercising in the water though, much of the body weight is supported, helping you avoid accidental fast or jerking movements. This, in turn, can help people struggling with a muscular injury recover their strength more quickly, in a similar vein to how exercises like aqua jogging or aqua aerobics help individuals who are physically weak.

For Exercise and Rehabilitation

Having a resistance pool, in effect, takes the benefits of aqua exercise even further. By having an adjustable current available, this means that your strength can slowly be built up as you walk or run against it. As a result, this helps you regain the strength required to overcome an injury more quickly.

Not only that but exercising in water can also help you from a mental perspective as well. Since exercise is such a key factor for improving mental health, resistance pools offer are a very fun way to exercise and progress your physical rehab at a much quicker rate. This, in turn, helps bring feelings of positivity and hope into what can often be a difficult time.

The flexibility of the HydroStar or Fastlane technology in your Compass Pool also means you can set the current to meet your exact needs; switch it off altogether while warming up and then increase the speed when you are ready.

Likewise, resistance pools, swim spas, also give you the option of using different equipment during your exercise. Since Compass pools are so strong and durable, they can withstand a wide range of equipment that standard liner pools may not be able to deal with.

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HydroStar vs Fastlane Comparison

Binder Hydrostar Logo
Safety voltage HydroStar is working on a safety voltage of 24VDC into the swimming pool. Fastlane is working on hydraulic oil.
Hair entrapment HydroStar meets standard for hair entrapment test DIN EN 13451-3. Fastlane does not currently have this information available.
Motor and power unit access The HydroStar motor is maintenance free and needs no extra access.
Fastlane swim and power unit are not maintenance free and access is necessary.
Swimming flow
Because of the unique blade construction, HyroStar generates a wide swimming flow on the entire body. Even your legs will be pushed upwards, which makes swimming very comfortable.
Fastlane creates a swimming flow at the top of the water.
Noise The HydroStar motor is very quiet and makes swimming pleasant. The Fastlane power unit makes significantly more noise.
Swimming against the current HydroStar 160 makes it harder to swim against the water current. This is estimated by our customers. In comparison, the Fastlane 5hP unit makes it easer. This is estimated by our customers.
Display up to 70” with individual trainings program available with
speed, distance and time. This also works on Android devices and an app is currently available.
Fastlane does not currently have this information available.
Power consumption 1350 Watt. 3750 Watt.
AMP HydroStar requires a single 6-Amp, 230VAC GFCI circuit to operate.
Fastlane requires a single 30-Amp, 220VAC GFCI circuit to operate.
Cables HydroStar installation is very easy and only needs a 24VDC cable. Fastlane needs hydraulic hoses 18 bar pressure
Cover plate The HydroStar cover plate is in line with the swimming pool wall made from stainless steel to be astheticly pleasing The Fastlane cover plate is an obstacle in the swimming pool and made from acyrlic.
Cover installation Slatted Cover installation with HydroStar very easy as it is below the water line behind the wall. Cover installation with Fastlane is more complicated as the cover has to be shaped to fit round the unit.

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