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We Are Experts in In-Ground Pool Installation

If you have always dreamed of having an in-ground swimming pool installed, Compass Pools can help make it a reality. We are a dedicated team of swimming pool specialists who have over 30 years’ experience designing and installing stunning pools in homes throughout the UK. We have constructed a wide range of indoor and outdoor pools and would be delighted to bring our expertise to your home. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

In-Ground Pools: A Fantastic Investment

While many people may fantasise about having their own swimming pool, a large number of homeowners think that it is too impractical and costly to design their own pool. However, we are happy to tell you that that ideology is wrong: in-ground swimming pools are actually a fantastic investment. They are much less expensive than you think, and installing your own pool could actually add significant value to your property. Plus, just think of all the quality time you can enjoy, and the memories you will make, with friends and family gathered around your beautiful pool.

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How We Install Your In-Ground Pool

We understand how important each different facet of the construction process is, so we offer a bespoke design and installation service. This allows us to provide you with an in-ground pool that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

The first step in the process is the excavation of the pool site. This is carried out by experienced groundwork contractors who have many years of expertise in all aspects of structural and stabilisation work. Once the hole has been excavated, your one-piece ceramic pool will be delivered to the site and lowered into place.

Next, we follow this up by installing the plumbing and wiring from the plant room. We then add any additional features you would like inside the pool, including the lighting, heating and filtration system. Finally, we build the area surrounding the pool, dealing with everything from tiling to paving to decking.

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If you would like to get a quote on a stylish newly built-in swimming pool, our dedicated team at Compass Pools are ready and waiting to help. Contact us today by calling 0333 4567 111 and a friendly member of our team will be able to help you with any queries or questions you might have.

We have swimming pool experts across the country, and work everywhere from Sussex and the South East to the Midlands, Manchester and Scotland. Whatever your requirements might be, we have the expertise to help you create the perfect in-ground swimming pool for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of your swimming pool will vary on a number of factors. These include its size, it’s location (either indoors or outdoors) and the amount of labour involved to install it. With an in-ground pool, we estimate that the price will be somewhere between £50,000 and £120,000.

To obtain a more accurate figure for your specific requirements, we recommend talking to a member of our team who will be able to give you a quote for the work needed. Alternatively, pop in and visit us at our showroom in West Sussex where we will happily go through everything with you.


In-ground pools are more complex to install than above-ground styles due to the excavation and groundworks. The quality of the soil, draining requirements and access to the hole all vary from location to location which can make it difficult to know how straightforward or problematic an installation might be. For more detailed information, take a look at our pool installation page.


The construction of an in-ground pool is greatly affected by the groundworks process, due to the quality of your soil and the ease of access. You also need to take into account the preparation work that needs to be completed – whether that be clearing your garden or building the foundations of a new outbuilding.

Once the ground has been prepared, it actually takes very little time for us to install the pool. This is because our ceramic-fibreglass shells arrive prefabricated and in one-piece, meaning they simply need to be lowered into place. For a typical in-ground pool, we estimate the process takes between 4 and 6 weeks.



Creating a high-quality pool area requires an experienced designer, as well as an interior designer and architect if the pool is going indoors. If you have already arranged a building team to carry out the work, we are more than happy to work alongside them to deliver the best possible result. However, the earlier we are brought on board, the easier this process will be.


At Compass Pools, our ceramic composite pools are prefabricated to order and are available in a range of styles and sizes. You needn’t worry about having a limited choice – we have 9 different models available in 27 sizes, including plunge pools and lap pools. We also offer a large selection of options to customise your swimming pool, including a range of features such as down lighting, waterfalls, deck jets and more.


If you are looking for a pool that is only partly built into the ground, you may be thinking of an infinity pool. These are commonly installed on hillsides or slopes, and often require partial excavation. We do offer an infinity pool installation service here at Compass Pools. Contact our team to discuss what you are looking and we can provide you with a free quote for the work.


Outdoor pools are generally considered ‘garden projects’ so don’t usually require planning permission. However, don’t take that as gospel as some areas – such as listed buildings, national parks and conservation areas – often have stricter rules. It’s always worth double-checking with your local planning authority before starting a pool project.

Indoor pools have slightly different regulations, and planning permission mainly depends on whether you are building an extension onto your home to house the pool, or whether it’s going into a pre-existing room. Freestanding buildings of certain dimensions fall under Permitted Development, but again, it’s worth checking with your local authority.


Conventional pools need to be maintained through the use of disinfectant chemicals, surface skimming and filter cleansing. How much maintenance work you need to carry out will vary depending on the pool’s size, usage, location and water type. For example, outdoor pools require more frequent skimming than indoor pools in order to keep the water free of leaves and other falling debris.

The ceramic fibreglass we use to build our pools with actually makes them more hygienic than concrete pools, because the material is impenetrable to bacteria. To read a more in-depth comparison between ceramic pools and concrete pools, please click here.


In addition to a filter, conventional pools primarily rely on chlorine (available in a liquid, powder or tablet form) to disinfect the water. You can also use various additives in your pool, such as chlorine stabilisers, algaecides and shock treatments, to make sure the water is balanced and safe to swim in.

The quantity of chemicals you require will vary on the pool’s specifications – its size, location and usage. For any help or assistance, our specialists can guide you on which chemicals you will need. Get in touch with us here.


Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to swimming pools. Installing a fence around the perimeter of the pool is generally recommended, as is fitting a lockable gate to prevent children and pets getting into the area unsupervised. You could also invest in a solid pool cover, as these will give you the opportunity to reclaim the surface area when the pool is not in use.

To find out more about how to make your pool safer for your family, read our top tips here.


At Compass Pools, we have a nationwide installation network so we can fit contemporary ceramic pools at your home or business wherever you’re based. Our headquarters and showroom are based in Sussex, but we work all across the south coast, in and around London, up to Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia and Scotland.

To see more locations and to submit any enquiries, questions or queries you might have, visit our contact page here.

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What our clients say about us…

  • Peter Williams - Eastbourne, Sussex testimonial - featured imageCompass were great throughout the whole process of choosing a pool, ordering it, installing it and tweaking any slight changes since it was finished. It has now been in for a year and I swim every day before breakfast regardless of the weather, snow on the ground etc. We have recently had a pool house finished so I can go straight from the pool into the shower without having to dry first! I would thoroughly recommend Compass for the products they sell and for the service that they provide.

    Peter Williams / West Sussex /

  • Pool with Mini FountainsThere are two aspects to the company, the people and the product. I can't fault either of them. The people are friendly, expert and very helpful. Theirs is a premium product but worth it. The build quality is first rate and the operating system options can give you a package as sophisticated as you wish.

    David Clifford / Wales /