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Award Winning Ceramic Swimming Pools

As leading specialists in the design and installation of ceramic swimming pools, Compass Pools have the experience required to install both indoor and outdoor pools. Our dedicated team can provide you with all the assistance and information you may need to turn your dream swimming pool into a reality.

Ceramic pools are fast growing in popularity due to their superb quality, long-lasting durability and low maintenance costs. What’s more, here at Compass Pools we can offer a much faster installation time over the conventional concrete construction method. Read on to find out how.

Ceramic Pools: Advantages

Our ceramic pools have a number of advantages over traditional pools. Firstly, we can offer you a range of 32 different shapes and sizes to choose from, so finding a pool that’s perfect for your needs is easy. Secondly, ceramic pools can be constructed almost anywhere that’s possible for them to be lowered into place.

Ceramic pools are much quicker and easier to heat as well since the insulator is only 1.5mm from the water. They are therefore highly cost-effective, and will save you a ton of money on your energy bills. Plus, the continuous and smooth finish of the carbon ceramic shell means that they are impermeable to bacteria, requiring lower concentrations of chemicals to keep the pool looking great.

The shell’s layered composite is also very resilient against ground movement and gives a highly durable design. In fact, we are so confident in our pools that we offer a 50-year warranty against shell-related leaks.

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Are Ceramic Pools Better than Concrete Pools?

Put simply – yes, they are. Most UK swimming pools are built using concrete as the base which is then either lined or tiled over. While this may give you the flexibility to choose the specific shape or style of your pool, and allows you to install the pool almost anywhere you want, there are a number of drawbacks involved with this method.

Firstly, the grouting needed for each of the tiles increases the amount of space for bacteria to grow and thrive. This means that, if you have a concrete pool, you will need a higher concentration of chemicals to control the bacteria in the water. You will also need to clean your pool more frequently, in order to remove the bacteria. Our pools feature a specialised shell that is impermeable to bacteria, so you won’t need to constantly shock your pool to remove them.

Concrete is also unable to deal with ground movement, which unfortunately makes them more liable to cracks and leaks. Compass ceramic pools, on the other hand, don’t suffer from this issue, making them a much more durable choice.

An Investment for Your Home

Carbon ceramic pools are an excellent investment choice for your property. Not only do you get a beautiful pool where you can exercise and relax with your friends and family, but a carbon ceramic swimming pool also adds significant value to your home. After all, it is one of the ultimate luxury items any home can have. When you combine this fact with the 50-year warranty and superb build quality we offer, it’s easy to see just how much value one of our pools could add to your property.

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Carbon Ceramic Technology

Compass Pools are constructed using Carbon Fibre & Ceramic for Stength and Insulation

20 Year Warranty

Supported by the best guarantees in the industry, Compass Pools Carbon Ceramic Shells have a 20 Year Warranty

Green Swimming

Compass Pools are the most energy efficient pool construction type, with ceramic insulators and variable speed pumps

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  • Peter Williams - Eastbourne, Sussex testimonial - featured imageCompass were great throughout the whole process of choosing a pool, ordering it, installing it and tweaking any slight changes since it was finished. It has now been in for a year and I swim every day before breakfast regardless of the weather, snow on the ground etc. We have recently had a pool house finished so I can go straight from the pool into the shower without having to dry first! I would thoroughly recommend Compass for the products they sell and for the service that they provide.

    Peter Williams / West Sussex /

  • Pool with Mini FountainsThere are two aspects to the company, the people and the product. I can't fault either of them. The people are friendly, expert and very helpful. Theirs is a premium product but worth it. The build quality is first rate and the operating system options can give you a package as sophisticated as you wish.

    David Clifford / Wales /