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Compass pool are proud to announce our small commercial pool now available for Schools, Hotels & Heath Clubs. The specially adapted model is perfect.

A Compass pool is perfectly suited to this environmental due to its continue smooth surface that is easy to keep clean and resists bacteria growth, reducing chemical costs and keeping maintenance costs down.

Compass pools is able to install pools up to a maximum total bather load of 20 people at once with pools ranging in shape & size to suit your environment.

Running Costs
Eco pump + super insulation = reduced overheads.

Non slip steps, safety cover, easy access steps.

For those looking for the technical in’s and out’s of operating a commercial pool The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group provides excellent information including this valuable page on design considerations (if its too much to take in don’t worry we are well versed in it!):
Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

Free Pool Owners eBook by SPATA

Understand whats involved in pool ownership with this free guide by Spata (Swimming Pool & Allied Trade Association)

Spata provides standards on swimming pool construction and who's standards we abide as a member.

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