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Lap Pools & Exercise Pool Types

When It comes to exercise, there is no better option than a pool to swim in. Doing laps or lengths in a pool is the first option but in a domestic situation the installation and running costs for a pool of this size are often prohibitive. We often get asked to quote on 25m + Pools and whilst they can be built careful consideration needs to be taken as to the running costs of a pool of this size. After all most pools of this size are run by local authorities and used 7 days a week with paying customers every day. At Compass Pools we supply 3 core systems to create your very own treadmill or endless pool so you can swim “forever”. 

Swim Jet

This is the primary option when it comes to swimming for exercise. A jet fitted to the side of the pool is plumbed to a pump either in the plant room or in a pit next to the pool. At Compass we used oversized pipework to run the swim jet from the plant room. This allows us to keep mains voltages away from the pool area and avoids the pump getting damaged by flooding. 


Turbine Stream

Our latest offering straight from Germany uses this using a low voltage (24v) motor connected to a turbine hidden into the wall of the pool behind a stainless steel grate. By using a turbine, it generates a wide smooth (or laminar) current that gives a very natural swimming experience. Controlled by an inverter that allows the user to set the precise speed of their swim, working from a gentle breaststroke all the way up to a full sprint front crawl – all powered from the silent 24v motor. 

exercise pool

Fastlane by Endless Pools

The Fastlane pool works in a similar way to the turbine stream with the exception that it is powered by a hydraulic motor using vegetable oil to transfer the power from the plant room. It has many of the benefits of the turbine stream from a swimming point of view. The unit itself has to be located right in the pool so it does take up a lot of usable swimming room preventing swimming of lengths. Care also needs to be taken as to the siting on the unit as the hydraulic motors are very noisy. 

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