Swimming Pool Build Case Study – XL Trainer 11m x 4m

Customer: Felicity James, Brockenhurst, NR Southampton, Hampshire.

Mrs James and her family are the delighted new owners of a Compass Pools XL Trainer 11m x 4 in black, the first one of this model and colour in the UK. It is beautifully complemented by a black granite surround, and is the perfect accompaniment to her idyllic thatched cottage in the New Forest.

Mrs James hails originally from Australia and has fond memories growing up there and learning to swim in backyard pools. With children of her own now, she felt that she wanted them to have the many benefits of their own pool too, and decided that they were at the ideal age to make the investment this year. She initially made contact with a number of pool building companies in her immediate locale, but was unimpressed by their apparent lack of willingness to answer her questions and give her the information she sought. She then discovered Compass Pools UK when she did a Google search.

She liked the idea of a composite one-piece pool, as the ground in her neck of the woods has a lot of clay and associated ground water issues. Many people that she’d spoken to locally who own pools reported issues with concrete structures cracking over time, which would not be a problem with a one-piece composite product. She then visited Compass Pools UK’s headquarters near Gatwick Airport, as she felt it was important for her to see the product in the flesh, and to test out the counter-current swim-jet which she was considering specifying for her pool at home. Mrs James was very impressed with the quality of the Compass product, and noted that it was better than other one-piece pools with features like ceramic and carbon-fibre; and she loves the finish of the black model she chose, as it’s not offered by other one-piece pool companies. Mrs James was reassured by Compass Pools’ reputation and pedigree, and was also attracted by the product’s incredibly short installation time compared to traditional methods of construction.


As well as being happy with the product, a prospective purchaser also needs to be absolutely confident in the company one is considering buying from, and in that regard, Mrs James was very pleased with her experience with Waterstream, saying “I really liked their (Waterstream’s) attitude. They were very attentive and gave me all the information I needed, and always responded well. Nothing came across as being too much trouble”. Mrs James was particularly keen to single out Waterstream’s Sheila Simpson. She said “Sheila was lovely to deal with – always attentive without being pushy, gave us all the information we wanted, and would call us up now and again just to see how things were going. She was very helpful with our planning issues”.

NB: In the vast majority of cases, swimming pools installed outdoors with no permanent building or structure over them do not require planning permission. However, Waterstream helped Mrs James out in any and all ways they could overcome her obstacles.

When it came to having the pool installed, Mrs James was equally enthusiastic about Waterstream’s on-site team and project manager. She says, “they were always polite, well-mannered, respectful, answered any questions I asked them, and left the site very tidy, which was amazing considering the upheaval of having a huge hole excavated in the garden.”.

Though Mrs James knew that a big benefit of installing a Compass Pool is speed of installation, and was a key reason for her choice of a Compass Pool, even she was astonished by how incredibly short a time it took in practice. “The installation was absolutely text-book,” she said, adding, “from bare lawn to the pool being in, filled and running was ten days!”

Finally, we asked Mrs James what tips she would give other prospective pool owners thinking of taking the plunge (no pun intended!) and whether she would have done anything differently if she had to do it all again. She told us “No, we wouldn’t do anything differently, we’re very happy with both the pool we chose, and the company we bought it from. As for tips for others, I would say persevere as owning a pool is wonderful, and just do your research thoroughly”.


they were always polite, well-mannered, respectful, answered any questions I asked them, and left the site very tidy, which was amazing considering the upheaval of having a huge hole excavated in the garden.

Mrs James - Delivery Through the New Forest

  • XL Trainer 11m X 4m in Nova Onyx
  • Cyclone Low Water Volume Cleaning System
  • Led Under Water Lights
  • Automatic Solar Rolo Cover
  • Insulated Pipework

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