Outdoor Swimming Pool Design, Construction & Installation

From a small plunge pool to a large family swimming pool, Compass Pools has more than 30 years’ experience designing and installing superior outdoor swimming pools. Our design and installation service is unsurpassed. We run our business with excellence and integrity, so you can choose Compass Pools with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you will end up with the swimming pool of your dreams.

A Wonderful Investment

A lot of people mistakenly believe that an outdoor swimming pool is a poor investment, but this is not the case at all. A high quality, bespoke outdoor swimming pool installation will add value to your home and provide your family with many years of wonderful leisure opportunities.

Thanks to our extensive experience in creating bespoke outdoor swimming pools across the UK, our expert design team are well-placed to help you design a beautiful pool that suits the needs of your whole family. We want you to be happy with the end product, so we will go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every last detail before the installation begins.

Installation of an outdoor pool

Outdoor swimming pools are simpler to install when compared to indoor swimming pools. However, the area where the pool is to be sited still needs to be prepared, and access will need to be established for the installation to begin. The Compass Pools installation team will project manage and oversee every aspect of the groundwork and construction.

The build process for a new outdoor swimming pool would normally entail:

  1. Excavation of the pool site
  2. Installation of the pool shell
  3. Installation of plumbing and wiring from the plant room to the pool
  4. Installation of filtration units, heaters and lighting
  5. Tiling, paving and decking of surrounding area

While construction of an outdoor swimming pool normally doesn’t require planning permission, it is always sensible to check with your local planning department in case there are any restrictions in place.

You should also remember that construction of an outdoor swimming pool is likely to cause some degree of unavoidable damage and disruption to your garden, due to the use of heavy machinery during the excavation and groundwork part of the installation. As such, you should consider factoring in landscaping costs when preparing your budget for the project.

For more information about our extensive selection of outdoor swimming pool designs, contact the team at Compass Pools. We are always happy to offer advice on any aspect of swimming pool design, indoors or outside, so for a no obligation chat, call us today.

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