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Composite Ceramic Pools are available in 9 different models, 27 different sizes. Discover the pool design that suits you best! Why not click here to request the brochure of sizes and dimensions?

The geometric,
modern pool

The family pool

The Curvaceous Pool

The Roman End Pool.

The Larger Roman End Family pool

The Classic Pool

The Feature Packed Pool

The Swimmers Pool

The Contemporary pool

Compass Composite Ceramic Pools are available in nine different models and 27 different sizes, so no matter what style or design of swimming pool you have in mind, there is bound to be one that meets your requirements in our brochure. Our outdoor and indoor swimming pool designs range from ultra modern to stylishly classical. Pick a design, decide what size you would like your new pool to be, add in some optional extras such as water features and personalised coping stones, and then look forward to making the most of your fantastic new swimming pool.

Classic Pools

A classic rectangular pool is perfect for many people. If you are not bothered about fancy features and you just want a pool you can use for gentle swimming, cooling off, and just relaxing in, choose from our range of classic design indoor and outdoor pools.

Contemporary Pools

Contemporary pools are usually a non-rectangular shape. They are stylish, attractive, and great for modern homes. Choose a contemporary pool if you want to make a design statement in your home or garden – our modern geometric pool designs look amazing in any environment.

Roman End Pools

The classic styling of a Roman End pool looks great in any environment. With its curvaceous clean lines, a Roman End Pool is perfect for inside or outside. Add a few water features such as deck jets or a waterfall and your new swimming pool would not look out of place on a hillside above Naples.

Family Pools

Swimming pools are the ideal accessory when you have children. Kids love to splash around and play in a swimming pool, so if you are looking for a great family pool, we have plenty of fabulous designs to choose from. Check out our large family pools with shallow steps down into the water, or our larger Roman End family pool – both are perfect for children and adults alike.

Swimmers Pools

For many people, a swimming pool is a valuable training aid. Our Fastlane swimmers pool is the ideal choice if you swim for exercise or space is limited. Fastlane pools are perfect for recreational swimmers and serious swimmers alike. Compass Fastlane by Endless Pools technology can create a strong current to make your swim training sessions purposeful and challenging, so with a Fastlane pool you can swim against the current instead of swimming endless laps up and down your pool.

Feature Packed Pools

Compass Pools offer a great range of optional extras alongside our extensive swimming pool designs. Imagine how wonderful your swimming pool would look with a sun deck or a waterfall at the end. We can also install deck jets and LED coloured lighting if you want your swimming pool to be a stylish statement piece in the home.

For more information about our extensive range of contemporary, classic, and family swimming pools, contact Compass Pools for the latest swimming pool design brochure. Alternatively, give us a call today and make an appointment to discuss your individual requirements.

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