Swimming Pool Construction

So you’re looking to Construct a Swimming Pool, but where do you start? 

Don’t worry we’re here to help explain the in’s and out’s of your first swimming pool construction!

Step 1

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor pool? An important question, particularly from a cost point of view as indoor pools, can get very expensive as not only are you building a pool (an expensive luxury item) but also installing a massive extension on your house.

Pool Through Foliage

Step 2

What method of Pool construction fits your needs best?

There are 5 key categories of pools.

  1. Concrete Pool, made from either cast concrete or shotcrete (blown from a gun using high pressure onto a steel formwork. 
  2. A liner pool. Made using a PVC bag placed into a hole either made from panels or concrete blocks. 
  3. A Stainless Steel pool. Made from marine grade stainless steel (316L normally) welded together on site.
  4. A one-piece pool. Made from either fibreglass or Polyethylene plastic welded together. 
  5. A carbon ceramic one-piece pool (what we do!) made from carbon fibre and ceramic in one piece like a yacht in reverse! 

Your choice in the above decision will largely depend on:

A. Your Budget

B. Your Construction Abilities

C. The amount of time you have to do the job!

Step 3

Get designing the details.

This will only depend on if you are installing a concrete pool or liner pool.

Most one piece and carbon ceramic pool already the design details worked out and you can just drop the DWG file into your CAD design file of your building or garden. 

If you would like any additional information please contact us or download the brochure below. 

Free Pool Owners eBook by SPATA

Understand what's involved in pool ownership with this free guide by SPATA (Swimming Pool & Allied Trade Association).

SPATA provides standards on swimming pool construction, which all Compass pools meet.

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