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Our Expert Team Ensure All Aspects Of Your Pool Installation Go Smoothly

Experts in swimming pool installation, Compass Pools have many years of experience in bringing dream pools to life. With a fantastic reputation for providing a fast, efficient and highly professional service, we have completed installations across the UK, everywhere from Sussex and Kent to Manchester and Scotland. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re interested in having a pool created for you. We specialise in inground pool installation where the pool is delivered in one piece to your property and is then craned into a previously excavated hole.

We can complete both indoor and outdoor pools, with the expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. We will work with you on every step through the project, consulting with you during the design phase and getting the job accomplished on time so you’ll have your new pool as soon as possible.

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Swimming Pool Installation Costs

We are often asked about the costs of installation and the truth is that it can vary enormously depending on the kind of the pool that you are buying and where you’re going to have it installed. As a rule, it is cheaper to have a pool installed outdoors due to the costs associated with extending or altering your home so that it can house a swimming pool.

At Compass Pools, we specialise in installing one piece ceramic composite pools but we understand the costs involved and the process of any kind of installation. We are completely convinced of the benefits and advantages of our ceramic pools – they offer superior quality, longevity and durability compared to almost any other type of pool.

Depending on factors including size and the complexity of the installation, a ceramic pool could cost anywhere from around £50,000 to £120,000. For an idea of the kind of costs involved in having a Compass Pool installed at your home, it’s worth talking to a member of our team regarding your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you could visit our showroom in West Sussex where we will be happy to go through it all with you.

If you have more questions about anything related to swimming pool installation, our experienced and friendly team are always happy to offer advice and insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation process take?

Installing a swimming pool is a complicated process and can depend on a large number of factors such as issues with your property and potential problems encountered during the installation. Compass Pools are typically much faster to install than standard concrete pools as our carbon ceramic composite pools are delivered in one piece to your home and can simply be craned into an excavated hole.

Of course the groundworks and excavation will also take time. Projects can be completed in between 4 and 6 weeks, but can also take much longer if there are unforeseen problems or delays.

Why should I use Compass Pools?

Compass Pools has years of experience installing pools across the UK. We have contractors throughout the country meaning that will have an experienced specialist local to you who can install the pool for you. We are the only company in the UK that can use our patented carbon ceramic composite pools, so if you are interested in having one built, we would love to work with you.

Do I need to use chemicals in my pool?

Pools need to be kept clean so that they are safe and pleasant to swim in. The majority of pools use chemicals such as chlorine to keep the water clean and clear. We can provide you with insight and advice on which chemicals are required – Compass Pools require fewer chemicals than standard concrete pools. And if you would prefer a pool that does not require chemicals at all, we can create a natural swimming pool that utilises a reed bed and filter system to keep the water clean.

Should I apply for planning permission?

In general, you will not require planning permission for a standard outdoor swimming pool. However there are some instances in which you may need to get permission from your council before we can start work. For example if your property is listed or is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, planning permission must be sought. Additionally you would need permission if your pool is going to take up more than half of your garden or if it will be overlooked by a public highway or path.

Can my pool be heated?

Yes, Compass Pools offers high quality heating systems to heat your pool. Unlike fibreglass one-piece pools, that can become damaged if they are heated above 28°C, our carbon ceramic pools can have their water heated as high as 40oC without any risk of damage.

Carbon Ceramic Technology

Compass Pools are constructed using Carbon Fibre & Ceramic for Stength and Insulation

20 Year Warranty

Supported by the best guarantees in the industry, Compass Pools Carbon Ceramic Shells have a 20 Year Warranty

Green Swimming

Compass Pools are the most energy efficient pool construction type, with ceramic insulators and variable speed pumps

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What our clients say about us…

  • Compass provided an excellent sales service with James Poore giving a full explanation of the pool construction and installation process. Compass delivered each stage on time and installed the pool quickly and efficiently under the direction of Alex. All team members were knowledgable and professional. Would highly recommend Compass Pools to anyone thinking of getting a pool.

    / /

  • Art Deceau Pool Image Dear Alex, Simon, James and the team, We would like to thank you all very much for doing such a great job installing and commissioning our Compass Ceramic pool. Having had a traditional liner pool in the past there is no comparison to the superior quality and design of our new pool. The way in which it was organised and executed was so slick and it was a pleasure to have all of your team here at The Limes. We loved the complete package. The plant room solution is genius and enabled us to press ahead before our pool house was built. We never thought the pool would be up and running this season and are still swimming daily now. The solar cover is a great heat retainer and so easy to use. We love the lounging steps and managed a lounge on them sipping the lovely champagne you kindly gave to us. Having the use of a pool is a key part of our recovery from various medical events and to have it at home means we have no excuse in getting fit again. We are very grateful for the help you have given us to make this happen. We would highly recommend Waterstream to anyone considering a pool. We are so impressed with the whole organisation.  

    Alison and Kieron / /