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How much does it cost to build an infinity pool?

Constructing a luxury infinity pool is a significant investment that can vary dramatically based on a number of considerations.

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Constructing a high-end infinity pool requires paying close attention to numerous details that can cause costs to rise if not properly planned for. Our experts can provide an accurate quote tailored to your unique project.

Pool Size

Larger infinity pool designs with expanded surfaces increase the need for materials and labour, raising overall project costs. The scale demands more resources, including additional materials and skilled labour hours. As the project size grows, coordination and meticulous efforts during construction become more intricate. Therefore, the financial investment for these endeavours not only mirrors the grandeur of the envisioned infinity pool but also accounts for the comprehensive resources required to turn architectural dreams into tangible aquatic masterpieces.

Design Complexity

Designing and building a pool with a single-side infinity overflow edge is simpler than tackling the complexities of multi-sided vanishing edges. The straightforward nature of a single-side overflow edge makes the engineering and construction processes more efficient and less intricate, resulting in a more manageable project overall.


Building infinity pools in expensive urban or remote locations, particularly those far from supplies and labour, often incurs significantly higher overall costs compared to more accessible sites. The expenses can escalate due to factors such as local authority permitting requirements and the extensive site preparation necessary, quickly driving up project budgets.

Engineering Requirements

Projects requiring intricate architectural drawings or 3D modelling tend to incur higher design and construction costs compared to standard layouts. Additionally, very large infinity pools built in areas with strict regulations or challenging terrain may face increased permit and regulatory requirements, further impacting the overall project expenses.

With the many variables involved, the most accurate way to estimate your total infinity pool investment is to obtain a quote custom-tailored to your specific project parameters from our pool construction experts. Contact us today for your quote.

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