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Swim Spas

The Ultimate Guide to Swim Spas vs Fibreglass Pools

Introduction to Swimspas vs Fibreglass Pools

Swim spas have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering a unique combination of relaxation, fitness, and hydrotherapy at a relatively low cost. While these compact pools have their merits, fiberglass pools emerge as a wise choice when it comes to durability, installation ease, and overall cost-effectiveness. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the benefits of swim spas and explore why a fiberglass pool stands out as the clear winner.

The Allure of Swim Spas

Swim spas, often referred to as endless pools, have become a go-to choice for Uk consumers seeking a versatile exercise pool that combines the benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub. These compact units offer an endless current that allows users to swim in place, making them ideal for fitness enthusiasts, those who crave the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy or just something fun for the kids.

Installation: Below Ground Showdown

One of the primary considerations when choosing between a swim spa and a fiberglass pool is the installation process. Swim spas are often installed above ground, requiring a sturdy foundation to support the weight of the unit and its water. This can result in a more visible and less aesthetically pleasing addition to your back garden. With most people opting to sink them into the ground. This is where things get complicated. Swim spas have all their electronics and pumps within the cabinet. Meaning when installed below ground there is a huge risk of these getting flooded. Particularly in areas of the uk with heavy clay.

On the contrary, fiberglass pools are designed for in-ground installation, providing a seamless integration with your landscaping. The installation process of a fiberglass pool is relatively straightforward compared to the complexities of building the structure for a below ground swim spa. With you look at the costs of installing a swimspa below ground plus the cost of the unit it will be somewhat similar to that of a proper inground fiberglass pool. In summary, the fiberglass shell is pre-manufactured, eliminating the need for extended construction timelines and allowing for quicker completion of the project.

Durability and Longevity

Fiberglass pools boast unparalleled durability, making them a long-term investment . The smooth, non-porous surface of fiberglass resists algae growth and minimizes the need for harsh chemical treatments, resulting in a pool that maintains its pristine condition with minimal effort.

Swim spas, while durable, may not match the longevity of fiberglass pools. A steel or wooden sub structure do not lend themselves to the wet UK climate with risk of rotting and rusting.  Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are resistant to cracks and leaks, ensuring a reliable and low-maintenance pool for years to come.

Running Costs: A Comparative Analysis

While the initial cost of a swim spa may seem appealing, it’s essential to consider the long-term expenses and total¬† installation costs associated with both swim spas and fiberglass pools. Swim spas require electricity to operate the water current and maintain the desired temperature, resulting in ongoing energy costs and often have a simple but ineffcent electric heating element. The size of the swim spa and its usage patterns will directly impact the monthly energy bills.

Fiberglass pools, once installed, offer more energy-efficient operation. The smooth surface of the fiberglass shell contributes to reduced friction, requiring less energy to circulate and filter the water. Additionally, the insulation properties of fiberglass help retain heat, minimizing the energy needed to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature. Over time, the lower running costs of fiberglass pools make them a cost-effective choice.

Options and Customisation

Fiberglass pools provide a wide range of options and customization opportunities to suit various preferences and space constraints. Manufacturers offer an array of shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing homeowners to choose a pool that seamlessly integrates with their outdoor aesthetics and hard landscaping. Comapss Pools fiberglass pool models come equipped with built-in features such as steps, benches, and even water features, enhancing the overall swimming experience.

Swim spas, while offering customization options, may not provide the same level of variety as fiberglass pools. The compact design of swim spas limits the range of features that can be integrated, and the primary focus is often on the swim current and hydrotherapy jets.

Conclusion of the SwimSpa Debate

The choice between a swim spa and a fiberglass pool ultimately depends on individual preferences, available space, and budget considerations. While swim spas offer a versatile solution for fitness and relaxation, the durability, ease of installation, and long-term cost-effectiveness of fiberglass pools make them a superior choice for many homeowners.

Choosing a fiberglass pool ensures a seamless integration with your outdoor space, minimal maintenance requirements, and lower overall running costs. The wide range of customization options further enhances the appeal of fiberglass pools, providing Uk consumers with a durable and aesthetically pleasing pool that stands the test of time.

Configure your In Ground Swim Spa


  • Model

    • Compass Swim 50 Fit 50 £ 19,995

    • 5m x 2.45m x 1.35m


    • Compass Swim 60 Fit 60 £ 24,995

    • 6m x 2.45m x 1.35m


    • Product shown in renders is the Fit 60


  • Colour

    • 1 Nova Navy

    • 1 Nova Gray

    • 1 Bespoke Colour £ 499

  • Fitness

    • No Fitness Equipment

    • 150m3 Turbine £ 7,995

    • 200m3 Pro Turbine £ 14,995

    • Endless Pool Fastlane £ 9,995

    • Profesional athletes should select the 200m3 pro turbine. Fastlane only compatible with Fit 60.


  • Heating

    • 3 KW Electric Heater

    • All Season Heat and Chill £ 2,995

    • Will Heat the Pool to 28 degrees at 0 degrees air temperature. Requires separate power supply.


  • Cover

    • Floating Thermal Cover

    • Electric Cover £ 8,995

  • Lights

    • White Led Light

    • Full Spectrum Light £ 695

  • Installation

    • Above Ground Installation £ 3,995

    • Partial In Ground Installation £ 8,995

    • Full In Ground Installation £ 11,995

    • Installation excludes: Excavation, Power Supply or Landscaping / Decking round the Pool. Shell does not have sides.


  • Delivery

    • Trailer Delivery £ 695

    • Delivery & Offload (kerbside) £ 1,695

    • Delivery and Hiab (32m Max) £ 2,995

    • Installation based on Mainland UK with access for an HGV


Total Price (inc vat) £ 0
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