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Swimming Pool Installation Cost Calculator

Get an approximate guide to the cost of installing a Compass Swimming Pool

Use our calculator below to get an approximate guide of the cost of installing a Compass Ceramic Pool at your home. The calculator provides a range of costs for each stage of the construction and installation of the pool.  Simply select the type of pool you’d like to install and then move the sliders to see how the approximate costs change as you adjust the size of your dream swimming pool.

Please note that these costs are only for guideance purposes and may not exactly represent the actual cost to install your specific Compass swimming pool. Various factors will influence the final cost to install a swimming pool at your home. Therefore, please contact our friendly sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Price Breakdown (inc VAT)

Low Average High Selected
Ground £0 £4,290 £10,725 £0
Solid £0 £4,950 £5,940 £4,950
Pool £29,800 £35,760 £42,912 £42,912
Shell £9,845 £13,145 £21,032 £13,145
Filtration £7,584 £9,859 £16,761 £9,859
Accessories £0 £3,000 £15,000 £0
Coping £0 £3,800 £7,600 £3,800
Cover £1,380 £11,040 £16,560 £1,380

Price Totals (inc VAT)

Pool £48,609 £85,844 £136,530

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