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Natural swimming pools are fast growing in popularity in the UK. From a number of perspectives they offer something that almost all homeowners would want – the opportunity to swim outdoors in water that is free from large quantities of chemicals, such as chlorine, and does not damage the environment. At Compass Pools we have years of experience in providing high quality natural pools utilising our mineral pool technology to properties across the country.

We utilise the most advanced forms of natural pool technology to eliminate many of the disadvantages traditionally associated with these types of pools. If you are interested in having one installed at your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Every component of your pool will be considered by our team of skilled designers for a pool that’s a beautiful organic haven. We have created a host of different natural pool designs, from simple and rustic to elaborate oases with waterfalls and rock features for a truly elegant and inviting space that enhances the natural beauty of your property. With our designs, you can enjoy that all-important connection to nature in a pool that promotes wellbeing and calm.

Natural swimming pools without harsh chemicals

One of the major advantages of a natural swimming pool is that they do not use harmful chemicals in order to keep the water clean. This has a number of benefits: Firstly, there is no need to pay for the constant expense of buying chemicals, and secondly, the chemicals used to keep out bacteria can dry out your skin and sting your eyes, even when used in the correct amounts.

Using our Freshwater technology, our pools are not toxic to the plants & wildlife around them. Having a natural pool not only means that you avoid coming into contact with harmful chemicals, it also looks fantastic in your garden.

The next generation of natural pools, non-porous and free from bacteria

Traditionally natural pools have a number of complications which make them challenging to build and maintain. Natural pools mimic a river or stream environment with a reed bed or biological filter and a pump that keeps the water circulating so that the water is constantly refreshed. But in such a small body of water it is necessary to keep temperatures low enough to keep bacteria and viruses at bay – obviously this is much too cold for the majority of pool owners.

Furthermore, the PH in natural pools has typically been kept high. Not only does this damage the structure of the pool leaching the lime out of cement and damaging tiles from the structure of the pool, it also stings your eyes. The human body’s PH is typically around 7.25 with a natural pool sitting around 7.8 and above. While this might make it hard for bacteria to bread and avoid algae blooming, it also is substantially different causing irritation in our mucus membranes (eyes etc.).

Most pools are built using concrete which is not really suitable for a natural swimming pool as it is a porous environment that easily harbors bacteria. At Compass Pools we only use carbon ceramic composite which is entirely non-porous. This means that bacteria is kept out of your natural pool so it is safe to heat the pool to a more pleasant temperature and with the addition of our automatic cover can be heated free from the sun and topped up using an environmentally friendly air source heat pump. Our natural swimming pools start from £60,000.

swimming pool designed in kent
swimming pool designed in kent

How our eco-friendly pools work

One of the easiest ways for bacteria to enter a natural swimming pool is through debris and vegetation falling in, so we have created a system that is able to overcome this issue. Using a combination of Ultra Violet and a glass filter, our O3 system adds oxygen molecules around the pool and jets them to cover its entire surface. This kills any bacteria that enters the pool by moving debris and dirt into the filter and preventing stagnant areas of water, which can harbour bacteria.

Our glass bed filter is located below the main body so that dirt that hits the surface can be taken away by the filter system. Once through the glass, water passes through both a high-flow and a low-flow filter and then onto a contained light ray tube (ultra violet) to kill off any remaining bacteria. Fresh water is then pumped back out.

Every natural swimming pool that we sell comes with 2 free microbiological tests so that you can feel completely confident in the cleanliness of the water.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people want a natural pool?

There are three main reasons that homes and businesses choose to install a natural pool. Firstly, the absence of chemicals means that it’s better for the environment and less harmful to swimmers, promoting a healthier lifestyle that’s closer to nature.

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How much of the natural pool has to be filled with plants?

As a rule, with FreshWater Plus a regeneration zone is not necessary, however this can be slightly flexible depending on the pool design. This is something we would discuss with you in the early stages of planning.

Will there be plants where I’m swimming?

No, you don’t need to worry about getting tangled up in plants while you swim. The regeneration area is kept entirely separate from the main pool, usually on a separate level or divided by a wall. You can even have the plant pool in a different area of the garden altogether and use pipes to move the water around.

What about insects and fish?

The organic system of a natural pond relies on bio-diversity to keep the water clean, inviting everything from microscopic pond organisms to water beetles and larger animals like frogs. However, these creatures are attracted to the regeneration zone and will largely stay out of the main swimming area. Fish will not naturally appear in your pool; however, some pools can support a small number of fish in the swimming area (not the regeneration zone). Please discuss this with your pool designer if you are interested in this.

Will there be mosquitos?

No. Mosquitos thrive where the water is still (or stagnant), deterring other forms of life that would naturally eat their larvae. In a natural swimming pool, the water is gently moving all the time, encouraging creatures that prevent a mosquito population from growing.

Are natural pools dirty?

Just like a freshwater river or crystal-clear lake, natural swimming pools use a system of gravel, aquatic plants and natural biological processes to keep the water clean, clear and safe to swim in. The resulting water is often slightly darker than the artificially-tinted water of a conventional pool, but it should never be murky or stagnant.

Do natural pools require a lot of maintenance?

Natural pools are self-cleaning, so once the proper pH balance has been reached, there is very little maintenance required. The pump will still need to be looked after so that it continues to pass water through the filter, and you may need to monitor plants and wildlife through the seasons.

Is it easy to install a natural pool?

The way a natural pool can seamlessly blend with its surroundings might give the impression that their installation is straightforward. However, the water has to be carefully tuned to the local climate and environment in order for the pool to regulate properly. At Compass Pools, we have many years’ experience in building natural pools that are beautiful and functional.

Is it possible to heat a natural pool?

Most people find that natural swimming pools tend to be warmer than conventional pools. This is due to a combination heating up faster in sunlight and dark liners absorbing and retaining more warmth. Installing a pool cover is a good way to boost this heat retention, too.

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Are natural pools safe for children?

Any swimming pool can pose a threat to a child if they are not properly supervised. Even with a natural pool, proper safety measures should be followed at all times. However, a natural pool is no more dangerous than a conventional swimming pool and, in fact, the lack of chemicals can be gentler on sensitive skin and eyes. Just make sure there are enough steps, ladders and shallow sections for children to safely exit the pool.

Can my pets use a natural pool?

The guidelines around pets and natural pools are similar to those for pets and conventional pools. It’s perfectly safe for your dog to take a supervised dip in the pool, as long as it’s a breed that is a naturally competent swimmer and, just like with children, there is a safe way for them to exit.

One positive is that you won’t need to wash harsh chemicals off of your pet’s fur when they leave the pool, although be aware that larger dogs and frequent use will introduce excess bacteria into the water that will take longer to filter out.

Where can I find an experienced natural pool builder near me?

At Compass Pools, we have extensive experience installing pools all around the UK. Our beautiful showroom and head office is based in Horsham, West Sussex, and our installation teams operate in the South East, East Anglia, London, the Midlands and further afield. We also have a network of experienced installers working in Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.

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Everything You Need To Know About Natural Swimming Pools

What is a natural pool?

In essence, natural swimming pools offer homeowners everything they’d want from a pool. Easy maintenance, low running costs and increased sustainability – so, what’s not to like?

Designed to offer the same kind of experience of swimming in a lake or the river, natural pools don’t require chemicals to run, relying instead on natural resources to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. This, in turn, makes them a much more eco-friendly alternative, since your home will be expending a lot less energy than it would if it were powering a more traditional swimming pool.

But, how exactly do they work? Are they easy to build from a DIY perspective? And how easy are they to maintain?

Well, we’ve compiled this guide to answer all these questions and more, providing you with a detailed overview with all you need to know about natural swimming pools. So, pun intended, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

Why are Natural Swimming Pools so popular?

If you love that feeling of diving into a lake, river or pond, allowing the natural water to swirl around you, natural pools are designed to offer a similar experience.

After being dug into your garden, they are then filled with natural, chemical-free water. Over time, the plants and wildlife that come to the pool help create a beautiful spectacle, allowing you to bathe peacefully amongst nature whenever you like.

How do natural swimming pools work?

Natural garden pools work by using a combination of a specialist reed bed technology and a filtration system. This reed bed technology helps to naturally filter the water in the pool itself, while the filtration system helps to pump oxygen molecules around the floor area.

As a result of this process, this helps circulate the water and move any debris within the pool into the filter system. In doing so, this prevents stagnant water from building up and kills off any bacteria that enters into the pool, keeping it fresh, clean and perfectly safe for you to swim in.

It’s for this reason why natural swimming pools are much cheaper and easier to maintain than traditional pool designs. The only maintenance you’ll ever need to do is to remove any larger debris that falls on the water’s surface and replace the filter from time to time.

Put simply, a well-built natural garden pool should take care of itself.

So, what benefits do they offer over standard swimming pools?

Natural swimming pools come with a number of benefits over more traditional pool designs. These typically include:

  • They are more unique
  • They tend to be cheaper
  • They are easier to maintain
  • They are a lot more sustainable
  • They are chemical-free
  • They support garden wildlife
  • They improve the look of your garden
  • They are more attractive (in our opinion!)


That all sounds great, but do they have any disadvantages?

While natural swimming pools may sound pretty incredible up to this point, they do have a few drawbacks worth mentioning as well.

For example, as they tend to mimic the feel of a lake, river or pond, they are colder than traditional pools. Plus, if you choose to not use an artificial heating system, this means that your pool could freeze over during the winter months, making it unusable.

Similarly, building a natural swimming pool is not exactly cheap and can even cost upwards of £100,000. However, that’s not saying they’re not worth investing in though; according to research, adding a swimming pool to your home can actually somewhat increase its value should you ever decide to sell.

As a final drawback, natural swimming pools require a fair bit of space to construct effectively. It’s not just the body of water you swim in to think about either, since there’s the regeneration pool to consider as well. Therefore, you’ll need to bear this in mind when it comes to installing one of your own.

Is it possible to build your own natural swimming pool?

While yes, it’s technically possible with the right time, knowledge and experience to construct your own natural swimming pool, hiring a professional UK-based swimming pool contractor is a much better idea. This will cover you in case of any issues and will add a certain professional touch.

However, if you’d like to get an idea of the work involved with constructing a natural pool by yourself, here is the typical process:

  1. Plan. The first thing you’ll need to do is plan the size, shape, and depth of your new swimming pool. When doing this, you’ll need to design your pool in such a way that dirty water won’t run off your garden into the water.
  2. Dig. Once you’ve decided on where you want your pool to go, it’s time to get digging. Remember that the regeneration area will need to be approximately one-third of the total pool and you’ll need room for your water pump as well.
  3. Install. Now that you’ve dug the outline of your pool, it’s time for the fun bit: the installation. The way in which you do this will depend on the type of material you decide to construct your pool with. Typically, this will either be concrete, liner or – as we’d recommend – a one-piece ceramic composite shell.

Why would you recommend carbon-ceramic over concrete or liner?

Natural pools work by mimicking the mechanics of a river or stream environment, utilising a reed bed or biological filter and a pump to keep the water circulating and constantly refreshed. However, in such a small body of water, for this work most effectively, you need to keep the water temperature low and the pH high to avoid any kind of bacterial build-up.

This is where other types of natural pools tend to fall down. If you were to have a swimming pool constructed using concrete or liner, for example, this would create a porous environment where bacteria would be able to breed more easily. Likewise, you’d need to use chemicals to keep the pH high to kill off any bacteria, which could not only affect the structural composition of the pool itself but harm your eyes as well.

The carbon-ceramic composite material we produce our pools with here at Compass Pools, on the other hand, is entirely non-porous. Thanks to the design of our pools, we remove the need for you to worry about bacteria – Instead, you can heat the pool to a more pleasant temperature while keeping it nice and chemical-free as well.

Therefore, between the choice of concrete and carbon-ceramic for your natural swimming pool, there’s only one winner.


Are natural swimming pools safe?

Absolutely! When maintained correctly, natural swimming pools can be perfectly safe. The same safety rules apply to traditional pools though, of course, such as keeping animals and children away.

Can fish be kept in a natural swimming pool?

While yes, fish technically can be kept in a natural swimming pool, we wouldn’t advise it. This is because your pool will be set up in a way to filter nutrients out of the water – nutrients in which fish need to survive. Plus, it may mean you need to change your filter more often, to remove any fish faeces or debris from the water.

How small can a natural swimming pool be?

In theory, natural swimming pools can be any size you like! However, remember that approximately 30% of the space will be taken up by the regeneration bank, so if your garden is a little on the smaller side, why not consider building a natural plunge pool instead.

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Adam Breeden
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Rupert Evenett
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Tiffany Hornshaw
Penny and Mike have been fantastic - from the first enquiry to the handover. So easy to deal with - very responsive and accommodating. Would highly recommend!
Jonathan Hook
Jonathan Hook
The team were so professional from start to finish. Very thorough and slick. It is true that 'you get what you pay for'! 5/5
Michael Stallard
Michael Stallard
Compass pools have just installed our new pool, the service from them has been nothing short of fantastic from the beginning to the final handover. Nick has given us all the help we needed from the start and on site Ryan Nathan & team made the whole construction process enjoyable. We can highly recommend them.
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Tom Nicholls
Denise and Mike were fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality service
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Zar Sheikh
Once decided upon a pool company I’m very pleased we went with Waterstream and the Compass pool. Their whole end to end process was so straightforward for such a dramatic change. No sales push. Dedicated representative thorough out the process. The on-site team were efficient, no nonsense get the job done - but all friendly and very professional. Couldn’t be happier with the final result. Pool looks great - went with the light Pearl finish which looks stunning against the green backdrop of the garden. The plant room is compact and easy to navigate and we love the way it’s all hidden away (behind the hedge) and quiet! The integrated cover completes the look and helps heat the water. With the plethora of companies out there, choosing the right one is paramount and we’ve not been disappointed.
James Lloyd
James Lloyd
Penny and Mike from Waterstream installed our Compass Pool. From the moment I first met Penny to discuss installing a pool to their handover on completion they gave the best service. The quality of the product is excellent and Penny and Mike are so professional and their work is of the highest standards. Commissioning a pool can be quite a daunting process but throughout the process they were always there to put your mind at rest and the end result is perfect. Thanks again and highly recommended to anyone thinking of having a pool!
hamish baillie
hamish baillie
Made a potentially difficult job simple and enjoyable. The team at Compass completed the installation professionally and promptly. They were always quick to reply to any queries we had and had a depth of experience to call upon. The end result is a high quality pool installation that speaks for itself. Anyone daunted by the prospect of a project of this size should speak to the team - it is actually quite simple and they have a tried and tested formula that works.

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