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Engineered for Beauty

Stylishly complementing your homes design

Perhaps the most striking feature of a Compass Pool, and the attribute which immediately sets the product apart from our competitors, is our stunning use of colour and the high-gloss high-quality finish to our colours. We are unique in the market in the innovative ways we use colour in our pool finishes, and the stunning effects created when the installed pool is filled with water. We offer three colour ranges, as follows.

Compass Pools Woman in pool

Nova® Colours

The Nova® range is one of the most advanced gel-coat systems in the world, utilising new types of colour ‘chips’ and base colour blends.  Its translucent holographic effect give all Nova® colours a distinctive brilliance.

Compass Pools Man in pool

Bi-Luminite® Colours

The Bi-Luminite® surface and its ‘3D’ colours area true revolution in pool finishes, and yet another feature unique to Compass Pools. These colours change the look of composite pools thanks to tiny glittering particles just below the top-coat and the application of two paint layers as opposed to just one. The patented Bi-Luminitation® process creates unique colour effects not found in any other pool finish. The depth of colour and glittering effects achieved are incomparable and provide the most stunning colour palette, to blend perfectly with your pool’s surroundings whilst reflecting your own individual style and taste.

  • 2 Layers of protective finish applied separately onto the mould surface.
  • Produces deep, lustrous colour effects akin to the most beautiful marine lagoons.
  • Coloured layers applied manually as on prestige cars, to ensure each finish is unique and no two pools are exactly the same.

Bespoke Pool Colours

  • Nova Stone
  • Nova Gray
  • Nova Pearl
  • Nova Anthracite
  • Nova Navy
  • Nova Blue
  • Bi-Luminite Smokey Quartz
  • Bi-Luminite Golden Pebble
  • Bi-Luminite Blue Sapphire
  • Bi-Luminite Blue Granite
  • Papyrus White
  • Cyber White
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