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Compass Pools Engineered for Simplicity

Engineered for Simplicity

Life's to busy to be maintaining your pool

The Compass filter system

The filter system is at the heart of the equipment vital to your Compass Pool’s correct and optimal operation. Thanks to its compact dimensions (0.9m x 1.40m / 2’11” x 4’7″) it can be installed almost anywhere. We advise installation in a frost-free area (i.e. a garage, cellar, shed, purpose built pool house etc) and at a maximum distance of 25m (81′) from the pool’s roller cover reel (optimum under 8m). The system is carefully specified by Compass Pools to ensure optimal and most-efficient performance. The filter system is fully assembled and pre-plumbed in our factory prior to shipping to your home. This allows for better quality control and is significantly more cost-effective than buying the individual items of equipment and assembling them and installing them at your home, and allows for much quicker installation times.

Concrete Poolside
Concrete Poolside

Cyclonic Filtration

The new optimal cyclonic filtration system from Compass operates off the same principal as a Dyson vacuum cleaner to centrifugally collect the dirt from your pool water. This has several benefits to the pool owner including:

  • Back-washing is eliminated, saving up to 20,000 litres of water a year.
  • Filtration is done down to 3 microns. This reduces chemical uses.
  • Plant room size is less than halved.
  • Sand changes are a thing of the past.
  • Is compatible with septic tanks and those not on mains drainage.
  • Cleaning is simplified and reduced in frequency.

The complete filter system.

The complete filter system includes: Sand filter, quiet pump, semi automatic chlorine feeder and electrical control units with power protection.

Light on Bottom of a Pool
Light on Bottom of a Pool


Maintaining safe and hygienic water for you and your family to derive maximum pleasure from your Compass Pool is of paramount importance to us. Your filter system is equipped as standard with a semi-automatic dosing system for safely disinfecting your pool water. Without disinfection, algae and potentially harmful bacteria, introduced into the water from the surrounding environment and from bathers, could proliferate to levels where they could potentially pose a health risk.

Happily, your Compass Pools’ semi-automatic dosing system takes care of this to ensure your peace of mind. To limit the chlorine concentration to a low 1.5ppm (parts per million), your system can be equipped as standard with copper cartridge ionisation. Copper ionisation has a dual effect. Organic and mineral substances in the water are oxidised, and copper ions inhibit the growth of algae and coagulate particles so they can be more easily extracted by the filter.

Fully-automatic disinfection and pH control system (optional)

Whilst the standard semi-automatic dosing system which comes as standard with your Compass Pool ensures that a constant background dose of sanitiser is maintained, it still requires intervention to regularly test the water and add top-up doses of sanitiser (if required), and to also test and adjust the water’s pH (see our FAQs section for further information on pH). Why not therefore upgrade to our Compass Pools fully-automatic disinfection and pH system?

The fully automatic system is a more complex system than the semi-automatic. It constantly and automatically monitors your Compass Pool water’s two key chemical parameters, chlorine and pH, via an on-board computer.

The equipment is pre-programmed to maintain chlorine and pH levels at set parameters, constantly monitoring the water as it flows through the system 50 times a second, 24 hours a day. Where it detects any discrepancy in either reading, it automatically adds the required dose of the appropriate chemical to bring the reading back within the set parameters without any human intervention.

There are a number of fail-safe mechanisms built-in which alert the owner to any potential problems requiring the attention of an engineer, and the only attention required by the pool owner is a check on the levels of chemical in the dosing drums every few days and top-up as and when necessary. Alternatively, your Compass Pools dealer can fulfill this requirement requirement by way of a regular service visit. You can therefore spend more of your precious time enjoying your pool to the maximum, with the minimum of maintenance.

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