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Saltwater Swimming Pools

Saltwater Swimming Pool Design and Installation

If you are interested in building a saltwater swimming pool, you’re in the right place. Here at Compass Pools, we have substantial experience in the design and construction of high-quality saltwater pools in the UK. Based in Sussex, we have contractors readily available throughout the country, so we can create your dream pool wherever you’re based.

Compass Pools Woman in pool
Compass Pools Woman in pool

Saltwater Pool Design

Saltwater swimming pools are growing more and more in popularity since they use less chlorine and require less sanitation work than traditional pool-based designs. Each one of our Compass Pools can be installed as a saltwater pool, as we can build it using an IntelliChlor chlorine generator. This system uses regular table salt to produce chlorine in the swimming pool, and regularly regulates the amount of chlorine contained within the pool. It also continually recycles the water to ensure it stays safe for you to swim in.

Compass swimming pools are the ideal choice for saltwater as they are made using a specialist ceramic composite material. As a result, they won’t corrode from salt in the same way that concrete pools do.

We offer a huge variety of pool designs to choose from, including over 30 different shapes and sizes as well as many other customisable options. Utilising our experience and expertise, you could have the pool of your dreams sooner than you think.

Why choose a saltwater pool?

There are a number of reasons why pool owners prefer saltwater to fresh water. Firstly, while it’s true that saltwater pools still contain some chlorine, the concentration is much lower. As a result of this, the pool won’t dry out skin in the same way as highly chlorinated water could. Some people even say that saltwater is much better for it, since it helps to exfoliate it.

Secondly, fresh water pools require the level of chlorine to be very closely maintained, whereas saltwater pools don’t, since the chlorine is regulated by the generator. This reduced reliance on chemicals will, in turn, save you money.

One of the more common issues that saltwater pools get labelled with also isn’t an issue for Compass Pools. Due to the material we use to construct our pools, saltwater is unable to corrode our one-piece ceramic pools in the same way it could in pools made from concrete.

Should you wish to install a saltwater swimming pool, we will also upgrade our stainless-steel fittings to marine grade 316 stainless steel at no extra cost to you.

  • 10 Years

    Carbon Ceramic Technology

    Compass Pools are constructed using Carbon Fibre & Ceramic for Stength and Insulation
  • 20 Years

    20 Year Warranty

    Supported by the best guarantees in the industry, Compass Pools Carbon Ceramic Shells have a 20 Year Warranty
  • 10 Years

    Green Swimming

    Compass Pools are the most energy efficient pool construction type, with ceramic insulators and variable speed pumps
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    swimming pool designed in kent
    David Clifford – Wales
    "There are two aspects to the company, the people and the product. I can't fault either of them. The people are friendly, expert and very helpful. Theirs is a premium product but worth it. The build quality is first rate and the operating system options can give you a package as sophisticated as you wish."
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    Compass Pool in Bournemouth
    Jane Styslinger – Hampshire
    "We couldn't be happier with the service we received from all the team. Right from Sheila in sales on day 1 through to John and Glenn on site. Now we have a pool the boys are in it in all weather and it gets them off the Xbox! They have used the pool every day since May-be it after school or early in the morning and we both use it to exercise whenever we have a spare half an hour.That alone makes it more than worth it."
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    Outdoor Poolside Loungers
    Sophie Bardrick
    "Compass provided an excellent sales service with James Poore giving a full explanation of the pool construction and installation process. Compass delivered each stage on time and installed the pool quickly and efficiently under the direction of Alex. All team members were knowledgable and professional. Would highly recommend Compass Pools to anyone thinking of getting a pool."
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    Outdoor Pool with Sun Loungers
    Tim Wilkinson
    "Compass were a dream to deal with. They visited and prepared a very detailed quote with full details/breakdown. A start date was agreed on, they turned up on the agreed day and finished the install ahead of schedule. The install team were a pleasure to work with and had a good eye for detail / getting things right / keeping the site tidy. I would not hesitate to recommend Compass."
  • swimming pool designed in kent
  • Compass Pool in Bournemouth
  • Outdoor Poolside Loungers
  • Outdoor Pool with Sun Loungers

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