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Engineered for Longevity

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Carbon Fibre Ceramic Composite Vs Fibreglass & Polyester Pools

There are several options to think about when it comes to choosing your ideal swimming pool. These are all made from different materials, with the three main choices to consider being fibreglass, polyester and ceramic composite carbon fibre. Each of these offer various advantages over each other, so let’s take a look at the factors you should consider:



Over the years, one-piece fibreglass pools have garnered a poor reputation for quality control and post-installation issues – something which has largely been put down to the osmosis of the pool shell.

Osmosis is the process where ground-water outside the pool travels through the wall of fibreglass products, causing the fabric to deteriorate. When the material breaks down, this leads to its discolouration and an infestation by algae. In fact, many fibreglass pools are likely to fail completely within five years of installation.

Many manufacturers offer multi-year warranties to guard against this but, for many people, they will only want to invest in a pool once in their lifetimes. Therefore, a swimming pool should last a lot longer than only five years.

A pool with a carbon fibre ceramic core, such as the ones created by us at Compass Pools, creates an impermeable barrier which prevents these osmosis-related problems. In turn, this shell adds significant strength, insulation and thickness to the pool’s structure, ensuring excellent durability and longevity.

Lounger by Pool


Over time, fibreglass and polyester pools will fade and stain as a result of the coloured external being in direct contact with the chlorinated water. This again isn’t a problem with our ceramic composite carbon fibre swimming pools, as our unique and exclusive Bi-Luminite® layer works by separating the colour from the water, and eliminates any discolouration issues. In other words, our pools won’t change colour any time soon.

Loungers and Parasol by Pool
Loungers and Parasol by Pool


Most fibreglass and polyester pool warranties become invalidated if the pool is heated above 30°C. Here at Compass, we warrant our swimming pools up to 40°C – a temperature hotter than most baths and the maximum temperature of a hot tub. This is because our pools are manufactured in such a way that we know the properties of our unique ceramic core will be able to deal with the heat without damaging the shell. We also offer a 20-year warranty on our pools which is often more than double the length you will get for a polyester or fibreglass alternative.

Why Choose Us?

Put simply – Compass Pools are the highest quality, most durable, hard-wearing and attractively finished pools you can invest in. But what is it that makes them so unique? And why should you choose us?

We are the only pools which feature the following technologies:

Closed Beam Technology  This gives the pool greater structural strength and rigidity around the perimeter and potential stress-points. We use purely composite materials instead of steel, which guards against potential damage from rust.

Ceramic Core technology – Our ceramic core sits at the heart of our exclusive six-layer composite, making the structure impervious to osmosis and offering excellent insulation properties.

Bi-Luminite® Layer – This technology gives our pools a beautiful and unique 3D finish, while also providing excellent resistance to chemical fading and UV light.

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Carbon Fibre: A New Era of Pool Technology

Compass Pools have introduced a new type of swimming pool, reinforced with carbon fibre. This material is renowned for its incredible strength despite being extremely lightweight. These qualities have seen it used across a range of industries – from Formula 1 cars to tennis racquets to modern aircraft.

These properties also make it a perfect material to use in our swimming pool shells, especially when reinforcing key structural stress points. By using it in our swimming pools, we have added 20% more strength to our shells.

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