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Many people say that purchasing an outdoor swimming pool is a bad investment, but this is simply not true. A high-quality garden swimming pool can not only add value to your home, but it could also reinvigorate the minds and bodies of your family. Plus, swimming is a great form of exercise as it uses virtually all of your muscles, so installing one could also keep you and your family looking and feeling healthy.

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and installing a wide range of garden swimming pools, our team at Compass Pools have the expertise required to provide you with the garden swimming pool of your dreams. Take a look below to see the range we have to offer.

Types of Garden Pool

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    Types of Garden Swimming Pool

    There is more choice than you might think when it comes to choosing your ideal garden pool, and it really comes down to what exactly it is you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a pool with cheaper maintenance costs, more of a luxury factor or one that is better suited to a smaller garden, we offer a selection of designs for you to choose between.

    Click through to learn more about outdoor, natural, infinity and plunge pools.

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    Outdoor Pool South Downs

    Outdoor Pools

    Outdoor pools are much easier to install that indoor swimming pools, but still require significant design and project management expertise in order to install correctly. Our outdoor pools have one major difference to traditional garden pools which are traditionally built using a concrete shell, by digging into the ground and then building the pool from scratch in the newly-dug hole. Our garden pools utilise a simpler and more effective system, where our unique patented carbon fibre ceramic composite shell, designed and developed in house, is lowered into a pre-dug hole fitting snuggly inside.

    The unique shell our outdoor pools are made from provide an array of benefits over traditional concrete shells. Including faster installation and easier maintenance. We offer a 50-year warranty on each of our pools against leaks, so you can rest assured that your outdoor garden pool will last for a long, long time.

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    Pool with Steps and Turf

    Natural Pools

    If you’ve ever swam in a lake or river while on holiday, natural pools are designed to offer the same kind of experience. These don’t require chemicals in order to run, and are much more of an eco-friendly alternative to traditional garden pools, since they cut down on the heating and running costs.

    Natural pools work by using a combination of a specialist reed bed technology, which naturally filters the water, and a filtration system, which pumps oxygen molecules around the pool’s floor area. In doing so, this helps circulate the water, and moves debris into the filter system to prevent stagnant water building up. This, in turn, kills off any bacteria that enters the pool, keeping your water clean and safe to swim in.

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    Infinity Pools

    Infinity garden pools provide a real slice of luxury to a garden. However, that luxury does unfortunately come at a cost, as infinity pools are typically the most expensive type of garden swimming pool. This is mainly due to the additional logistical complications they require for their installation and design; infinity pools feature a seamless blend between the edge of the pool and their surroundings, to make it appear as if they continue indefinitely into the landscape.

    Due to their design, infinity pools are actually one of the most efficient types of garden pools you can have from a maintenance perspective. Rather than having to use a net to fish out dead leaves and insects from your pool, Compass Pool’s innovative overflow swimming pool design lets you sit back and relax.

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    Modern Outdoor Pool

    Plunge Pools

    If you have a smaller garden, a plunge pool could be the ideal alternative to one of the larger, more expensive options. We offer a range of different styles and sizes for you to choose between, all of which feature our unique patented carbon fibre ceramic composite shell. This shell has numerous advantages over traditional concrete pools – it is less prone to cracks, impermeable to bacteria and is easier to install. It can also save you money in terms of heating costs, as the shells are thinner, closer to the water and therefore able to heat water much more effectively.

    If you’re worried that a plunge pool could be too small for you to go swimming in, don’t worry. We can install a swim jet, such as Fastlane by Endless Pools, to provide you with a constant stream of water that you can swim against without moving.

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  • Pool with Steps and Turf
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Read Our Latest Reviews

Adam Breeden
Adam Breeden
i procured a pool from compass on a new construction house we built. the house was considerably delayed, but compass were extremely good and accommodating the moving timelines. now the pool is in we are totally delighted with it, stunning aesthetic but also the kit is state of the art and all online via an app they really take the hassle out of up keeping a pool which i was dreading. re the resign of the pool, you are really left with the feeling they really know about pools and whats important. we were going to build one bespoke but we would never have thought of the little design touches that make is so user friendly. i rarely write reviews, but these guys really deserve it, rarely these days do you come across top notch suppliers that are also not too expensive. top service too, shout out to sheila, thank you..
Rupert Evenett
Rupert Evenett
Penny and Mike of Compass in Kent did a fantastic job - professional, experienced, confidence building (for first time pool owners!) and always on time/always doing exactly what they said they would from first meeting and good advice through to final installation, handover and explanations of maintaining the pool. dealt expertly with difficult access, a narrow lane, a big crane lift (with high winds) along the way. Thoroughly recommend them. Great product, great finish.
Tiffany Hornshaw
Tiffany Hornshaw
Penny and Mike have been fantastic - from the first enquiry to the handover. So easy to deal with - very responsive and accommodating. Would highly recommend!
Jonathan Hook
Jonathan Hook
The team were so professional from start to finish. Very thorough and slick. It is true that 'you get what you pay for'! 5/5
Michael Stallard
Michael Stallard
Compass pools have just installed our new pool, the service from them has been nothing short of fantastic from the beginning to the final handover. Nick has given us all the help we needed from the start and on site Ryan Nathan & team made the whole construction process enjoyable. We can highly recommend them.
Tom Nicholls
Tom Nicholls
Denise and Mike were fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality service
Zar Sheikh
Zar Sheikh
Once decided upon a pool company I’m very pleased we went with Waterstream and the Compass pool. Their whole end to end process was so straightforward for such a dramatic change. No sales push. Dedicated representative thorough out the process. The on-site team were efficient, no nonsense get the job done - but all friendly and very professional. Couldn’t be happier with the final result. Pool looks great - went with the light Pearl finish which looks stunning against the green backdrop of the garden. The plant room is compact and easy to navigate and we love the way it’s all hidden away (behind the hedge) and quiet! The integrated cover completes the look and helps heat the water. With the plethora of companies out there, choosing the right one is paramount and we’ve not been disappointed.
James Lloyd
James Lloyd
Penny and Mike from Waterstream installed our Compass Pool. From the moment I first met Penny to discuss installing a pool to their handover on completion they gave the best service. The quality of the product is excellent and Penny and Mike are so professional and their work is of the highest standards. Commissioning a pool can be quite a daunting process but throughout the process they were always there to put your mind at rest and the end result is perfect. Thanks again and highly recommended to anyone thinking of having a pool!
hamish baillie
hamish baillie
Made a potentially difficult job simple and enjoyable. The team at Compass completed the installation professionally and promptly. They were always quick to reply to any queries we had and had a depth of experience to call upon. The end result is a high quality pool installation that speaks for itself. Anyone daunted by the prospect of a project of this size should speak to the team - it is actually quite simple and they have a tried and tested formula that works.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of garden pool is the cheapest?

Since they are the smallest option, a plunge pool is the cheapest garden swimming pool to install. Likewise, due to the extra logistical requirements involved, infinity pools are typically the most expensive.

However, the cost really depends on the size, style and design of the pool that you are looking for, so it is difficult to say for certain which type is the cheapest or most cost-effective. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements or alternatively, use our free online calculator to receive a personalised quote.

Do you require planning permission to install a garden pool?

Not necessarily. The answer is usually no, especially if there is no change of use required in the land. However, the rules can be fairly complex so we recommend contacting your local council to double check. There are many different rules and regulations to take into account which vary from location to location, so it’s important to make doubly sure before you get started with your installation.

Why are carbon ceramic pools better than concrete?

There are many reasons why carbon ceramic pools are a better choice over their concrete counterparts. Reduced chemical usage, faster installation, easier maintenance, wider range of sizes, shapes and styles – the list goes on. To see a more detailed comparison between the two, please click here.

Would a natural garden pool attract mosquitoes and other animals?

Historically yes, Natural garden pools rely on a biodiverse ecosystem in order to keep the water clean. Since the Introduction of the FreshWater Plus system by Compass this has been eliminated completely. That’s not to say you will be swimming alongside them though, as they will base themselves in an entirely different area to the swimming area, so they’ll keep out of your way.

You won’t have to worry about mosquitoes either. Since natural pools gently move water all the time, mosquitoes won’t be attracted to it, as they only thrive in areas where water is still or stagnant.

Do Compass Pools tile/pave the surrounding pool area?

Yes, we do. After your pool has been installed, we will then make any finishing touches that you would like. Whether you’d prefer to have paving, decking or tiling surrounding your pool, we will work with you to make sure you’re left with a pool you truly love.

If you are interested in finding out more about the range of pools we offer, why not call us today on 0333 4567 111?

Our team would be delighted to help you with any questions or queries you might have, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

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