Small Pools

If you don’t have the space for a larger swimming pool, or simply want to leave some spare room, we offer a range of smaller swimming pool options. After all, as the old saying goes – good things come in small packages.

Why choose us?

Our expert team have over 30 years’ experience of designing and installing a wide range of swimming pools, so you can rest assured that you are in safe, experienced hands. The key difference between us and traditional pool constructors is the unique material we use to build our swimming pool shells with. Rather than using concrete, like most common pools do, we build our pools with a much more cost-effective and durable carbon fibre ceramic composite.

This material provides a number of benefits to our clients, including bacteria impenetrability, easier maintenance and a faster installation time. We also offer a 50 year ‘no leak’ warranty on all of our pools, giving clients a lasting investment and a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Types of Small Pools

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    Outdoor Pool Spray

    Types of Small Pools

    Our specialist team are experts in creating designs for swimming pools in smaller spaces. The type of design we will recommend for you to choose will very much depend on your requirements and where you want it to be.

    For instance, if you are looking for a swimming pool which offers more of a holiday lifestyle – mixing it up between sunbathing and taking a refreshing dip – then an outdoor plunge pool would be a good fit. Meanwhile, if you’re after a pool you can use all year around without having to worry about the weather, then a smaller indoor pool would be the best bet.

    Let’s take a look at them both:

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    Compass Pools Plunge Pool

    Plunge Pool

    Plunge pools are the perfect solution if you are looking for a compact swimming space or have a smaller garden. We offer a range of different styles and sizes for you to choose between, and can design each pool to a client’s specific requirements. Plus, if you’re looking to use your pool as a place you can exercise in, we can install a swim jet, such as Fastlane by Endless Pools, which will provide you with a constant stream of water that you can swim against without moving.

    Plunge pools are also a lot more affordable than larger pools, and are cheaper than traditional concrete pools because the carbon ceramic composite shell is delivered in one piece, rather than having to be built from scratch. They can also incorporate heating systems which, due to their more compact size, allow them to reach temperatures similar to that of a hot tub.

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    Compass Pools Indoor Pool

    Indoor Pools

    Our range of indoor swimming pools are available in a range of different sizes and styles. Depending on the space you have available, we can utilise our years of experience to design and build the perfect pool for you.

    However, one thing you have to consider with building a smaller-sized indoor pool is the accessibility. Since we build each swimming pool as one piece, we will need access the size of the pool’s cross profile in order to position it correctly. With this in mind, it’s often easier to build smaller indoor pools into a specifically-built Compass building, a building with a sliding door cover or prior to a house extension being built, which of course will come at an additional cost to the swimming pool itself.

    Therefore, deciding to install a smaller indoor pool with us will typically be more expensive than a plunge pool or small outside pool, but will give you the luxury of being able to swim in your home environment.

  • Outdoor Pool Spray
  • Compass Pools Plunge Pool
  • Compass Pools Indoor Pool

Read Our Latest Reviews

Adam Breeden
Adam Breeden
i procured a pool from compass on a new construction house we built. the house was considerably delayed, but compass were extremely good and accommodating the moving timelines. now the pool is in we are totally delighted with it, stunning aesthetic but also the kit is state of the art and all online via an app they really take the hassle out of up keeping a pool which i was dreading. re the resign of the pool, you are really left with the feeling they really know about pools and whats important. we were going to build one bespoke but we would never have thought of the little design touches that make is so user friendly. i rarely write reviews, but these guys really deserve it, rarely these days do you come across top notch suppliers that are also not too expensive. top service too, shout out to sheila, thank you..
Rupert Evenett
Rupert Evenett
Penny and Mike of Compass in Kent did a fantastic job - professional, experienced, confidence building (for first time pool owners!) and always on time/always doing exactly what they said they would from first meeting and good advice through to final installation, handover and explanations of maintaining the pool. dealt expertly with difficult access, a narrow lane, a big crane lift (with high winds) along the way. Thoroughly recommend them. Great product, great finish.
Tiffany Hornshaw
Tiffany Hornshaw
Penny and Mike have been fantastic - from the first enquiry to the handover. So easy to deal with - very responsive and accommodating. Would highly recommend!
Jonathan Hook
Jonathan Hook
The team were so professional from start to finish. Very thorough and slick. It is true that 'you get what you pay for'! 5/5
Michael Stallard
Michael Stallard
Compass pools have just installed our new pool, the service from them has been nothing short of fantastic from the beginning to the final handover. Nick has given us all the help we needed from the start and on site Ryan Nathan & team made the whole construction process enjoyable. We can highly recommend them.
Tom Nicholls
Tom Nicholls
Denise and Mike were fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality service
Zar Sheikh
Zar Sheikh
Once decided upon a pool company I’m very pleased we went with Waterstream and the Compass pool. Their whole end to end process was so straightforward for such a dramatic change. No sales push. Dedicated representative thorough out the process. The on-site team were efficient, no nonsense get the job done - but all friendly and very professional. Couldn’t be happier with the final result. Pool looks great - went with the light Pearl finish which looks stunning against the green backdrop of the garden. The plant room is compact and easy to navigate and we love the way it’s all hidden away (behind the hedge) and quiet! The integrated cover completes the look and helps heat the water. With the plethora of companies out there, choosing the right one is paramount and we’ve not been disappointed.
James Lloyd
James Lloyd
Penny and Mike from Waterstream installed our Compass Pool. From the moment I first met Penny to discuss installing a pool to their handover on completion they gave the best service. The quality of the product is excellent and Penny and Mike are so professional and their work is of the highest standards. Commissioning a pool can be quite a daunting process but throughout the process they were always there to put your mind at rest and the end result is perfect. Thanks again and highly recommended to anyone thinking of having a pool!
hamish baillie
hamish baillie
Made a potentially difficult job simple and enjoyable. The team at Compass completed the installation professionally and promptly. They were always quick to reply to any queries we had and had a depth of experience to call upon. The end result is a high quality pool installation that speaks for itself. Anyone daunted by the prospect of a project of this size should speak to the team - it is actually quite simple and they have a tried and tested formula that works.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Plunge Pools still be heated?

Of course! In fact, incorporating a heating system into an outdoor plunge pool can give it more of a hot tub feel, which is ideal for those colder winter months.

Are swimming pools safe for families with small children?

If you have small children it is necessary to take steps to ensure that they are safe around the pool at all times. This could involve having a fence installed around the perimeter of the pool to make sure that they can’t gain access to the pool area.

Do you need planning permission to install a smaller pool?

Not necessarily. You usually don’t have to, especially if there is no change of use required in the land, but the rules can be fairly complex. We would recommend contacting your local council to double check. There are many different rules and regulations so it’s important to make doubly sure before you get started with your installation. But, if you are building a swimming pool inside of a new extension, you will need to have already gained planning permission for that extension in the first place. You don’t always need it if you’re only building a sliding door cover though.

What benefits do carbon ceramic pools have over concrete?

The carbon fibre ceramic composite shell that our pools are made from provide an array of benefits over traditional concrete shells. From faster installation and easier maintenance, to an anti-bacterial surface and a lower lifetime ownership cost, our pools are also more cost-effective to heat and come available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles.

Do I still need to cover the pool if it’s smaller?

If you have an outside pool, you should definitely invest in a cover. This will stop debris, litter and biological matter from being able to fall into the water. If you have an indoor pool, a cover is less important, but they are especially good at retaining heat which will reduce the amount you need to spend on heating costs.

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