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Basement Swimming Pools

A true marker of luxury and sophistication, basement swimming pools have boomed in popularity in recent years. At Compass Pools we have completed many stunning basement swimming pool projects, and we would love to help you with yours. If you are interested in learning more about having your dream swimming pool constructed in a basement please get in contact with us today.

Many homeowners interested in an indoor pool assume that they need to have a new extension constructed in order to house it created. However, a basement is often an underutilised space that could be perfect for a swimming pool.

There are many advantages to choosing your basement as the space for your pool. Firstly, it is available all-year-round, no matter the weather. It is also easier to keep clean, as the water cannot be contaminated with soil, bird droppings or other debris.

Compass Pools Indoor Pool
Compass Pools Indoor Pool

How Compass Pools works

We are the only swimming pool designers in the UK who offer our patented carbon ceramic technology. Our pools are constructed in one piece in carbon ceramic material which makes it extremely long lasting and durable.

We can work on your project alongside specialist architects in order to carry out all of the building and construction work to the correct standard. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and as quickly as possible, while causing as minimal disruption as possible to your home.

Compass Pools Indoor Pool
Compass Pools Indoor Pool

Underground swimming pool design

At Compass Pools we are experts in the design of beautiful swimming pools for indoor spaces. We offer nine different pool designs in 27 different sizes, meaning that we will be able to create a basement swimming pool that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

We can fit out the pool with state-of-the-art features including everything from lighting and eco-friendly heating, to water features and deck jets. Your pool can even be created in a range of bespoke colours to ensure that you get a swimming pool that matches the aesthetic of your home.

Compass Pools Indoor Pool
Compass Pools Indoor Pool

Working with limited space

Basement pools typically offer limited space to work, but can provide you with a plunge pool that is ideal for the size of the room. Our stunning range of smaller pools look incredible and can be fitted our with features such as an Endless Pool water jet, to allow you to swim and exercise as much as you like, even in your basement pool.


Frequently asked questions

How much does a basement pool cost?

Any kind of indoor pool is more expensive than an outdoor pool, and basement pools are no exception. However, this price generally reflects the level of building and construction work that is required. Basement pools can vary enormously due to the challenges involved in working within the basement. Please read out useful guide on the general cost of indoor pools, or contact us to get a quote.

Does my basement pool need planning permission?

Your swimming itself will typically not require planning permission. The only time that you would need planning permission is if you are digging out a brand new basement beneath your home. Speak to our team about whether planning permission is likely to be required in your case.

Can my pool be heated?

Yes. Both indoor and outdoor pools can be heated to your desired temperature. We can install pool heating through a number of different options.

How long does construction take?

This can vary on a huge range of factors, including the work that you need to do on your property itself to prepare for the installation. The actual construction of the physical pool takes very little time as our one-piece pools are simply craned into a previously excavated hole, rather than having to go through the lengthy process of adding concrete and tiles.

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Building a pool?Don't go without your brochure

To learn more about our services, we will send you a free copy of our latest brochure.