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Hydrotherapy Pools

Warm your body, Massage your soul

Hydrotherapy pools are becoming increasing popular in residential properties, providing the ideal space for relaxing, exercising and indulging in water therapy. Given the desire many people now have to exercise at home instead of at a gym or spa, having a pool in your own property is a luxury that more and more people are choosing. At Compass Pools, we have extensive experience creating bespoke hydrotherapy pools that suits your home and needs perfectly.

What is a hydrotherapy pool?

A hydrotherapy pool is kept at a warmer temperature than a traditional swimming pool, usually between 33 and 36oC, and has accessories built in to the structure of the pool, such as jets and water features, which are designed to massage the body and enhance your overall wellness.

Hydrotherapy is a form of wellness treatment that can be used to alleviate discomfort and pain from conditions such as arthritis and back pain, but also muscular problems, headaches and stress. The combination of water features and warm water create the perfect environment to relax and soothe.

There are different styles of hydrotherapy pool:

  • A so-called vitality pool is one of the most popular styles, and this pool has water effects that create a full wellness experience.
  • Hot tubs and whirlpools are shallower than a standard swimming pool and require pumps and jets to create circulating water.
  • Hot water is typically what differentiates a hydrotherapy pool from a regular pool, but you can also use cold water, such as cold plunge pools, which are intended to create a temperature contrast, which is reportedly beneficial for our health.
Nova Grey hydrotherapy pool
Nova Grey hydrotherapy pool

Configure your Hydrotherapy Pool


  • Model

    • Plunge 35 £ 15,995

    • 3.5m x 2.45m x 1.25m


  • Colour

    • 1 Nova Navy

    • 1 Nova Gray

    • 1 Bespoke Colour £ 499

  • Heating

    • Summer Use Heat Only

    • 3kw Electric heating for summer use only.


    • All Season Heat and Chill £ 2,995

    • For the lowest running costs select this Air Source Heat Pump. Will Heat and Chill the water year round. Requires separate power supply.


  • Massage System

    • No Massage

    • Air Blower Massage £ 3,995

    • Turns the bench step into a full width bubbles massage bench


  • Cover

    • Floating Thermal Cover

    • Electric Slatted Cover £ 8,995

    • Sliding Deck £ 9,995

    • Sliding deck needs decking installed on top by others


  • Lights

    • White Led Light

    • Full Spectrum Light £ 695

  • Installation

    • Above Ground Installation £ 3,995

    • Partial In Ground Installation £ 8,995

    • Full In Ground Installation £ 11,995

    • Installation excludes: Excavation, Power Supply or Landscaping / Decking round the Pool. Shell does not have sides.


  • Delivery

    • Trailer Delivery £ 695

    • Delivery & Offload (kerbside) £ 1,695

    • Delivery and Hiab (32m Max) £ 2,995

    • Crane Install P.O.A

    • Installation based on Mainland UK with access for an HGV. Partial and Full in ground install require crane or Hiab.


Total Price (inc vat) £ 0
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Looking for something bigger? See our Compass Fit 50 and 60.

What are the benefits of a hydrotherapy pool?

There are numerous reported benefits of using a hydrotherapy pool on a regular basis. As mentioned above, they can help soothe aching joints and muscles, so they’re great for recovery from a heavy workout session, but also for people who deal with chronic conditions.

They help to alleviate stress and anxiety, and also stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems to help the body flush out toxins. When you carry out exercises, guided by a physiotherapist or doctor, a hydrotherapy pool can also provide the perfect amount of resistance to help improve mobility and strength.

What to consider before installing a hydrotherapy pool

There are several considerations to make when designing and installing your hydrotherapy pool. You want to ensure that the pool is future-proof and suitable for your needs, to avoid any costly changes later on. You should also consider the strength of the jets you need or the temperature the water needs to reach to get the full benefits from your pool, as well as any other additions you want such as LED lighting.


Hydrotherapy pools need to have sufficient space for each person, so think about whether, realistically, just one person will be using it at a time. Typically, a pool of this type will be between 1.2m and 1.5m deep, but the width and length can be altered to suit your needs. For example, if the user is someone who needs assistance or will be using it as a form of physical rehabilitation, they may well need someone with them in the pool.

With this in mind, make sure that you choose a size that accommodates the number of people who are likely to be using it the most. If you’re intending on your hydrotherapy pool being used as a therapeutic tool and for recreational use, you’ll need a much bigger size, and this will naturally require a bigger room in your home.


Ongoing maintenance is a necessary part of owning a hydrotherapy pool but choosing the material your pool is made from carefully will save you money in the long term. Our carbon fibre ceramic core pools have an impermeable barrier to prevent any degradation and damage which can occur over time with some other pool liner materials. A Compass Pool swimming pool is incredibly strong, durable and insulating, while also providing longevity, which reduces maintenance costs in the future.

Nova Blue, hydro pool

Building Regulations

You can work to domestic building regulations for a home hydrotherapy pool, rather than commercial regulations, which can give some flexibility in certain areas of your design. You can use a smaller room than you’d need for a commercial setting, for example, and you can choose a skimmer or overflow filter, whereas an overflow design is necessary for commercial hydrotherapy pools.


One of the benefits of designing a domestic hydrotherapy pool is that you’re not as restricted when it comes to accessibility guidelines, but you do still need to consider them in your design. If the primary user will be lifted out and lowered into the pool, you’ll need to ensure there is sufficient space on either side of the pool to accommodate equipment and additional people.

Similarly, most hydrotherapy pools have a set of fixed steps incorporated into the design to make it easier for people to get in and out – but if a ladder is just as accessible and easy for you and others to use, this can reduce costs.


The beauty of installing your own hydrotherapy pool is that you have complete control over the design, and that includes add-ons. These may include therapy jets and water features, which are common with a hydrotherapy pool, but also lights, handrails, sound equipment and similar enhancements which create a more sensory experience.

You may want a lounge area to relax or have other people sit by the pool while one person exercises. Or you might want to install a safety cover to prevent accidents if someone is walking alongside the pool.

Our team can work with you to discuss the options available to you and help you design a hydrotherapy pool that works with your lifestyle and wellness goals, as well as your unique home. From smaller plunge pools to larger hydrotherapy pools that cater to hydrotherapy and general use, we can design and install a beautiful pool that is built to last.

Bespoke Pool Colours

  • Nova Stone
  • Nova Gray
  • Nova Pearl
  • Nova Anthracite
  • Nova Navy
  • Nova Blue
  • Bi-Luminite Smokey Quartz
  • Bi-Luminite Golden Pebble
  • Bi-Luminite Blue Sapphire
  • Bi-Luminite Blue Granite
  • Papyrus White
  • Cyber White
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