Compass Pools Engineered for Efficiency

Engineered for Efficiency

Energy efficiency Insulated Pools designed in from the ground up

Using our specialist knowledge of swimming pool design and installation, our expert team at Compass Pools have developed an innovative insulated swimming pool design known as a ‘passive pool’. We are always on the lookout for technological advances that can provide better quality products to our customers. This passion led us to look into various types of pool insulation, which eventually led to the creation of our passive pools.

Planter in front of Pool

The concept of the passive pool originates from the ‘passive home’ trend commonly associated with housebuilding. To achieve a passive home, a highly sophisticated form of thermal insulation is used to create a comfortable living temperature which requires minimal heat. In order to achieve this though, the home needs to be vapour-impermeable to allow ventilation systems to recuperate heat and be operated mechanically.

Through our construction background and experience, we took these ideas and utilised them to develop our very own passive pool.

What are the Features of the Passive Pool?

Our passive pools have a range of specific structural features, including:

  • Highly insulating – the polyurethane insulation material we use is CFC-free and has a thermal conduction coefficient of 0.026 W/mK.
  • Closed cells – minimum 90% according to the Remington method.
  • Compression stress of 250 kPa at 10% deformation
  • Density – approximately 40kg per m³.
  • Chemically inert – this ensures that the insulating properties do not diminish over time as a result of chemical or organic degradation processes.
  • Waterproof outer wall – a dual-component waterproof layer is applied to the outside of the insulation package to prevent diffusion and osmosis.
  • Closed structure of the inner wall of the pool – following the same vapour-impermeable character of passive home designs, this structure ensures that the pool is perfectly sealed. Our passive pool combines Bi-Luminite® coating technology with a sealed ceramic core.
Compass Ceramic Pool Insulation

What Sets the Compass Passive Pool Apart?

There are three key aspects to our pools which put us head and shoulders above the rest:

  1. By having no thermal bridging, heat is unable to escape through gaps in the panelled insulation. The system is 100% air tight.
  2. Insulation is 10mm from the water, meaning there is no thermal mass to heat up. Traditional concrete pools need more than double the energy to heat both the walls and the water.
  3. There is no risk of damage through indentation from impact as, unlike a concrete pool, the insulation is not covered by a liner or tiles.
Outdoor Dining Table with Pool
Outdoor Dining Table with Pool

A Sustainable Choice

Here at Compass Pools we strive to match our commitment to superb customer value with respect for the environment. Alongside our solar roll-out cover, the CFC-free insulation layer ensures that heat loss is kept to a minimum, conserving energy and improving your sustainability. By spending less on energy to constantly re-heat your pool, you will not only save yourself a ton of money, but you’ll also help the environment in the process.

Plus, the energy required to heat the passive pool is drawn from the outside air using a high-performance heat pump. This again helps keep your carbon footprint at a minimum, and saves you money on your energy bill.

Would you like to find out more about installing an insulated swimming pool in your home? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our friendly team will be ready and waiting to be of assistance.

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