2020 swimming pool installation

Engineered for Safety

Built in safety features protecting your whole family

The Rollo automatic solar or hail-resistant roll-out cover

Compass Pools would be delighted to supply you with one of our optional Rollo automatic roll-out covers. It is undoubtedly worth considering an automatic cover as when you are buying your pool, firstly as a safety feature, but additionally as a way to insulate the pool.

The Compass Pools Rollo cover is an integrated automatic slatted cover system that rolls and unrolls effortlessly across the surface of the pool at just the touch of a button. Automatic covers are one of the most important safety features if you have children or pets in your home – the cover will support the weight of a pet, child or even an adult. This reduces the risk of accidents occurring, and there is also an integrated safety ledge to stop the cover sinking under a heavy load.

Another good reason to choose a pool cover as a feature is the insulation properties. Your Rollo automatic slatted pool cover will insulate your pool when it is not being used and can eliminate heat loss through surface evaporation. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your pool stays at a pleasant temperature.

Pool Cover

This energy efficiency can be enhanced even further by choosing the solar version of the Rollo. This actively captures heat from the sun’s rays and transfers it to the water. This utilises free energy and means you won’t have to use as much up in order to warm the pool. The solar version can raise the water temperature between 4°C and 8°C depending on the weather and location. We also offer hail resistant versions for locations particularly prone to hailstorms.

You operate the Rollo cover using a control panel or by remote control. The operation is quick and easy, with no manual operation required.

What are the advantages of the Compass solar roller cover?

  • Safety – the Rollo protects children, pets and even adults from falling into the pool
  • Save energy – the cover insulates the pool to stop heating from escaping when it is not in use. This means that the water will naturally stay at a pleasant temperature and will require less heating costs
  • Heating from the sun – solar covers absorb solar energy and then transfer the heat to the water in the pool. This allows for even more energy efficiency – in some cases the stored heat from the sun is enough to keep the pool naturally warm
  • Quick and easy – the roller cover operates quickly and with minimal effort, you can either use a remote control or roll the cover manually
  • Cleaner water – a high quality pool cover keeps leaves, twigs and other dirt from getting into the pool and contaminating the water
  • Fewer issues with algae – your pool cover also prevents light from getting in and this stops the growth of algae
Covered Outdoor Pool

New Beachline Cover

Compass Pools are pleased to introduce the new Beach Line available on selected models*

The beautiful accessory adds a shallow beach at the end of your pool ideal to sunbathe on or for children to play. The beach is at a depth of 5-10cm of water with a natural stone beach on which to play or lie, extending the full width of the pool with 80cm of width.

Under the beach is housed the Rollo cover, which on a normal pool would be wasted space and thus gives you an extra 80cm of usable pool area.

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