At Compass Pools, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology, using the highest quality materials and the most innovative designs to provide our customers with unique and efficient swimming pools that are built to last.
Water Surface

Engineered for Clarity

Our FreshWaterTM pools enable you to use as few chemicals as possible, while still keeping the water clean, hygienic and clear. The innovative antibacterial pool shell design keeps your pool water much safer and naturally more sanitary, while advanced UV and filtration systems provide you with a cleaner swimming environment.
Compass Pools Engineered for Longevity

Engineered for Longevity

Carbon fibre ceramic composite pools deliver durability and strength, with an impermeable barrier that is insulating and built to last. With our unique Bi-Luminate layer, your pool won’t suffer from discolouration and staining resulting in a long-lasting finish that remains pristine for years to come.
Compass Pools Engineered for Efficiency

Engineered for Efficiency

We’ve developed passive pools that are highly insulating, chemically inert to preserve those insulating properties and feature a perfectly sealed ceramic core. Designed for thermal efficiency, the system is completely air-tight to keep the warmth in and energy requirements down.
2020 swimming pool installation

Engineered for Safety

Keeping your pool safe is of paramount importance. Using our Rollo automatic roll-out cover on your pool not only protects against accidents but also insulates to save energy. An automatic cover is quick and safe to operate, preventing the risk of children, pets or even adults from slipping into the pool.
Compass Pools Engineered for Simplicity

Easy Pool Maintenance

Compact yet efficient, our cyclonic filtration systems are fully assembled and pre-plumbed prior to being shipped to your home, for a higher quality and lower cost. These filters minimise the need for chemicals, reduce plant room size by half and eliminate backwashing to save up to 20,000 litres of water annually.
Compass Pools Outdoor Pool

Engineered for Beauty

Your pool should be as beautiful as it is functional, and at Compass Pools, we guarantee a stunning pool design with high-gloss, vibrant finishes. Bi-Luminate colours deliver deep, rich colour that’s manually applied so no two pools are ever the same, while our Nova range of gel-coat systems provide a holographic effect and unbeatable brilliance.
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