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The Rollo automatic solar or hail-resistant roll-out cover

Our optional Rollo automatic roll-out cover is an important element to consider when buying your pool. The most important consideration is the safety of children and pets. The Compass Pools Rollo cover is an integrated automatic slatted cover system, which rolls and unrolls effortlessly across the pool surface at the press of a button. The cover is designed to bear the weight of a pet, child, or even an adult and, for even greater safety, an integrated safety ledge prevents the cover sinking when under the load.

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In addition, our Rollo automatic slatted pool cover offers superb insulation properties when in place on your pool when the pool is not being used, eliminating heat losses through surface evaporation. The energy-efficiency can be further enhanced by adding our optional solar version, which actively captures heat energy from sunlight and transfers it into the water, and utilising this free energy to raise water temperature by between 4°C and 8°C depending on the weather and location. We also offer hail resistant versions for locations particularly prone to hailstorms.

The Rollo cover is operated by a control panel or by remote control integrated into a single device with other automatic functions.

What are the advantages of the Compass solar roller cover?

  • Safety – a roller cover makes your pool safer for children and pets.
  • Energy-saving – a solar roller cover is a highly effective insulation method. The water stays at the right temperature and, naturally, evaporates less quickly. That saves on not only energy costs, but also chemicals.
  • Quick and easy – the roller cover is quick and easy to operate, either by hand or with the wireless remote control (optional).
  • Benefit from the heat of the sun – solar energy is absorbed by collectors that then transfer the heat to the pool water. As the strips cover the water, this creates a greenhouse effect, as it were. The result? Pleasantly warm water. These ecosystems are so effective that there is less need for additional heating.
  • Cleaner water – with the covering system, there is less chance of leaves, twigs, sand and other dirt contaminating your pool water. The water remains far cleaner.
  • Fewer problems with algae – a covered pool absorbs less light. And that prevents algae growth.

New Beachine Cover

Compass Pools are pleased to introduce the new Beach Line available on selected models*

The beautiful accessory adds a shallow beach at the end of your pool ideal to sunbathe on or for children to play. The beach is at a depth of 5-10cm of water with a natural stone beach on which to play or lye extending the full width of the pool with 80cm of width.

Under the beach is housed the rolocover which on a normal pool would be wasted space and thus gives you an extra 80cm of usable pool area.

compass pool beachline


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