What are the benefits of adding FastLane to my endless swimming pool?

An endless pool offers a convenient way to swim in place, but adding a Fastlane propulsion system takes it to another level. A Fastlane generates a wider, deeper, and smoother stream of flowing water up to 2.5 metres wide and 19 inches deep. This broader current completely transforms the swimming experience.

With a Fastlane, you can truly execute full stroke techniques like freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly rather than just treading water. Serious swimmers get a more intense resistance workout mimicking laps in a full-size pool. It also provides an ideal environment for perfecting technique with the ability to make adjustments under a coach’s guidance.

For fitness enthusiasts, the adjustable speeds up to 1:08/100m pace enable challenging cardio workouts. The smooth, deeper current is also optimal for aquatic therapy and low-impact resistance training during injury recovery. By upgrading with a Fastlane, you maximise your endless pool’s potential for effective exercise, training, and aquatic workouts.

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