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With a Compass Pool, you are choosing the security of a reputable partner for the installation of your swimming pool. In addition to our cutting-edge products, with every pool we offer you a guarantee to ensure that you can enjoy your purchase with peace of mind, for years to come.

Round Outdoor Pool

Compass Pools

  • 20-year guarantee on the impermeability of your pool.
  • 20-year guarantee against osmosis.
  • 10-year guarantee of the colourfast of the Bi-luminite™ colours.

Silverline Pools

  • 10-year guarantee on the impermeability of your pool.
  • 10-year guarantee against osmosis.
  • 10-year guarantee of the colourfast of the Bi-luminite™ colours.
Covered Outdoor Pool
Covered Outdoor Pool

Additional guarantees

  • A 2-year guarantee is provided for the slats of the automatic roller cover
  • The technical systems are covered by a 2-year guarantee.

Please see your warranty document for full terms and conditions. Compass Pools guarantees the highest quality in pools and pool accessories, and we only select suppliers and manufacturers known for their excellent materials and dedicated aftersales services. Installation is always carried out by professionals who comply with our quality standards and requirements.

Full Warranty:

Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o

Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. warranties the quality of all of its products. Such warranties are formulated in a clear manner without any fine print containing hidden expenses or unauthorized claims. Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. is convinced of the quality of the products it provides directly to end users (hereinafter only “customers”); a warranty above the legally-stipulated 2-year term applies to the pool listed below if the following conditions are met.


1) 20 Year structural guarantee:

The skeleton (body) of the pool comes with a 20-year structural guarantee (10 years silverline). This structural warranty means that the pool will hold water. This warranty takes effect from the first day the pool is filled with water under the assumption that the pool was installed by a certified installation company and in accordance with the installation instructions and norms supplied by Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. The lifetime warranty only covers the first customer of the pool as shown in this document.

The customer can transfer ownership of the pool along with this warranty; in this case the structural warranty will last for 20 years from the date on which the pool is first filled with water. The transfer of the structural warranty is conditioned in that the pool will not be manipulated, meaning that it must remain in the original installation location with the original customer; the warranty expires if any other condition is true. If the original customer transfers ownership of the pool along with this warranty to a new owner, he or she must notify an authorised Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. sales representative of such a transfer within 10 days; if this is not done the warranty expires.

2) 20-year warranty against osmosis:

Compass pools are warranted for 20 years (10 years silverline) against the occurrence of osmosis and against the occurrence of osmolic structural deficiencies.

3) 10-year underwater surface warranty:

A 10-year warranty is provided for the submerged surface of the pool for a period as long as no structural defects are discovered on this pool surface during this period, including for example the formation of blisters, colour stains, osmosis damage and structural defects caused by osmosis. The warranty term begins on the date the pool is first filled with water.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by unsuitable chemicals added to the water or by improper pool maintenance or the use of improper cleaning products or tools. The warranty does not cover changes to the colour of the uncovered surface of the pool upper edge, as well as direct or indirect damage to the pool upper edge, or any subsequent damages caused as a result of a damaged pool upper edge.

4) Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. will honour the provided warranties if the following conditions are met:

  • The pool must be installed by a certified installer on the basis of permission provided by Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. and the pool must be maintained following directives and instructions issued by Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o and the certified installer.
  • The pool is Serviced & Inspected annually by a Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o certified installer.
  • The warranty hereby provided does not cover intentional damage caused to the pool or force majeure events, which include for example earthquakes, floods, wars or any other impossible-to predict emergency situation or event that Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. cannot control or influence.
  • The owner of the pool as shown in this warranty is to contact an authorized Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. seller with regards to a warranty claim.
  • The warranty does not cover individual pool components including pool lights, pipes and other connectors used in the pool or installed as a part of the pool’s equipment and that are not a permanently attached component of the pool’s skeleton. This warranty also does not cover defects caused by water pressure or ground water fluctuations.
  • If repairs are performed by Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. as warranty work, Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. reserves the right to repair the pool on-site   or to exchange the pool’s skeleton. If Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. plans to repair the pool, the customer is obliged to take all actions necessary to ensure that the pool’s skeleton can be accessed, also by large equipment. If such actions are not taken it will not be possible to honour the warranty.

5) This warranty does not apply:

If the customer wants to drain his or her pool, he or she must consult a certified installation company regarding such draining, as without written permission from this certified installation company, such draining of the pool results in the expiration of the provided warranty.

Only Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o. can change the conditions of this warranty. Any claims that are made and which do not relate to this warranty will not be recognized.

All unspecified installation, maintenance and claims process term and conditions and circumstances are managed by the provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of Compass Ceramic Pools s.r.o.

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