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How Big Should We Build Our Pool?

One of the first questions we get asked when consulting with a new client on their requirements is “How big should we build our pool?”. Or, we also often hear, “I want a ten metre by five metre pool” (because 10m x 5m is the most common size for rectangular domestic pools). It really is an open-ended question, as it is dependent on many factors, and customers are frequently looking for help with these decisions.

We suggest asking yourself the following questions to help determine the best size, shape and profile of the pool to suit your needs:

  • How much do we want to pay to run our pool?
  • How do we want to use our pool?
  • Who will be using our pool?
  • How tall (or small!) are the people who are going to be using the pool?
  • How much space is available in our garden (or building, if an indoor pool)?

By answering these questions can we tailor your pool to your precise needs.

In practice, it’s difficult to conceptualise a swimming pool’s size and we often find that architects and garden designers will plan the outline of a pool without giving thought to the practicalities involved. And why should they? It’s not within the field of their experience.

So, we would advise that before getting any quotes for a new pool, speak to a Compass Pools designer who will work closely with you to specify a pool tailored to your family’s needs and desires.

Swimming Pool Depth Notes:

An important consideration is the depth of your pool. SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) standards suggest that the minimum water depth required for most swimming strokes is 1.1m. For this reason, the shallow end on all Compass pools is set to 1.1m. The standards also advise a minimum depth for a shallow dive is 1.5m (with a minimum length of 7.6m). All flat bottom compass pools – with the exception of some small models – have a constant water depth of 1.5m.

For pools with varied depth, all Compass pools use a continuous gradient, so there are no unexpected drops or ledges which can cause injury for swimmers.

Whichever pool you choose, every Compass pool includes a safety rail running around the perimeter of the pool at approx. 80cm below the water level, to allow younger bathers to stand at the deep end. It’s worth bearing in mind that children grow up very fast and choosing a pool depth for them now might limit the pool’s use in the future.

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Building a pool?

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To learn more about our services, we will send you a free copy of our latest brochure.

Building a pool?Don't go without your brochure

To learn more about our services, we will send you a free copy of our latest brochure.