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How much does an outdoor pool cost?

How much does an outdoor pool cost?

At Compass Pools, the question we’re asked most often is also one of the trickiest to pin down: “How much will my dream pool cost?”

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can provide a helpful guide. First rule of thumb: an outdoor pool is generally more affordable than an indoor pool installation as you skip the expenses of building extensions or pool houses to enclose it.

Our exclusive carbon-ceramic composite Compass Pools range between £50,000 to £120,000, give or take. But landmarks like your pool’s shape, size, special features and backyard terrain sculpt the final cost. The design choices that bring your ideas to life also impact the bottom line. With our decades of expertise, Compass Pools can streamline costs without compromising your dream.

What factors affect the overall installation cost?

The size and shape of the pool are major factors affecting the swimming pool installation cost. A larger pool requires more materials and longer construction time, increasing overall costs. Excavation and site preparation are also a significant portion of the budget. The amount of earth that needs removal, type of soil and accessibility of the site all impact how much digging and landscaping is required. Any complications like tree root removal or drainage issues will also raise costs.

High-end deck materials like natural stone and tile are more expensive than concrete or aggregate finishes. To get an accurate understanding of the installation cost, it’s best to consult with an expert builder like Compass Pools. They can advise on design decisions that increase or reduce the budget for your specific project.


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Is it less expensive to install a carbon-ceramic pool compared to other materials?

The carbon-ceramic shell is typically more expensive upfront than vinyl liner or fibreglass pool options. Carbon-ceramic materials are specially engineered to be robust and long-lasting. This makes the initial install cost higher.

However, carbon-ceramic requires far less ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of the pool. The surface resists algae growth, staining and damage from chemical treatment. It won’t need replacing like vinyl liners. This durability means lower long-term maintenance costs compared to other pool finishes.

Additionally, the smooth ceramic surface is very energy efficient to heat. Carbon-ceramic pools can save significantly on energy bills over time compared to alternatives. An expert pool builder like Compass Pools can advise on whether carbon-ceramic makes financial sense based on your specific design.

What kind of return on investment can I expect from installing an outdoor carbon-ceramic pool?

Installing a high-quality inground pool can greatly increase the value of your property. Carbon-ceramic is considered a prestigious, high-end pool material. This type of upgrade can significantly boost your home’s worth, often recouping a significant portion of project cost if the home is sold.

The exact return depends on factors like your local property market, the home’s original value and current trends in your area. In sought-after regions, especially with limited housing stock, an inground carbon-ceramic pool can command a substantial price premium from buyers.

Aside from increased monetary value, the pool itself provides excellent lifestyle benefits. Having access to swimming, hydrotherapy and entertainment at home improves the quality of life and health for the entire family. This recreational amenity adds intangible value to your property as well.


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Are there options to reduce the installation cost?

Choosing a simple, geometric pool shape brings down costs compared to complex or large designs. It’s important to consider a smaller pool if budget is a major factor.

For decking, plain concrete is the most affordable option. Natural stone, granite and tile finishes are premium choices that add expense. Keeping the deck area smaller also saves on budget.

Consulting a quality builder like Compass Pools allows you to understand the cost impact of each decision. Our expertise can help balance an affordable price with the features you value most.

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