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Planning permission on pools

When it comes to building a pool, one of the most common questions we get asked by our clients is: “Do I need planning permission?” Here’s what we tell them in reply.

Planning permission on swimming pools

Whether you need planning permission or not depends on the type of pool you are looking to build. In cases where you do need to apply for it, like when constructing an indoor pool within a home extension, we will guide you through the application process, working closely alongside a dedicated Planning Group. This group’s experienced staff are equipped with extensive knowledge of Local Planning, which will give your pool the greatest chance of being approved.

Compass Pools Engineered for Safety
Compass Pools Engineered for Safety

As specialists in swimming pools, we understand the various pitfalls associated with gaining swimming pool planning permission better than anyone. As such, we have built a dedicated procedure to overcome such issues, including taking into account areas of outstanding natural beauty and listed buildings.

If planning permission is required for your pool, we will support your application with drawings of the plans involved and an appropriate planning statement addressing any potential issues that could arise. If the Council refuse formal application, we will then instigate an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

In most cases, formal planning approval is not required when building a swimming pool. However, it is important to obtain the necessary paperwork from the Council to confirm this is the case. If this paperwork isn’t sourced prior to the work taking place, issues could arise from third parties objecting the work after it has already started. Having written confirmation in advance will protect you from this likelihood.

In order to get this paperwork, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development. This is typically half the price of the statutory planning application, and is generally considered by the Council much more quickly than normal applications. However, each authority deals with these applications differently, so we can’t guarantee how soon you’ll hear back.

If you are interested in getting your new pool project underway, please contact us today. Our team here at Compass Pools can manage all aspects of your planning application for as little as £2340.

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