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How should nearby structures and landscaping be protected during pool construction?

Protecting nearby structures and landscaping during pool construction is vital to prevent damage and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Protecting Surrounding Structures and Landscaping

During pool construction, the surrounding area can become quite chaotic with heavy machinery, materials, and foot traffic. To protect nearby structures such as your home, patio, shed, or any other built feature, consider setting up temporary barriers or fencing. These barriers can prevent any inadvertent impacts from machinery and keep debris and construction materials from making contact.

Protective Ground Coverings

Landscaping, such as gardens, trees, and lawns, can be sensitive to construction activities. To safeguard these, lay down protective ground coverings like plywood or mats where heavy machinery or equipment might traverse. This action distributes the weight and reduces the impact on the ground below, preventing ruts and damage to roots.

Shielding Plants from Dust and Debris

If construction is happening during growing seasons, shield plants from dust and debris using temporary screens or cloths. Remember to water your plants more frequently, as construction can cause soil compaction, reducing the soil’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

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It’s also wise to prune back or even temporarily relocate plants that are too close to the construction site. While it might be a short-term inconvenience, this step can prevent long-term damage. After construction, these plants can be re-established in their original positions.

Protecting Tree Roots from Damage

For trees, protect the trunks with wooden planks or specialised tree guards to prevent mechanical damage. Also, consider the tree’s root zone; avoid storing heavy materials or driving machinery close to mature trees, as their roots can be easily damaged.

Lastly, maintain open communication with your contractor. Ensure they are aware of any particular areas of concern, and ask them to instruct their team to respect the designated boundaries and protection measures.

Post-Construction Evaluation and Landscaping Touch-Up

Once construction is completed, evaluate the protected areas, and if any damage has occurred, it’s much easier to address it immediately. Often, a good landscaping touch-up post-construction can bring your garden and outdoor areas back to their original glory or even better.

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