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Swimming Pool Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Right Pool

Are you looking to install a swimming pool in your home? Follow this swimming pool buyers guide to ensure you choose the right pool for you.

Deciding that you want to install a swimming pool in your home or garden is an exciting time but there are so many decisions to make. Where will your pool go? How big should it be? And how do you intend to use it?

These are all important considerations and are just some of the things that can help make your pool unique to your home. Whether you know what you plan to use your pool for, or if the only thing you know is that you want a swimming pool, this pool buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect pool for your needs.

At Compass Pools we have a range of pools that can be tailored precisely to your needs, from size and colour to style and shape.

At a glance – How to choose the right pool:

  • Pick a location
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • What type of swimming do you want to do
  • Choose a pool that matches the size of your space
    • Does the shape matter?
    • Natural or not?
  • Finishing touches
  • Buying for longevity

The first step – Choose a location for your pool

When buying a pool, the first thing you need to choose is where in your home you plan on putting it. Commonly this falls into two categories: indoor or outdoor.

From a planning permission perspective, outdoor pools are easier to install while indoor pools are more likely to be enjoyed throughout the year. Available space is also a determining factor and this can make the decision for you regarding an indoor or outdoor pool.

Indoor pool considerations

Indoor pools are preferable to many people as they allow year-round swimming. However, they often require more consideration and accommodation, from planning permission to design challenges when converting existing spaces or building extensions.

You may also wish to consider placing a swimming pool in your basement but once again, planning permission is likely to be required. However, the time it takes to get the right design is worth it for unrestricted access to a pool whenever you feel like taking a dip.

Is an outdoor pool for you?

Outdoor pools are hugely popular in the UK, despite the apparent lack of good weather we enjoy here. There are a couple of key decisions to make when opting for an outdoor pool: whether you want it covered and whether it will be in-ground or above-ground.

An outdoor pool may be the choice for you if you have limited space indoors, want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden or spend more time with your family.

What type of swimming do you want to do?

The location of your pool will influence what type you can install in your home to a degree> That said, you still have plenty of choices and the next factor in buying the right pool is what type of swimming you wish to do.

If you are primarily looking for an addition to your workout routine, a Lap Pool is the place to start. But if luxury and lounging in the pool are more to your taste, an Infinity or Inground Swimming Pool may be more up your street.

Garden swimming pools are ideal for hosting parties and family gatherings while plunge pools make use of the available space but still afford you the ability to go for a dip at your leisure.

Matching your pool size to your needs

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As important as the right location is finding the right space for your swimming pool needs. A large pool can accommodate an avid swimmer who likes to get their laps in but, if space is at a premium, an endless pool can achieve the same result in a much smaller space.

You may also need to decide on the size of your pool based on how many people are likely to be using it. Families will need more room for swimming and activities than couples or those who enjoy a pool to themselves. Likewise, a Small Pool for relaxing could be just what you need to unwind after a long day at work.

Pool shape

The shape of your pool may be largely decided for you based on the available space you have. From rectangular pools to Roman End and contemporary pools, each home is different and may need a particular shape to fit the area.

At Compass Pools, we specialise in building pools in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to meet your needs. We offer a range of 9 different shapes in 27 sizes for a bespoke swimming pool.

Natural or not

As we grow more conscientious of our impact on the world, there is a greater appetite for lowering our footprint. Natural Pools are free from large quantities of chemicals and do not damage the environment, while also using an effective UV and glass filter that kills off any bacteria that enter the pool.

Similar to natural pools are Saltwater Swimming Pools which use less chlorine and require less sanitation work than traditional pool-based designs. Some believe that saltwater is good for your skin, providing exfoliating qualities that you simply don’t get with a chlorine-based pool. Traditional pools that use chlorine may use more chemicals but they are simple to use and require little more than a pump to circulate the water.

Finishing touches

While a swimming pool is a feature in itself, you may wish to embellish it further with some luxurious finishing touches such as water jets, waterfalls and a luxurious surround that completes the look.

Another key decision which impacts the overall feel of your pool is the colour palette to better reflect your own style and taste. You may wish to consider a colour that shimmers when the light hits it or a brilliant finishing colour that makes your pool stand out every time you look at it. We have a range of colour options for your pool.

Buying swimming pools for longevity

A swimming pool is an investment and you want to be sure that it will be around to enjoy for many years to come. While fibreglass pools are often cheaper to install, they typically only have a shelf life of five years before their shell needs to be replaced as groundwater outside the pools breaks down the barrier and seeps into the water which causes discolouration and algae.

Compass Pools are built with an impermeable carbon fibre ceramic shell, ensuring that there are no breakdowns in the material, making it last a lot longer than traditional fibreglass or polyester pools.

We have such faith in the build quality of our pools that we offer a 20-year guarantee. If you would like to install a Compass Pools swimming pool or find out more from our expert pool builders, call us on 0333 4567 111.

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