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What are the ongoing pool costs of an endless pool?

Compared to full-size pools, endless swimming pools have significantly lower operating and maintenance expenses. However, there are still some recurring costs to factor into your budget.

On a monthly basis, expect fees for electricity to run the pump/filters (£20-£50), sanitization chemicals (£7-£20), and minimal water for top-offs. Annually, you’ll need to account for costs like a professional opening/closing service (£70-£200), replacing water (£35-£140), and new filter cartridges every 1-2 years (£35-£140). Larger expenses like pump/heater replacements (£350-£1,400) and resurfacing the interior (£700-£2,100) occur every 5-10 years.

Most owners can budget around £700-£2,100 per year for the typical ongoing costs associated with an endless pool in the UK. This is far less than the £3,500-£7,000 annual expenses for a traditional inground pool. With proper maintenance and care of equipment, endless pools provide affordable swimming pool ownership.

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