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10m x 5m swimming pools & design trends changing

10mx5m Pool DesignUp until the early 2000’s, the most common size domestic pool built in the UK was the 10m (32’6″) x 5m (16’3″), commonly with a roman end. but design trends are changing.
The proportions of a 10m x 5m pool have historically proved popular because mathematically it is easy for a pool builder to construct economically using standard sized concrete blocks. This therefore means that many portfolios of previous work contain numerous examples of this size pool, and new customers tend to specify what they see when they come to having their own pool built.
However, whilst it may make life easier for someone laying blocks, architecturally these proportions are not quite so pleasing on the eye. When standing at one end of the pool looking along the length, the effect of receding perspective (the effect that makes a road look like it’s getting narrower as it stretches away in to the distance) tricks the eye into thinking that the pool is stubby or shorter than it actually is. Reducing the width by just one metre gives the pool more perspective and it looks longer and sleeker to the eye, whether in a building or garden environment; often drawing the eye along its length to a design feature at the end. In fashion this effect is well-known, as designers use vertical lines to make the wearer look slimmer! The architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh was the initiator of this trend with the beautiful designs he created in building and furniture to make them appear taller or longer than they actually were.
So, when building a pool for the 21st century, and consider your proportions carefully!

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