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The 11 most common architect errors in indoor pool design

We get handed plans every day of the week of indoor swimming pools designed by architects with some minor and some major omissions and errors. So we have put together a list of the most common ones.
  • Is the plant room adjacent to the pool room for air extraction?
  • Is the plant room on an external wall for intake and exhaust ventilation, if not is there a route for at least 200mm ducting?
  • Is the plant room dimensions at least 15% of the pool water area (domestic pool) or 25% for commercial for the filtration and air handling equipment, with a minimum size of 2.5 x 2.5m ?
  • Has routes for ducting been considered back to the plant room for air handing,  a cross section area of at least 0.13m2 for domestic will be required for ducts to every piece of glass.
  • Has floor coverings, drainage and falls been considered along with drains to waste for the pool room splash out?
  • Has a drain to waste been considered for the plant room for filter cleaning?
  • Has a suitable LPHW source been considered with sufficient flow and return temperatures for heating of the air and water?
  • Has cold bridging been eliminated to stop condensation damage?
  • Has suitable waterproof wall and ceiling covering been considered for example a stretch ceiling and aquaboard.
  • Has gyms and entertainment areas been designed out side of the pool area. This area is going to be 30 degrees and humid!
  • Are there two door separating the pool area and living spaces. You dont want those pool smells getting into the living space!
For more information on designing and indoor pool please download our architects and builders guide to indoor pools. 
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