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5 ways to love your pool in a heatwave

We all know that the British weather can be unpredictable and hot summers can never be taken for granted.

So, if there is a heatwave where you live and have a swimming pool in your garden, you should make the most of the facility! Here are 5 fab and fun ideas of how to get maximum enjoyment from your pool when summer is here.

1 – Keep fit at home

Regular exercise is what we should all be doing but when it’s 30 degrees outside, who has the energy? Your outdoor pool is the perfect solution – you can work out while keeping nice and cool all at the same time! Whether you’re swimming laps or doing water exercise routines in the pool, it’s easy to keep fit in the water where the lack of gravity means less stress on your body.
Why not invest in some aqua fitness equipment to help you get the most out of your water workout? Strengthen muscles, improve tone, burn fat and increase your cardiovascular health with the help of belts, weights and buoyancy aids specifically designed for use in the pool.
Water exercise can be more fun in groups, so grab your partner or a group of friends and get fit this summer.
People doing underwater fitness excercises

2 – Invite your friends and have a pool party

Who says pools are just for swimming? Having a pool in your garden on a sweltering hot weekend is exactly what you need to turn an average garden party into a summer spectacular! Get everyone to bring swimwear, towels and sunscreen and enjoy splashing around in the water.
For added excitement, why not invest in a few inflatables to put in your pool? From novelty pool floats to water slides, aqua runs and bouncy castles, there’s hours of fun to be had in the water.
Swimming always makes everyone hungry, so make sure that someone is in charge of the BBQ and ideally ask your guests to contribute to the food – they can bring burgers, a salad or a pudding – and bring a bottle too.
Finally, no party is complete without music and party lights. Whether you create a party playlist on Spotify or hire a DJ for some proper entertainment is up to you. The important thing is to create the right atmosphere for everyone to have a great time!

3 – Enjoy the peace and tranquillity

On the other hand, a hot sunny afternoon is perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet of your garden in blissful solitude. You don’t even have to get wet – well maybe a teeny bit. Take a favourite book or magazine and sit by the edge of the pool, perhaps with your feet dangling in the cool, refreshing water.
For a more immersive experience, why not invest in a comfy pool float, recliner or island, so you can read while you’re floating around the pool? Reading, of course, is optional. You could just as well use your precious ‘me time’ for meditating, sunbathing or snoozing.
The important thing is to switch off from the constant stimulation that is normally all around us. Leave your mobile devices indoors and focus on the here and now. Just make sure you’ve applied plenty of sun cream lotion, wear a hat and sunglasses!
Woman reading a book while sunbathing next to a pool

4 – Have fun with the family

If it’s summer holiday time but you’re not near a beach, why not have fun in the water with the kids at home? Rather than randomly splashing about in the water, and if your children are old enough, why not try one of these popular pool games?

  • Underwater Treasure Hunt – diving for coins, stones, toys or anything else that takes your fancy as long as the items are heavy enough to fall to the bottom of the pool.
  • Noodle Jousting – line your warriors up on inflatable rafts and give them pool noodles for weapons. Now let the fighting begin.
  • Submarine Races – for competent swimmers who are comfortable underwater, hold your breath and see who can swim the longest before coming up for air.
  • Shark in the Pool – a pool version of ‘It’ that gets better and more hilarious the more variations and rules you add to it.
  • Float Race – find the pool float of your choice – inflatable dolphin, dinosaur or unicorn, the more ridiculous the better, and see who can ride across the pool the fastest.

5 – More swimming lessons

Finally, why not take the opportunity of the excellent weather to start your little ones of with swimming lessons in the comfort of your own pool? It may be less daunting than going to group lessons in unfamiliar surroundings.
If your kids can swim already, now may be a good time to develop their water skills and build technique and endurance in all four swimming strokes – front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. Snorkelling or diving lessons and basic water safety first aid are also a great idea.
Everything is more fun when the sun is high in the sky, so the next heatwave may be a great time to find a private swimming instructor to come to your home.
Two kids in a swimming pool with googles and snorkels

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